Thursday, November 23, 2006

"I think that's weird and it's nuts, to suggest that everything we do is because we're hungry for money, I think that's crazy. I think you need to go back to school."
~ Bush 41, on defending Bush 43

SANTA'S Blood & Sweat Workshops
See what ChiCom girls and boys get for Christmas

Tis the Season for Shopping
America needs some new democratic local government

Elderly Woman Shot & Killed by Cops
in her home...

Troubles in Toyland
Almost 73,000 children under the age of five were treated in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in 2005.

American Nostalgia is Thankful...
for CIA assets rated PG, a perfect holiday gift...

A Helluva Lotta No Thanks
for the worst US Congress ever!

Monday, November 13, 2006

"At the end of the day, you have to hold the President responsible….
I don't think he realized the extent of the opposition within his own administration, and the disloyalty."
~ Richard N. Perle, godfather of the Irag War

We Honor our Veterans with Truth the least we can do on this Veteran's Day is look back at the decisions made that sent our troops into battle

The Root of Terrorism is here... the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Saddam was Supported by GLOBALISTS an audio links Saddam with Rumsfailed, CIA, and the scum who hi-jacked our government.

What the GOP really needs... "Congressional Republicans should move as fast as they can to distance themselves from the Bush White House"...

Truth and Innocence is the Gold Standard you could be disappeared at anytime, detained and tortured, forever, and no one need ever know what became of you.

El Foxy Goes to Skip and Stopped! while serious conflict continues in Fox's Homeland Mexico, his travel plans are put on 'NO travel' list by the Federal legislature.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Special Post for Election Day

Well, it's pretty symbolic: our democracy is literally lying in the dumpster. These are things that if the government was really running elections, and they weren't privatized, we would have a right to that information.
~ Bev Harris

"This is the right thing for us to be doing"...57 percent of Americans said that the war was not worth fighting....and..Bush's job approval rating dropped to 37 percent...

Cindy & Peace-makers Demonstrate and VOTE -
A new video from Cindy Sheehan a new demonstration at Arlington West...

CT Incumbents Go Nervosa
See why the old CT / DC gang are gettin' the jitters prior Election Day

AZ Polls Goes Lottery: Vote for a Million $$$
Under the November 7 ballot proposal, Arizona voters would get a crack at winning the jackpot prize in state primaries

Judicial Immunity, thy Days 'R' Numbered...
Full moon is gonna shine on South Dakota Judiciary comes Election Day, and it's a pack of public official PREDATORS -