Monday, February 28, 2005

It's a Judge, It's a Book, it's the LAW

Former Chief Justice Moore goes on book tour....

A Victory for Press Freedom

..."a federal judge in New York has barred a federal prosecutor's ill-conceived effort to get the phone records of two Times reporters from the fall of 2001 in order to discover the identity of their confidential sources. To justify this ...intrusive fishing expedition"

BLOGGS..We are curious to see how the the prosecutor's ill-conceived effort is formally addressed...deliberate prosecutorial misconduct or..harmless error...

Ex-official may have fled U.S. for Switzerland

A former East Chicago city councilman convicted of using public money in what authorities charged was a vote-buying scheme may have fled the country, a federal prosecutor said.

BLOGGS...this predator was buying votes, is this any worst than giving jobs to political supporters ?

IBM Sees $8 Billion Tax Windfall Break

International Business Machines Corp. said on Thursday it is looking to repatriate $8 billion of undistributed profits earned outside the United States as part of a one-time U.S. tax holiday policy.

Carter up to no good in Venezuela

It defies belief. Ex-President Jimmy Carter, who crystallized a fraudulent recall referendum for Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez, now says his Carter Center will return to Caracas "to help consolidate peace and democracy."

'Salvador Option' mooted for Iraq

They were murdered by an elite US-trained unit, part of an extermination list approved by the high command, a dirty war taken to the limit.

The failure of US strategy in El Salvador is perhaps measured by its inability in 12 years to capture or kill a single top guerrilla commander in a country only the size of Belgium.

BLOGGS...this policy is indicative of the total arrogance/ignorance proliferated by US policy today like the bumper sticker reads...Is Your President an Idiot?

Bush Pays US $$ for Spin Cable to Arabs

$2 million for Alhurra's expansion would come from President Bush's $81 billion supplemental budget request for Iraq and Afghanistan. Senior military officers told CNN the Web sites may clash with Bush's recent statements.

BLOGGS...this is just another attempt to push the propaganda plunger...this is bigger than any recent scandal about paying jounalists to manipulate the facts ? Besides many newspapers only print what AP sez goes.

Police Probe Murder Of Prisoner

The victim..."jailed since November for a second drunk driving conviction, and Hadley, who was being held in lieu of bail on burglary charges, shouldn't have been held in the same cell, Conte said, because it's against the law to house a detainee and a jail inmate in the same cell."

BLOGS...this is another fatality brought by American Junk Justice...over-crowding and negliegence. Also should jails be the repository for victims of substance abuse disorder? Incapacitation through a physical chemical imbalance requires medical intervention, not jail.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fired American workers could sue companies that hire illegals

"It's not cheap labor," said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.
"It's subsidized labor."
Advocates for limiting immigration said all taxpayers end up paying the costs of illicit labor, because states - especially those along the U.S.-Mexico border - shoulder huge health-care and education costs for illegal immigrants.

Lady Held on $25,000 Bond for Dirt

(click above link to view video) you believe this woman, is being charged because of a dirty house, Or because of the color of her skin ?

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Docs seek lawsuit relief

Patients may be asked to waive their rights to sue doctors before receiving medical care as a way to curb malpractice costs.

BLOGS...would you accept this type of medical attention..."take at your own risk". The trend to protect the outlaws in government is catching on in the professional community too.

Friday, February 25, 2005


- The real problem is not the debt. It is the incompetent, self-serving irresponsibility of the political elites of these nations.

If that is not addressed, the problem is not going away in our lifetimes. It will just be repeated.

The people who end up being hurt the most are the very people the proponents of this forgiveness insist they represent.

BLOGS...see this site..and breathe some fresh AIR

Border Patrol overwhelmed

"The holes that remain in our border security systems are not small," House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, says. "

They are gaping, and they are glaring to our terrorist enemies. They are coming for us."

BLOGS...wasn't DeLay a supporter of gutiing the close the border clause in the Intel Bill ? Delay watchers let's hear form you....

Family of Suspect "Bush Plot" to Sue U.S

The young man's father, Omar, said, "The Saudi government are slaves of the Americans"

BLOGS...the timing on this case is superb, just this past week, Hugo Chavez charged "the Bush" with plot to KILL ole Hugo...this ain't no whodunnit...but Who is killing...who?

The USA needs to join the World

The historic Kyoto Protocol on climate change took effect virtually worldwide last week with one large exception, the United States.

The argument that the Bush administration makes is that compliance and enforcement would cost too much, including the loss of American jobs.

BLOGS...Bush is protecting his car dealer supporter, cronies, et al, this attitude indicates his protect biz first and foremost scheme and ...Let them dirt toughness. Right on Cow Boy !

Thursday, February 24, 2005

America’s Living Asset Celebrates Birthday


Moral doughnuts, backbone, and you

Ask Americans how they feel about politicians, and most will use words like "sleazy," "corrupt," and "liars." In the discussions that follow, an idea eventually emerges that captures it all:
"They will say or do anything to get elected."

San Francisco's innovation in democracy - instant runoffs

It's called instant runoff voting. IRV elects a majority winner in one election by simulating a series of traditional runoffs. Voters rank candidates in order of choice: first, second, third, and so on.

AZ Gov Fails to stop psychotic Sheriff aka the Outlaw

…inmate's lawsuit that led to the opinion supported the jury's finding that Sheriff Arpaio was "callously indifferent" to Eighth Amendment protections afforded to prisoners and that he purposely "exposed Tent City inmates to serious injury." know both of these public servants, you would be hard pressed to figure who is worst. The Gov promotes special foreign interest at the expense of AZ taxpayers, and keeps her administration stacked w/ high dollar positions filled with special foreign interest people too.

Is your newspaper any good ?

Top 10 newspaper finalists also were picked in the writing contest in six categories of all circulation divisions, and 10 overall finalists were chosen for investigative reporting. Writing winners will be announced in late March.

CT ex-Gov: Shady land deals in Naugatuck, CT

The lucrative land investment partnership was called First Development Group LLC and built a 24-lot subdivision in Naugatuck.

Study: Ohio tops U.S. in bankruptcy

"Bankruptcy filings are an indication of severe financial distress," Executive Director Amy Hanauer said in a release.

"It is imperative that we determine the cause of the sharp spike in Ohio bankruptcy filings and adopt reforms to reduce these rates." we need any study to determine what is causing individual financial distress. Here's some reasons: outsourcing industry, supporting foreign special interests, privatization

Prosecutorial power ensures less truth prevails & justice is lost

What we see here is that the federal system has become a legal system that exists of the prosecutors, by the prosecutors, and for the prosecutors.

When Rudy Giuliani, then the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, remarked that the Crime Control Act of 1984 tilted the playing field in favor of prosecutors, he was not exaggerating.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Terrorists Crossing Rio Grande ?

For the first time a representative from the Homeland Security Department is admitting the same group responsible for the September 11th attack may now be trying to cross our border from Mexico.

USA Economy Going Third World

(Click above link to view video/ trailer on FTAA)

Is the USA Ready for any of these Skirts in the White House ?

Cast your vote here…PLEASE ?



Gannon-Gate: GOP, pedophiles & gays

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said he did not realize Gannon was using an alias until recently.

BLOGS..this is scandalous, and certainly surpasses Arkansas Billie's stunts in the Oval office.

TN Senator's Memory Improves on spending campaign funds

News Channel 5 (Click video link to view memory lapse and denial)

How Eminent Is A City's Domain?

Are you concerned about local politriks who set their sites on your property, home or real estate ? Just what is their intention, and where are your rights ?

New Jersey public servants stung by FBI

Eleven officials in Monmouth County, including three mayors, were arrested on federal corruption or money laundering charges on Tuesday.

BLOGS...local government can be the grass-roots of criminal enterprise, how does your community check out ?

Victim of Judicial Abuse of Authority

This is a woman's struggle for life, but it also is a nation's struggle for its soul.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


This unconstitutional treaty was ratified anyway by a lame duck Congress. The same opposition was expressed by the American people against U.S. participation in the World Trade Organization (WTO) due to severe constitutional clashes over sovereignty.

U.N. to control use of Internet?

The committee, which was set up in December 2003, is laying the groundwork for the U.N.-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society where a final decision on the control of the Net will be determined, stated a Reuters report.

BLOGS...another secret deal of 2003 is disclosed...

Former Lawmaker to Register as Sex Offender

WFSBTV Video Player (click video link here, scroll for title)

Nursing home space is scarce

The nursing home space for the sick and elderly is getting short in Eastern Connecticut.

BLOGS...America's elderly is sharing their funding with illegals aliens,creating loss and shortage for the seniors. Funding for elderly is stolen for illegals. We the people have no moral or legal duty to fund illegal aliens here in our Nation for profiteering purposes. According to a source, current federal spending on illegals aliens is greater than spending for disabled veterans.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Salinas Man Dies After Taser Shocks

A day after struggling with police officers who used Taser guns to subdue him.

Arizona is a State in Denial

Why are the Child Protective Services run by criminals?
(click link to view video) Multimedia

CT Cops Caught & Cover-Up

CBS Video Viewer
(click above link to video)


"multi-jurisdictional" authorities are emerging, to diminish, or remove policy-making authority from elected officials"

BLOGS..get ready for elections, and check out the candidates going for power and authority...Public should demand all candidates provide background checks, criminal record checks, credit checks. Do they hold any seats on boards Or commissions and what kind of record does the candidate hold ?
Other important considerations to ask, do they or any member of their family hold jobs with the Authority ? do they or any member of their family have any litigation pending...Forget any candidate who's family depends on tax dollars from property owners to maintain standards of living OR owns a business that contracts out for the Authority like a local vendor that fixes local municipality work..

Connecticut EX- Manufacturing HUB...

Is Connecticut becoming a Third World State?
(Click feature story)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Will Bush Side with the Property Thieves?

..."the local government has conspired with a corporation to condemn their land under the power of eminent domain."

Proposed legislation for records access info

A statewide survey coordinated by the state’s major newspapers indicated police departments and other municipal agencies failed to comply with the law about half of the time and often confused or misinterpreted the law.

BLOGS...Lack of record by rogue police is often associated in a false arrest and wrongful accused. When false arrest, is NOT due to harmless error, it can be police misconduct. Always seek legal advice.

Friday, February 18, 2005

President Gutierrez Sacks Supreme Court

The president of Ecuador says the institutions must be overhauled because they are dominated by a corrupt elite corrupt elite and corruption in public office the same thing?


More people are falling victim to bad lawyers. So how do you pick an attorney who you can trust? (click above video link)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Tougher Laws Or Enforcement ?

How did we reach this point, where we reward people through amnesty, tuition breaks and driver licenses for breaking our laws?

Through the agenda of “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” combined with spineless politicians who put potential votes ahead of our national security.


Law Still May Authorize Seizure

While GATA believes that the law may violate the U.S. Constitution's prohibition against the government's taking private property for public use without paying fair compensation, precious metals investors may still be in some jeopardy here.
(please scroll in link)

Felon, swindler, liar, sleaze, pant-load.

In fact, Fife Symington's history of fraud is a monument to rapacious greed that soaked investors, bankers, relatives, friends and the citizens of Arizona.

Once he assumed office, he brought the same sleazy tactics to the top of state government in Arizona.

Disabled veterans must keep waiting

Illinois' wounded veterans will have to wait several months before learning why they've received among the lowest disability pay in the country for the past seven decades.

BLOGS...this is stalling,sandbagging, and unacceptable, we agree with Senator McCain, we have NO confidence in Rumsfield as Secretary of Defense either.

Man begs police not to use stun gun on him during raid

When Chicago Police raided an Uptown home Wednesday searching for narcotics, a man appeared at the door begging officers not to use a Taser on him because his friend had died last week after being shocked by a police stun gun, officials said. is fair to say... when cops pull and fire a TASER gun,they employ deadly force, and are acting as a Death Squad.

Arkansan State Senator Jim Holt forms: Protect Arkansas NOW.

"There's no doubt in anyone's mind that easy access and fraudulent access to welfare benefits is a large magnet that draws illegals into our state," he said .

"This bill aims to shrink that magnet and serve as a disincentive for illegal aliens to come to Arkansas."

Does US Know Wrong from Right?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: America is losing its ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Judge warns Rumsfeld in anthrax case

A judge in Washington has warned Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld he could face contempt for ignoring a ruling on Pentagon anthrax vaccinations.

Victim of 9-11 Wants Borders Closed

What happened to Juan LaFuente?
Watch Now
(Click above link)
A 9/11 victim's family continues to hope for his return and is now working to help secure America's borders. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports. (February 15)

Take Your Regulations & Shove It !

Lawmakers in the Montana House of Representatives collectively thumbed their noses at the federal government Monday by approving two bills exempting guns from federal regulations and driver's licenses from national standardization requirements.

BLOGS...DC is so high on special interests is un-American.

Landlord bill stirs a dust-up in House

Lawmakers on Tuesday argued vigorously over a Manitou Springs Democrat's bill that would give more rights to tenants and increase the regulation of landlords.

BLOGS UP...Landlord's this is a taking and illegal..a must read!

What We Don't Know About 9/11 ...will Hurts US

Would George W. Bush have been reelected president if the public understood how much responsibility his administration bears for allowing the 9/11 attacks to succeed?

BLOGS...this question can only be answered by politriksters who silently consent to the criminal deeds of the Bush Administration.

U.S. intelligence officials worried about possible attack

Critics say he's politicizing the agency by surrounding himself with Republican advisers... (aka cronies)... from his years in Congress.

BLOGS...possible attack is the new mantra for Porter Goss CIA former House Inetlligence Committee chair, he didn't have a clue on 9-11, and was all wrong on WMDs.

CT Lawmakers Discuss Legal Effects of Weed

More than twenty years ago, now deceased Governor Ellas Grasso suffered from cancer, she was prescribed marijuana, for pain management...It was politically correct…and morally right. you think politriks should over-ride the scientific, medical the lawmakers at the Connecticut General Assembly know more than the medical community ?

Firefighter charged in sex assault

(See Local News Section in above link)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bush Calls For Renewal Of Patriot Act

President George Bush yesterday urged members of the U.S. Congress to renew an act, which allowed for secret proceedings in immigration cases against some Caribbeans, bolstered the surveillance of the FBI and increased use of material witness warrants to hold suspects incommunicado for months.

BLOGS...why does BUSH want US citizens stripped of civil rights, a violation of the US Constitution ?

Missile-defense test failure adds to program delays

"It's certainly embarrassing at a time when the administration has basically decided that its North Korea policy is missile defense," said John Pike, director of, a nonprofit defense analysis group.

"You don't get second chances in nuclear combat."

BLOGS...doesn't this report make you feel even better about the (5) Morons, and their touting N.Korea into conflict ?? Is anyone getting that set-up to loose gut feeling yet ??


"In cases of criminal conduct and even rape, facts are played down in order not to inflame the population and provoke the public into demanding action from the politicians to crack down..." (Click above link for radio version) certain small areas of Connecticut, and even large cities in the US, there are situations were serious crimes and criminals are protected by law enforcement, and even the public servants, WHY? Read the details in this report and think about it !


"As evidence accumulates… the illegal immigrants crossing America's borders are more akin to the "wretched refuse" who attacked the World Trade Centers, than to those who helped build America's greatness"...

Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself

"Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Cheney and Bush blame Syria and Iran for the troubles that they brought upon themselves. The Iraqi insurgency, say the Five Morons, is the fault of Syria and Iran. "
......PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS 02/2005

Monday, February 14, 2005

CT. Gov Plays Dumb & Numb Role

DiNardo said Rell's "Sgt. Schultz" attitude is "the same mentality she's always had, and the one she exhibited for years" as lieutenant governor. "While John Rowland was robbing the store blind,"

DiNardo said, Rell's attitude was "pretend that nothing's going on, don't rock the boat, don't make waves. ... That's not leadership - that's an abdication of leadership. And that's what allowed Gov. Rowland to get away with his crimes for so long."

Masters of Deceit: the Bush Administration

A few months ago they told our senators and representatives that their bogus Medicare prescription drug bill would cost $400 billion over the next 10 years. Now that the bill has become law, they've revised their estimate: Now it's $724 billion.

BLOGS...What is...fraudulent schemes,deception, manipulation, extortion...

Symington, ex-Gov considers another run for Gov.

Symington, who served as governor from 1991 to 1997, resigned from office immediately after being convicted by a federal jury of bank and wire fraud on Sept. 3, 1997.

His conviction was overturned on appeal in June 1999, and President Clinton pardoned him in January 2001.

Taser Gun Issues Update

CBS Video Viewer

’US economy will collapse without illegal alien labor’

Chock full of common mis-representations, irrational thinking, and deceptions exposed of special foreign interest.

A Connecticut Man in Prison for Peace
(Click video link) WTNH Video Player

BLOGS... US Senator Joe Lieberman who has dual citizenship to Israel is a phone call away from power, pride, and freedom for O'Connor. STOP the politriks, Joe and Chris...and do what is right for this humanitarian, and Global Peace...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Burglars looting Connecticut town of rich and famous

The burglars know the well-to-do are often away from home on business or winter vacations. And neighbors live so far apart on one- to four-acre properties that witnesses to the crimes are rare.

BLOGS...some career criminals even partner with criminal professionals like attorneys for insurance scams, or are involved with corrupt law enforcement, like a con on probation who owes a cop a favor or two.

Portrait of an American Woman Hero

American Nun Killed In Brazil Fought Loggers, Landowners Over Clearing Of Amazon Rainforest.

Would you die to save a forest ?

Hunt for Fugitives Expands to Retirees

A law enforcement measure that has had mixed results in hunting down fugitives among the nation's sick and disabled is expanding this year to target the much larger ranks of retired Americans.

BLOGS...if you reside in a community where police are allowed to false report and false arrest innocent people, this is what you can expect.

This happens frequently and is condoned in the criminal justice system. Prosecutors who lack integrity, and genuine character, cover for corrupt law enforcement by signing bad warrants.

SEE THE SHERIFF JOE BLOG entry, this is a case about everything going wrong in law enforcement.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

AZ Sheriff “Pink Undies, Tough Ass” Joe Arpaio earns Public’s Wrath

Nor can the public put faith in state, federal and county prosecutors to conduct probes into a mountain of serious allegations of wrongdoing. None of these officials appears to have the slightest interest in investigating Arpaio's wayward department.

BLOGS UP...Sheriff Joe (R) is a former DEA agent from Columbia, and according to sources he ran into a situation in Columbia ...and Joe departed very quickly...

No evidence, No charge...Just suspect & torture

American officials said he admitted... to training some of the Sept. 11 hijackers and to having prior knowledge of the attack, but they never charged him.
Mr. Habib said any confessions he made
were a result of torture and were not genuine.

Germany Rejects Call for Rumsfeld War Crimes Probe

The U.S. Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and four Iraqis who say they were abused by American soldiers at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison had filed a criminal complaint with German Federal Prosecutor Kay Nehm in November.

BLOGS...what about Conde yellow-cake uranium, and Abu Al, the torturer-in- chief...they certainly played a role in torture-gate, and war crimes...

Friday, February 11, 2005

9-11 families outraged by FAA report

Air America Randi Rhodes exposes a very fishy connection about the 52 warnings the F.A.A. overlooked before September 11th and outspoken critic, Senator Mark Dayton's decision not to run for re-election. Listen here.

Federal judges vs. the will of US citizens

Out-of-control judges is one of the major problems plaguing America and why the fraudulent ratification of the 17th Amendment must be resolved by the States.

Congress has refused to oust federal judges legislating from the bench or catering to special-interest groups.

Reaction to Cop Shooting 13-Year-Old Boy Is Strong but Complex

On Feb. 3, prosecutors declined to file charges against an LAPD officer who repeatedly beat a black auto-theft suspect, Stanley Miller, with a flashlight.

And in January, two Inglewood police officers involved in the videotaped beating of black teenager Donovan Jackson won a $2.4-million jury award for wrongful termination.

BLOGS UP...this is the third report in the past week of cops using lethal force against unarmed, US youths. Staying out late does not justify murder by the State.

Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists

declared her innocence, was unfairly targeted by overzealous prosecutors.
Attorney convicted in terror trial
Watch Now
(click above video link)

Connecticut on the "Drug Corridor"

(please click above link to video)

Prop. 200 Looses Teeth and Claws

The decision by Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard means voters will not have to show identification at the polls until further changes are made in state laws.

Proposition 200 proponents said that Goddard's opinion is extreme and that he is thwarting the will of the people.

BLOGS UP... we the people believe...this election, in part, is in violation of U.S.C. 1184, Section 214 because it is taxing property owners to support public elementary school...for aliens access which is not covered under this Federal law.

Protecting their Own

Would make sports officials a protected class in criminal law - such as pregnant women and elderly people - and enhance penalties and fines for anyone convicted of assaulting any officials at either amateur or professional athletic events.

BLOGS UP...sports officials are already a protected class..their protection is wealth ...influence in the media....access to legislators.

Gov. Rell Budget “fiscal gimmick”

Rell continues to operate the much-criticized Connecticut Juvenile Training School, where the state is spending about $500,000 annually per person for care of delinquent youths.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Border Patrol agents seize 1,500 pounds of weed near Naco

The smuggler turned around and later evaded tire spikes and rammed the vehicle of another federal agent, drove through a cemetery and headed cross-country back toward the border.

BLOGS...this report shows the difference in law enforcement response..when it's bandidos-drugsters who crash a Federal agents car, on illegal entry at the Border no weapons are fired...But using a Taser stun gun, which maims, and kills many is used on US children, and the elderly with deadly consequences often.
Taser is a lethal weapon, and must be defined as deadly force.

Taser Shots Cause Heart Damage

On Wednesday, a 14-year-old boy who went into cardiac arrest after police shot him with a Taser stun gun regained consciousness but was not yet talking, authorities said.

Sheriff pays $181 fine for speeding

He was cited for doing 55 mph in a 40-mph zone.

Trial Fixing Judges Get the Chop

Another middle-ranking judge, Leonidas Stathis, who has been accused of accepting bribes, is to face questioning today. Four lawyers who allegedly made suspect deposits into his bank account, will also appear before the Supreme Court.

BLOGS UP...why are all the trial fixing Judges, taking bribes only booted from Courts outside of the US ?

You Better Tell the U.S. Supreme Court …

In early March, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear two important cases that will likely determine the fate of the Ten Commandments!

BLOGS UP...the Supremes are going to rule on God's Rules,there's an analogy here... almost like the relationship of the chicken to the egg...only this case is undisputable.

Corrupt-ticut convicted Gov and Mayor want leniency

Former Mayor Ganim was sentenced in July 2003 to 108 months in prison, the maximum allowed under federal guidelines. A jury convicted him on 16 federal corruption charges involving his receipt of more than $500,000 in kickbacks, bribes and gifts....

Former Governor Rowland was accused of similar misdeeds but will serve a much shorter sentence than Ganim. On Dec. 23, the former four-term governor waived his right to a federal grand jury indictment and pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.

BLOGS UP...this is classic public official predators syndrome...they think they are Teflon Dons.

9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings

The Bush administration has blocked the public release of the full, classified version of the report for more than five months.

IRS Has $2 Billion In Old Tax Refunds

Refunds Must Be Claimed By April 15

Is Mexico A Good Neighbor?

Read candid column, and comments straight from Arizonans, about what's it really like out there....

Sen. John Ford Scandals: Disgrace to Tennessee

Child support, residency questions, conflicts of interest, failure to disclose a source of income.....

Blumenthal seeks regulatory changes in Connecticut

“Tougher rules are necessary, but not enough. We need better enforcement."

Blumenthal , State AG proposes a constitutional amendment that would make the insurance commissioner position an elected office.

BLOGS is an AG who already has enforcement powers, this is sandbagging and stonewalling ! Rather than enforce the law, he opts to propsose a Constitutional amendment. Blumie needs to take a hint from AG Spitzer of New York, enforce the Law, do your job !

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Leader of CT National Guard under investigation

National Guard officer is under investigation by the Department of Defense for possibly having an improper relationship with a subordinate. The probe is focusing on e-mails -- allegedly of a sexual nature --

So violating the Geneva Convention Treaty, or the Military Uniform Code of Justice is OK, and torture is OK...but suggestive e-mail will trigger a DOD investigation

Connecticut talent engages in Naked Karaoke Event

They…sued the town in March, claiming that the ordinance was illegal, and the owners won their lawsuit.

BLOGS UP... mud-wrestling is prohibited, but CT Court rules nudity is OK.

Morality exists outside of US

Prime minister urges clergy and judiciary to clean up it's act.

Illegal Immigration and Crime Update

Re-shaping Long Island NY....

Delegation's Discord Always Hurts the State of CT.

The fighting began during the 2004 election campaign,
Minority Leader Nancy D. Pelosi, D-Calif., who is close to DeLauro, came into his district and called (SHAYS) him "a rubber-stamp-for-the-radical-right-wing, check-your-brain-at-the-door congressperson." Shays maintained DeLauro "really went after me" last year.

BLOGS UP...Shays deserves all the wrathe the female delegates can muster...maybe they can NOT forgive, and forget all the deception by Shays and his role and mission of WMDs pre- IRAQ.

Death Penalty Don't Work

Ray Krone 100th exoneree from Death Row, is appearing on the following programs this week.

Entertainment Tonight - NBC at 7 PM (Not sure which day)Extreme Makeover;- ABC this Thursday night at 8 PMGood Morning America - Friday morning between 7 and 9 AMFox News - Friday morning at 9:30 AMCatherine Crier Live on Court TV - Friday at 5 PMThe Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch on CNBC - Friday at 10 PMThese are all eastern times.



Judge Donald L. Graham: A case study in Judicial Misconduct

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist appointed a six member commission to study judicial discipline, for complaints of judicial misconduct....

BLOGS UP...If a Judge intentionally lies and misrepresents the law, why should the system protect such a Judge?

Ukrainian Leaders Move Against Corruption

The new prime minister has begun the process of undoing last year's privatization of the nation's largest steelmaker and stripping former President Leonid Kuchma of numerous state perquisites and privileges.

BLOGS UP... does any of this sound familar, like Cheney is to Haliburton?

Privatization is definitely a tool for corruption !

Mayor Declares War on Chicago Corruption

Delay has declared war on corruption after bribery in a city truck hiring program and abuse of minority set-aside contracting.

Connecticut lawmakers meet with Bush on Social Security

Workers could invest this money in stocks and bonds in hopes of earning higher returns. There would be no change in the current system for those born before 1950.

Connecticut Engineer Sentenced For Defrauding Government

A Connecticut highway contractor was sentenced Tuesday to almost three years in prison for bilking millions from the federal government and transportation agencies in three states.

AIA Says No to Elected CT Commissioner Proposal

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's (D) call on Tuesday for an elected insurance commissioner would politicize the regulation of one of the state's most important economic sectors, according to the American Insurance Association (AIA).

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Rice: $100 A Month To Terrorists "on Pension"

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has proposed a $100 monthly allowance to terrorists

BLOG you REALLY think, the "terrorist" want to grab Conde's bag ?
There is a difference between passing the buck, and grabbing the bag..

Men in Black

The Court has morphed into a super-legislature, legislating from the bench rather than honoring its constitutional role of interpreting the laws.

Special Interest Groups Drop Millions for Social Security Reform

In recent weeks, a half-dozen organizations have begun fundraising, television and print campaigns to promote or oppose President Bush's plans to revamp the Social Security system.

Cop Tips off Suspect

A police officer who allegedly tipped off a suspect about his impending arrest may get a department pension instead of getting fired, the Milford Board of Police Commissioners has decided.
The officer, is the wife of one of the highest-ranking members of the department

Judge rules Yale can ban military recruiters

U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall, in her ruling Monday, found the government unconstitutionally applied the Solomon Amendment which allows the secretary of defense to deny federal funding to colleges if they prohibit or prevent military recruitment on campus.

Judge Rejects 'Stop Loss' Suit Vs. Army

Qualls and seven other soldiers serving in Iraq or en route to Iraq had asked the judge to order the Army to release them from service immediately. They contended the enlistment contracts make no explicit reference to the stop loss policy.

Green Berets' numbers fall short

"We are always understrength because we cannot find enough qualified candidates. ...

From Iraq to US Streets

While an estimated 500,000 veterans were homeless at some time during 2004, the VA had the resources to tend to only 100,000 of them.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Arizona's Broken Justice

(Click video link above for ole West Justice )

Web domain of disgraced mayor selling

Convicted former mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr.'s currency: The Web site bearing his name is up for sale.

Homosexual Activists Oppose...

Education Secretary takes stand for your family; bombarded by homosexual activists

Police Officer Assaults Women

(click above link to news video)

In Bush's World

The Bush administration has turned Guantánamo into a place that is devoid of due process and the rule of law.
It's a place where human beings can be imprisoned for life without being charged or tried, without ever seeing a lawyer, and without having their cases reviewed by a court. Congress and the courts should be uprooting this evil practice, but freedom and justice in the United States are on a post-9/11 downhill slide.

Sculptures in Havana overcome U.S.-Cuba chill

"We thought it was really important to make this work available and show that cultural projects can continue and transcend whatever political conditions exist,"

North Korea threatens to attack US military

"There are no limitations in the striking power of our armed force. If US imperialists ignite flames of war, we will strike all their bases first and turn them into a sea of fire,"

Now, the gross corruption product

Public attention to corporate ethical issues is at a higher level than in the past.

Trust is the engine to drive business," Capitalism depends greatly on trust.

10 Resons to Enforce Imigration Laws NOW !

Hoping that Bush and Congress will stop this invasion renders all of us a bunch of fools! Bush has done NOTHING to stop the 10,000 illegal aliens crossing our borders nightly.

GOP proposes bill that would suspend ALL laws

REAL ID Act of 2005 (H.R. 418). Section 102 :
It would empower the Secretary of Homeland Security to suspend any and all laws in order to ensure the "expeditious" construction of a set of barriers and roads south of San Diego, to keep illegal immigrants out. It also would prohibit ANY judicial review of the Secretary of Homeland Security's decision to suspend any law.

" It's what's destroying America."

"The acts of violence, the impacts to the welfare system, the impacts to the health care system. . . . Rep. Pearce's son, a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office deputy, was shot on duty by a Mexican man who was in this country illegally.

Challenge NYC Arrests

When law enforcement conflates lawful protest with a national security threat, we as a democracy are in deep trouble."

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ross Judge a magnet for … praise

"But looking at the record in a light most favorable to Mr. Ross, he never should have been convicted," Chatigny said to Paulding.

State Rep. William R. Dyson… "Oppose the death penalty"

"If they don’t think racism exists, it shouldn’t bother them at all what I say,"

Say "No" Psych Check on Kids

The government does not own you or your kids, and it has no legitimate authority to interfere in your family’s intimate health matters.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Cops tell Reynolds he lives too close to school

Chicago Police have told former congressman Mel Reynolds, a convicted sex offender, to move from his South Side home because he is living too close to a school.



He's Fought for His Views, Now His Job

HEAD'S UP BLOGGERS...we may not agree w/ his views, but is this speech more dangerous than a selected public servant who lies about WMDs and imminent threat to our Nation ?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Chicago Mayor Promises Crackdown on Fraud

In addition, 17 former city workers and others have been charged in a federal investigation of a $38 million-a-year trucking program. Prosecutors say $12 million in city work was swapped for $200,000 in payoffs and campaign contributions.

Statement of Senator Chris Dodd

(Click above link) for not voting Alberto Gonzales to office of USAG.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Death Row Inmates Waging Hunger Strike Over Conditions

The statement mentions the phenomenon know as "death row syndrome," a theory that solitary isolation can cause severe mental health problems and suicidal tendencies. The inmates said problems associated with solitary isolation are constantly expressed to DOC mental health staff.

US Sen. Chris Dodd on State of Union Address

``The president talks about putting our fiscal house in order but he has created the largest national deficit and trade deficit in our nations history. ...

It is simply unacceptable to mortgage our children's future by continuing to pile up massive debts that tomorrow's children and grandchildren will have to pay.''

Connecticut Lawmakers Want Same-Sex 'Marriage' Legalized

The measure is called "An Act Concerning Marriage Equality"
(S.B. 963).

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

US Congressman JD Hayworth :

"If folks won't obey existing laws, what makes us think they will obey any new laws. And amongst the Mexicans coming north are folks who intend to do us ill, I believe."
- Lou Dobbs Tonight 02/02/05

Congressional Staff Briefing Scheduled on Mental Health Screening

Karen Effrem, M.D., a pediatrician and leading national critic of mental health screening programs, will show Members of Congress and their staff the dangers of recommendations by the New Freedom Commission for universal mental health screening

Connecticut Evacuation: False Alarm

"It was a mistake"

Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered an investigation into the incident.

The Emergency Alert System is composed of radio and television broadcasters. The system is voluntary, but its design and list of coded messages follow standards set by the federal government.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Freedoms Lost Under G.W. Bush

Supporters and apologists for President G.W. Bush will often assail my assertion that the Bush administration has done more to dismantle constitutional protections of our liberties than any president in modern memory.

Conn. Attorney settles: federal fraud charges

Timothy C. Spayne had been indicted on civil charges nearly two years ago, accused of billing fraud and tax fraud.

State Senator Under Federal Investigation

Less than a week after federal agents raided his business office and five other sites, state Sen. Ernest Newton II stepped down Monday as co-chairman of the legislature's public safety committee.