Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama is an Illegal Alien!

Powerful video, that will rock the Cassba...and American voters...it's all over folks..the Electoral College is put on notice, and it's a done deal!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How 'Bar Bet Barry of Kenya' almost became president

Will the real Barry of Kenya please step down...from the winner's circle...because Americans are NOT going to stand or sit through another false flag, psy-ops, event programmed by the global hustlers. Don't miss this!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

News Flash Dr. Ron Paul Update!

What the World needs now, Fox News is getting It!

Watch Republicans chase Sean Hannity a Fox media cappo as Ron Paul blowback erupts over nixing Ron Paul from the New Hampshire debate.
No other candidate has sparked the American spirit for liberty! Looks like the Revolution of Hope & Love for America is well on it's way.

Mainstream Media Message is Brainwashing,Drop It!

"He can’t win." When pressed to explain why he can’t win, most respond with a comment on his not being mentioned frequently in the mainstream media (MSM). Strange is it not that gun owners allow the MSM to define the issues of a campaign and are also perfectly willing to let them select the candidates!

Love America OR Love of the Darkness?

The Establishment hates Ron Paul because his honesty and integrity expose the rest of them for the moral reprobates they are. Their own conscience cannot bear the sight of him. His very presence condemns them.

Bad to the Bone Shock-Jock Gives Ron Paul Endorsement

Howard Stern gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul on his program today, saying the maverick congressman is "fantastic."