Wednesday, June 13, 2007

“It is incredible the quantity of good that may be done in a country by a single man who will make a business of it.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Why US is a Rogue Nation? Leave it to Olbermann video to get Constitutional scholar Turley on the record

A Woman and a Blog: Got Mission My goal in life (for now) is to send George Bush to jail & support HONEST politicians

Our Republic and Survival are at Risk If democracy means we are a self-governing people, then it means we not only have the right but the responsibility to control the policies and actions of our government.

China Orders Death to Food and Drug Official A Beijing court sentenced Zheng Xiaoyu to death for taking bribes worth over $830,000 while he served as chief of the State Food and Drug Administration.

Mexican Police Use US-style Force Terrorizing people with ferocious dogs, threats to throw prisoners from helicopters into the sea, and ...denying toilet privileges, leaving people to defecate in their pants.

The Right Answer is Already LAW Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides the legal authority for state and local enforcement to investigate, detain, and arrest aliens on civil and crimi­nal grounds.

Investors Go after the Swindlin Corps "President Bush thinks that enough people have forgotten what his friends at Enron and on Wall Street did to working people"

Former City Attorney gets Criminal Charge Denver Law and justice takes another hit