Saturday, April 30, 2005

AZ Sheriff's Posse & Mob Link

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AZ Rejects Cops Arresting Illegals

"Opponents say such a massive undertaking would detract from the traditional roles police have in protecting communities from crime."

BLOGGS..this is not a typical or traditional situation taking place here OR across the Nation. Action must be taken, please see the post for the CLEAR Act below.

Federal Judge Bashing a Concern

“It is a free country, and everyone has free-speech rights to criticize judges,” he said. “Traditionally, the courts have not responded to those things, and we may not after this. But as of late, some of these comments have been over the edge, and that is what has caused concern,” he said.

Guns are for Personal Safety

BLOGGS...right now there is a case before the United States Supreme Court about whether law enforcement have a duty to protect your personal safety. If guns are confiscated, and currently the law states...personal safety is not a duty of law enforcement...then what is your defense ? Please see this site.


"The Clear Law Enforcement For Criminal Aliens Removal [Page: H2722]Act, or we call it the CLEAR Act, gained the support of some 125 Members. Our purpose is fairly simple: State and local law enforcement personnel would be fully authorized to investigate, apprehend, and, if necessary, remove criminal aliens in the United States. "

BLOGGS...please don't miss this post, it explains why so many foreign criminals are at large in our community, and what must be done to remove the criminals.

Friday, April 29, 2005

US Border is a VolleyBall Net

BLOGGS...Click video below and view foreign interventionists make folly on our border. See Playing International Volleyball.
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Fighting the New World Order

"Under the planned FTAA, Americans will gradually lose control over their destiny, their property, their taxes, and they will lose the protection of their rights by the Bill of Rights. The FTAA, like the European Union, will eliminate the enforcement of national borders to foster the free flow of peoples, not just products."

Iran Plans Attack on US

"In the latest evidence Iran is seriously planning an unconventional pre-emptive nuclear strike against the U.S., an Iranian military journal has publicly considered the idea of launching an electromagnetic pulse attack as the key to defeating the world's lone superpower. "

Bills Banning Guns

"Bills are moving through Congress to ban gun sales to individuals named on terrorist watch lists, but critics question the lists' accuracy and say mistakes will deprive citizens of their Second Amendment rights."

Fervent Passion Minus Nationality

Foreign threats, blockades and civil resistance planned by Mexican nationals against Arizona.

Inmates Deaths Taking Toll

..."officials are seeing a moderate to alarming rise in the deaths of prison inmates by suicide or homicide. "

BLOGGS...this is a despicable, suspicious account... since it is widely believed by many in the political cult ...many innocent people are wrongfully accused, innocent and incarcerated. These deaths must be fully investigated not be ignored.

Illegals Working Nukes

"Iowa The U-S Attorney's office says a 31-year-old Mexican national with false documents was hired by the state's only nuclear power plant to perform pipe insulation work."

The Status Quo

"How many readers find themselves betrayed by this president that refuses to honor his oath of office? How many stand in unemployment lines while Bush struts about his Washington parties? How many see their jobs outsourced? "

The Veteran's Political Party

If you won't stand up to help Veterans and Active Duty... Why would you think the congress and senate will?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Law Enforcement Breaks the Law...

Click link below to view a cop and a crime...please allow for load time
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AZ "Tough Sheriff " Wrecks Cruiser

..."without conducting a proper investigation, cleared (Sheriff) Arpaio of wrongdoing in a mysterious April 2 one-vehicle accident in which he totaled his county-owned police cruiser. "

BLOGGS...was the Sheriff cleared of wrong-doing because he is exempt or immune from the LAW?

URGENT: Lobby from Home Today

BLOGGS...Take action phone or FAX DC today to close Borders to illegal entry, this is a National security crisis, that began with 9/11.

Judiciary like the KKK

"a judiciary run amok" and said judges in the case would have to "answer for their behavior...mass impeachments for liberal judges. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson compared black-robed Supreme Court justices to white-robed Ku Klux Klan members.

TX Citizens Oversight for Judiciary

BLOGGS...Need to mess with Texas here...

Prosecutors Attack Judiciary in CT

"We're not in this profession to help people get killed," (Judge)Chatigny told Paulding. "I think you are way out on a limb."

BLOGGS.. CT "persecutors" go after a fair, and firm Judge. This case should not be sealed but open to the Court of public opinion! Are the Persecutors attempting to conceal their identity, and protect their careers from future Judicial reprimand?

US State Department WARNS

"More than 30 U.S. citizens have been kidnapped or murdered in the past eight months in that city."

BLOGGS...most of the false arrest against US citizens by Mexi- Federales is actually a kidnapping for ransome scheme; held as hostages in Mexi- Federal prisons.

Killing the Messenger in Mexi-

"Northern Mexico "has been worse than Colombia" in terms of the danger for journalists, said Lucie Morillon, a spokeswoman for the Washington office of the French watchdog organization Reporters Without Borders ...
Mexico's drug cartels... are numerous, deadly — and they hate attention from the news media."

Illegal Immigration Cover for Crime

“They are involved in the smuggling of (immigrants), narcotics, guns and other criminal activity that makes them a serious threat to our security...some federal lawmakers have suggested MS-13 may have links to al-Qaida, which would use the gang’s help to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mayor Charged with Crime

Should tax dollars be used for legal defense aide on public official predators? View video link here KVOA Video Player

Clinton II : Wants Border Czar

"Catch no. 1: Sen. Clinton only wants a border czar for the border between the United States and Canada, despite the fact that the vast majority of illegal border-crossers come from the south."

BLOGGS... if Clinton II can't provide total Border coverage after billions of tax dollars have been spent by Congress for Border security, maybe the Minutemen Project should be deputized for permanent back-up for US Border Patrol.

Banning an Eco-System

"Bruce Babbitt called for use of a 'white list', where exotic species are presumed guilty until proven innocent. A list of approved, tested 'noninvasive' species would be established, and importation, cultivation and movement of all species not on the approved list would be prohibited."

BLOGGS...playing with Mother Nature is not a role cut out for polticians...

CT and Drugging the Kids

"Let us be honest with ourselves. We should at this point be well aware of the fact that there is no accountability from the State on the issue of forced drugging within the Department of Children & Families (DCF)."

BLOGGS...this has got to be the ulitmate case for child a State Department.

Gun Suit Dismissed in CT

..."court let stand claims based upon Washington's "strict liability" act against certain manufacturers of machine guns, used in crimes against city residents."

Defense Becomes Murder Inc.

"The reason for this solid performance is fairly simple. With ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention an increased focus on homeland security, spending on new defense equipment is a top priority right now. And that's probably not going to change anytime soon."

US Minimizing Human Crisis

"It's a deliberate effort by the Bush administration to downplay the severity of the crisis in order to reduce the urgency of an additional response. I find that to be disingenuous and perhaps murderous,"

FINALLY: No Proof & No Weapons

"The report is the final addendum to the investigators' September report that concluded prewar Iraq had no WMD stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons and that its nuclear program had decayed before the U.S.-led invasion. "

Are Saudi's the Enemy too ?

..."secretly recorded comments from the kingdom's chief justice encouraging young Saudis to travel to Iraq to wage war against Americans. "

Saudi's Seek French Support

"The institute cited a French report of a defense memorandum of understanding that paves the way for the French sale of up to $15 billion in aircraft and security projects to Riyad."

Terror Attacks Triple

"The U.S. count of major world terrorist attacks more than tripled in 2004, a rise that may revive debate on whether the Bush administration is winning the war on terrorism, congressional aides said on Tuesday. "

Border Patrol Wants Enforcement

"We are against anything that is anti-enforcement," ...
"The union wants the immigration laws enforced -- and if the ACLU is supporting things that are not related to the enforcement of the law and are supporting people who are breaking the law, we do not condone that."

BLOGGS... for more comments from USBP See:

Enforcement Not Judiciary Role

"The failure of enforcement of the immigration laws over more than a decade and the inherent difficulty and expense of sealing our vast borders have combined to create a grave socioeconomic dilemma. It is a dilemma that has not yet even been fully assessed, let alone addressed. However, it is not the function of the Judiciary to provide ‘effective leadership’ simply because the political branches of government fail to do so."

Law Enforcement Convoluted

"States and localities have a strong incentive to worry about illegal immigrants - nearly 5 percent of them have criminal records. The burden of providing education, healthcare, and prison cells for illegal immigrants falls heavily on state and local governments."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Perfect Jail next to School

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Truth must never be Demonized!

"Not to have the courage to ask these questions of ourselves is to betray the victims of 9/11," she said in a new statement issued by her publicist yesterday in response to the controversy."

BLOGGS...we agree with Maggie, all the facts on 9/11 must be subject to the opinion and voices of the public arena...not silenced by public official predators...

Toss 'em Out Investigated

Stacking audiences with friendly Republicans...

The House of Bush

BLOGGS...see the cost of Iraq War ticking here...

US Monitors Corrupt Elections

"Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's actions leading to -- and during -- flawed parliamentary elections in March have prompted the U.S. government to review its sanctions policy toward his regime, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Constance Newman told Congress April 21."

BLOGGS... we posted "failure to thrive syndrome" post on the US Congress commission for US elections integrity... see 04/25

US Guns in Haiti

"Human rights groups and South Florida Haitians expressed outrage on Friday over the admission that the U.S. government has been supplying the Haitian police force with thousands of weapons despite an arms embargo and is considering another major arms deal."

BLOGGS..see the next post...for the rest of the story.

Venezuela on Rummie

"In Venezuela we are worried about the elevated military spending by the United States, which stands around 450 billion dollars, representing a spending that surpasses that of the 18 other military powers that follow them. The US alone absorbs 36% of the world's military spending."

Fined on Nuclear Violation

"The Nuclear Regulatory Commission proposed a record $5.45 million fine against a nuclear plant operator where inspectors found the most extensive corrosion ever seen at a U.S. nuclear reactor."

Adding Value to Free Lunch

"Sens. John McCain and Edward M. Kennedy are putting together an immigration bill that would subject illegal immigrants to fines, but allow them to remain in the United States and earn a chance to apply for permanent residency."

BLOGGS...this will not work, because...who will enforce it? STOP the irrelevancy John and Ted, and close the Border enforce the Law... and deport those who are breaking our Laws!

Group On Illegals led by 9/11 Victim

"Open borders led to the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9-11," said Peter Gadiel, a Kent resident who lost his son in the attack."

BLOGGS..Remember 9/11 and Open Borders is the ultimate unifying concept for halting illegal immigration!

New Immigration Bill for Illegals

"For decades, Mexico has said its constitution prevents it from stopping its own citizens from migrating illegally to the United States."

More Corruption in Mexico

"As evidenced by past scandals, though,they are talking about a very selective application of that "rule of law."

Bishops Support Mexi- Mayor

"In an eight-page document, the Social Pastoral Commission of the Mexican Bishops Conference said voters - and not the federal government - should have the ultimate word as to whether Lopez Obrador stays on as mayor and runs for higher office next year."

Race-Hate GroupTarget Local Biz

"You, and others in your mind set, use of the mantra "illegal" is nothing more than a "red herring." People in your mind set, choose to do all in your power using half-truths in the daily rhetoric of hate to hinder any form of immigration: legal or undocumented."

BLOGGS..just who is re-inventing race hate here ? The US is the most racially tolerant Nation in the World. This political group needs to find another country to de-stabilize with civil unrest.

FBI Tip Witheld from Family 10 yrs

"Randy Parker said that the FBI has "blown off" his questions about why he and his daughters weren't told about a 2001 phone call in which his wife's abductor made her talk with an author of a book about their disappearance."

Alleged Mob Members Target of FBI

"Prosecutors described the racketeering indictment as one of the most far reaching in the history of Chicago. "

BLOGGS...see video link w/ this report

Monday, April 25, 2005

Do You See a Drug Bust Here?

BLOGGS...Click video link below to view AZ SWAT take children and caretaker into custody
KPHO Video Player

Over-Criminalizing US Society

"a 61-year grandmother being hauled off in handcuffs for growing her hedges too high might seem preposterous, it is part of a bigger problem...There’s 8-year-old Hamadi Alston (search) of New Jersey, who was put in a jail cell in 2003 for five hours for using an L-shaped piece of paper he found in a book as a play gun in the schoolyard. There have been numerous reports of people — even children — being arrested and detained with handcuffs for eating in Washington, D.C., subway stations"

BLOGGS...while illegal aliens can be untouchable by the Law ...(see post below) just living in America can be a crime against US citizens.


"Aparicio's chambers and home had been the target of an FBI (search) search in January 2004, when an anti-corruption task force seized dozens of paintings, photos and documents."

County Prosecutor Pursues Justice

"Immigrant rights groups reacted angrily to Thomas' decision, holding a demonstration at the Maricopa County courthouse yesterday."

Law enforcement Pursues Illegals

"Frustrated by illegal immigrant criminals who slip their grasp, a growing number of state and county police agencies nationwide are moving to join a federal program that enlists local officers to enforce immigration laws. "

Unemployment High for Troops

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among 20- to 24-year-old male veterans for the first quarter of 2005 was 20.4 percent. About 86,000 servicemembers in that age group received military separations in 2004"

Visa Scams Harm US Workers

"Millions of college­-trained American citizens have suffered unemployment via Congressional actions. While employers raise the false claim that positions are being "offshored," in reality, immigrants from nations such as India, China, and Russia are displacing American citizens while eroding American wage scales."

From the archives: sound Familar?

BLOGGS...1997 as Billions was spent on Border security, nobody could see where the funding was implemented, please note this...

Voting Reform Chair Resigns

"There is so much more work to do to bring federal elections to the standard I think that the citizens expect, and there doesn't seem to be a corresponding sense of urgency among the policy-makers in Washington," .... "Nor does there seem to be a national consensus among leaders of the states about what success looks like."

Judge Won't Expand Definition

"Regardless of what the courts say, the attorney general and the governor are dragging their feet and are trying to minimize the implementation of Prop. 200 as much as they can"

BLOGGS...this outrageous political decision against the people is compromising and de-stabilizing Arizonans faith in it's elected officials. Illegals will continue to register and vote, by side-stepping provisions of Prop.200, requiring proof of bona fide identity. Only US citizens with established residency in AZ are eligible to vote in AZ elections.

Friday, April 22, 2005



AZ Reservist Cleared of Charges

" Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas concluded Haab was making a citizen's arrest, stopping people he saw violating federal law."

BLOGGS...we believe that Maricopa County Sheriff's Office should be held fully accountable for this false arrest...Haab's action resulted in the apprehension of a coyote who deals in human smuggling.

Protecting Sodomy in Military

"Republican Reps Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, Christopher Shays of Connecticut and Jim Kolbe of Arizona have joined about 70 Democrats in co-sponsoring a bill introduced in March in the House of Representatives by Massachusetts Democratic Rep Martin Meehan to prohibit discrimination against homosexuals in the military."

BLOGGS...although it is reported by military authority... this is detrimental to the troops morale, these public servants must be challenged on what is their motive for this bill?

Benedict Bush on Immigration

"Can a country commit suicide? Can the leaders of America kill this country? Can President Bush--an avowed globalist who refuses to uphold his oath of office--destroy our Constitution by aiding and abetting this unending illegal alien invasion? Can Bush destroy our sovereignty?"

BLOGGS..yes he can with our permission!

Border Patrol Absurb

"Now you've had the director of central intelligence say as plainly and as clearly as anyone could say that a weapon could come across either the Canadian or Mexican border in a truck or a car, [which] could take out a good part of a city. I think we should be reacting to that. I think we should be making a national security investment in gaining control of our border."

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Prosecutorial Misconduct & DP

"he can't seem to forgive those who screwed up and put him on Arizona's death row "

BLOGGS..who in Society can forgive and forget Prosecutors who aid and abet cops who lie, fudge police reports, and the scum in the Courts who intentionally frame the innocent...there must be punitve reprisals for these public official predators.

Guilty OR Not AZ Luvs DP

"Williams said he would file a motion within the next few days asking for Hill's release. Hill, he said, is in poor health. He is confined to a wheelchair and uses oxygen to breathe." another innocent victim of Junk Justice.

AZ GOV Muscles Junk Food

"While the prohibition would restrict on-campus sales of candy, soft drinks and other so-called junk food, it would not affect sales before or after school hours, including athletic events."

BLOGGS...since most students eat Junk Food before and after school, why even bother with this Junk piece of legislation?

Who is "Walking Eagle" ?

BLOGGS don't miss this important message from the indigineous peoples

Violating Public Trust: An Offense ?

"Whether it would be a misdemeanor or a felony to violate the rule that outlaws consulting or lobbying on behalf of clients to impact legislation or state contracts."

The Real DRUG

"Canadian government delivered what should be the final blow to the U.S. government's irrational prohibition against the medical use of marijuana. It approved prescription sale of a natural marijuana extract "--

Walmart Gets Whacked

"The advertisement in The New York Times says Wal-Mart's low pay and benefits forced tens of thousands of employees to seek government aid in the form of Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance."

The Racket and Extortion

"The "War on Terror" is a protection racket. The aggressor is the world financial elite known as the "Crown" based in the City of London."

Aristide & Black Holocaust

"U.S. and France were orchestrating a "black holocaust" in Haiti that has killed more than 10,000 of his supporters since he was ousted last year. "

Bill Board SEZ NO on Sen. McCain

"The ad, sponsored by ProjectUSA, would say: "Sen. John McCain supports amnesty for illegal aliens." Whether those words are factual depends on the viewer's point of view."

Minutemen, Sovereignity, Security

"The open-borders lobby has been so effective in skewing the discussion of immigration that some Americans have indeed convinced themselves that enforcing immigration laws is not only wrong but also impossible. By steadily increasing the rights of illegal immigrants throughout America and particularly in the Southwest, these activists have succeeded in their efforts to render American citizenship virtually meaningless."

BLOGGS...this is a definitive moment for our Federal government.

Muslim Americans Sue over Border

"Five Muslim-Americans who were fingerprinted, searched and held as long as 6 1/2 hours by U.S. border agents upon their return from a religious conference in Canada filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Department of Homeland Security. "

BLOGGS...would you say this is a case of different treatment by the US Border agents ??

State Trooper No Citizen- OK

"Sakarapanee's citizenship status first came into question when he was dismissed from the training academy after incorrectly writing on his application in 1995 that he was a U.S. citizen."

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What George Sez about Tom

US : What's Behind Movement to Remove DeLay? click video link here

Delay's Attack on Supremes

"House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's work from the bench has been "incredibly outrageous"

BLOGGS...when the Constitutions gets in the way for the Judiciary, and Judges create Law from the bench, it is Judicial activism.

The View from 1776

"Far from condoning unethical economic conduct, Smith assessed businessmen’s conduct by the standards of morality"

Extradition of Taylor

"Charges against Taylor include terrorizing civilians, mass murder, rape, abduction, forced labor, and cutting off of limbs," it says and adds that the international community cannot allow Taylor to evade responsibility for his unconscionable actions."

The Ag Jobs Bill

"The AgJobs bill, proposed by Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID[edit - not WY]), as well as the "Blue Card" bill offered by Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) did not get the 60 votes needed for cloture. The AgJobs vote total was 53-45, while Chambliss' amendment lost 21-77. "

Economic Indicators in Housing

"The Commerce Department said housing starts fell 17.6 percent in March to a seasonally adjusted 1.837 million annualized units. The decline was the largest since January 1991 and followed a 21-year record high in February."

AP Sues for Gitmo Docs

"The news agency said the proceedings were "unquestionably of great interest to the public."

TSA Wasting Funding

"A review of the project's expenditures uncovered evidence of suspicious purchases, improper use of government purchase cards, and unethical and possibly illegal activities by federal employees, according to the report released Tuesday by the Homeland Security Department"

NBC Going to the BLOGGS

"NBC could create Internet blogs for its top news anchors and celebrity interviewers as it seeks to maintain the appeal of U.S. network news, its top executive said on Tuesday."

Columbia Cartel SEZ NO to Mexico

"The current Mexican government is not qualified to facilitate peace in Colombia," the ELN said, adding that the rebel army had "an irrevocable commitment to seeking peace."

BLOGGS..the notorious rebels of Columbia, do not trust Mexico; so why does Bush?

Winning Loans and Votes

"More than 1,000 Mexicans living in the United States are taking advantage of a program allowing emigrants to obtain a mortgage to buy a home in Mexico, Mexican President Vicente Fox announced Monday."

BLOGGS...recently someone from Mexico mentioned how the cost of living in Mexi- is as high as the US...over-pricing for housing in Mexico w/ US S&Ls financing is real money...

Illegals is a Republican Thing

"At the same time, President Bush's success in winning over Hispanic voters is reinforcing calls for a historic shift in the GOP stance on immigration."

BLOGGS.. somebody used bribes,illegal entitlements,busted union jobs, and US taxpayers were swindled for the success of winning....

Govinator Scores Points

"Because I think it is just unfair to have all those people coming across, have the borders open the way it is, and have this kind of lax situation." may think it's...unfair...we think it is mass conspiracy w/ criminal intent, an International crisis, and a foreign invasion to the Homeland, ARNOLD !

Mystery Quote

"We believe that international support for development will only defeat poverty if that support encourages sound economic and political institutions, if it leads governments to invest in their people, to trust their people and, above all, to free their people to work to their innate talents and aspirations." will be surprised who is spewing this speech!

Conde and the Bomb

"A bomb threat at the Moscow hotel where Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was due to stay forced her motorcade to divert after she flew in for talks on Tuesday, a senior U.S. official said."

Kick and Shove in Uniform

"He said a soldier then kicked his car, insulted him and grabbed him by the throat with both hands as others looked on, before tying his hands behind his back with white plastic cuffs and shoving him to the ground."

DUI & Police Brutality

Click video link / CBS News Video

Nat'l. Hearing: Prison Violence

"The Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons heard testimony, sometimes graphic, from former prisoners and jailers who detailed the horrors taking place behind bars, including rapes and beatings by guards and fellow inmates. "

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Civil Homeland Defense Warns

Please click above link to view video... please allow for load time..

Beware: Americans in Lawn Chairs

"We have demonstrated that ordinary citizens sitting in lawn chairs not only have the will but the means to secure our border. If our own elected officials will not defend our nation's border, American citizens will."

The American Nightmare

Can this be for real...Mexico will be legalizing drugs, and the War on Drugs will be over ?

A Few New Rules

"Politicians see the brave volunteers patrolling our border and merely call them vigilantes. "

BLOGGS...when public officials violate our trust... they need be ... subject to public scorn and ridicule... by we the people.

Potatoes for Po-tat-toes in CT

BLOGGS....Semantics and immigration lovers have show-down on illegal immigrants and immigration. How will conservative Yankees deal with hefty tax levies to support all the influx provided under the free trade, but unfair treaties ???

The Ultimate site to go...

BlOGGS...plenty of head gear here, check this out

The Real Scam & Scum at UN

"The UN resolution did not prohibit Baghdad's sale of oil!!! It prohibited its purchase by UN members."

Should FDIC be Prosecuted ?

"The FDIC, this "independent" government operation is knowingly and willfully encouraging their organization and its employees to break the law and they are openly and blatantly violating federal immigration law. " you know what your bank is doing with your money...this is no time to be ignorant about the new bank burglars.

IRS: US Citizens at Risk...

"Computer-security flaws at the U.S. tax-collection agency expose millions of taxpayers to potential identity theft or illegal police snooping, according to a congressional report released on Monday. "

BLOGGS...maybe outsourcing US income tax return work is not a hot idea at all!

A New National Holiday ?

BLOGGS...Fabulous pie chart shows a working stiff only labors 70 days per year to support/pay Federal government his share in taxes...and more

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Is this Political or Propaganda?

Click video link below
The Judicial Confirmation Network

How the US is being Destroyed...

"Such men as Teddy Kennedy haven’t held a ‘real’ job in their entire lives, but Kennedy was the architect of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act that opened the floodgates for people in the Third World to deluge our country into this quickening quagmire."

Soldier Gets Public Support, but Who Grabs El Baggo?

"I think he is getting a raw deal," said Bisbee resident Ronald Stone, a retired Army chief warrant officer and Vietnam veteran. "I want to do all I can for him . . . As far as I am concerned, he was defending his country."

BLOGGS...why is it a crime for a US citizen to defend themself against criminals at large ? Can Sheriff Arpaio known for favoritism, and taking "campaign funds" from criminal elites be supporting foreign intervention, and a criminal class? Maybe this case will be enough reason and rage to recall Arpaio once and for all...

Cops Killing: at their Pleasure

BLOGGS...Police work is not all about reasonable doubt, or power of discretion.

BLOGGS Beat the "news"

"the media has failed to deliver what the customer most wants. That would be viable, truthful and solution filled information"

Terror Database is Flop

..."criticized for sharing personal information has been shut down because funding ran out."

BLOGGS...over-spending and padding the Budget for Homeland Security...
According to sources the costly , over-priced Matrix was doled out to local police departments, w/o training or personnel follow-up.
Are we any safer now?

AZ Votes to Keep Guard off Border

"The Arizona Senate on Thursday narrowly refused to authorize National Guard training along the border with Mexico to help deter illegal immigration and improve military readiness. "

BLOGGS...can you think of a better place to train the AZ National Guard than on the AZ-MX border? With drug cartel, foreign troops, terrorist, international crime activity, and plenty of desert this is perfect conditioning for Iraq and Afghan.

CT Targets Illegal Aliens

"Under a 1996 federal immigration law, any municipality or state can make the request for its officers to be deputized. Boughton wrote a letter Friday to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal asking him to start the process with the federal government."

BLOGGS..let's wait and see how Blumie handles this political bombshell..this will be a defining moment for his political career.

"UACLU" Aids Terrorist

“The ACLU’s position is that illegal aliens have a right to enter our border and stay in this country as long as they want,” ... “That’s what one of the leaders of the group told me personally.”

Friday, April 15, 2005

Is this a PSA ?

BLOGGS...this is the only news journalist in the Nation who was allowed to cover this crime net. Please see the next post after viewing this video link...for the rest of the story Multimedia

Killers at Large

"The United States has freed numerous illegal aliens into the community who are dangerous murderers, rapists and child molesters under a legal loophole created by Supreme Court decisions, the Bush administration said on Thursday."

Mad Bomber Crosses Border

..."Mr Carriles, 77, "a monster" comparable to Osama Bin Laden."

Trouble South of Border

"Forget Iraq: Mexico may be our next big problem "

Thank God for the Minutemen

"Hats Off to all Minutemen and Minutewomen of America who are doing the job President Bush refuses to do!"

Mexi- Sues US Rancher $8 million

"The family of a illegal immigrant shot to death on a Texas ranch sued the property owner and a hunter, who allegedly told police he thought the man was a wild hog."

Are you Ready for this ??

A special website by the US government for all of USA...

The Root of Evil

"this is just one more staggering piece of evidence that the US government is now ruled by murderous hypocrites...criminals who should be arrested, charged appropriately, confined behind bars..."

Finest River and Raw Sewage

"Kids in America should be able to enjoy their neighbourhood creeks and rivers without playmates like salmonella, hepatitis and dysentery."

Workers Dead on Pipeline

"At least five workers died on Wednesday in a toxic spill of ammonia while they were repairing an oil pipeline in the southern Mexican ..."

Slave Master Market in India

"...employers looking for able and willing workers on the cheap, can find the best deals here. "

AZ : a Corporate Welfare State

"Martin, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, said it would be illegal to craft legislation contingent on Intel building a new chip plant in Chandler."

E-mail War Attacks Exxon

"For the rest of the year, don't purchase any gasoline from the two biggest companies (which are now one) Exxon and Mobil," said the e-mail, signed by "Kerry Lyle" of the University of Alabama.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

(3) Prosecutors Bagged in Homicide

Click link to view KVOA Video Player

AZ Sheriff Charges Self Defense as Crime

BLOGGS..what would you do at a dark rest stop, alone, just you and your vehicle, and suddenly (7) illegals appear, and approach you...

More Money than GOD

..."soaring energy prices helped the No. 1 public oil company report one of the largest profits in U.S. corporate history."

Legal Mexi Sue : claims abuse

"The migrants filing the complaint lacked the money to hire their own legal counsel. And they were not entitled to be represented by public legal aid offices in the United States because they are not farm workers, said D. Michael Dale, an attorney with the Northwest Workers' Justice Project in Portland, Ore., one of the groups helping the migrants."

Detainees Sue US Govt.

"Lawyers for six men arrested in Bosnia and detained at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp sued the federal government Wednesday, leveling new allegations of abuse and torture by U.S. forces. "

Ghost of the Khmer Rouge

..."in an era of new fanaticisms, the Khmer Rouge remind us that vision needs to be tempered with humility and toleration of the sort that inspired people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and, perhaps now in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani."

Death Sentence for Mex Jounalist

"The way he was skillfully killed really caught our attention," Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, the nation's leading organized crime prosecutor, said at a news conference Saturday. "It seems what is plaguing us in these cases is drug trafficking."

Fox Crushes Political Opponents

"Fox's National Action Party and the main opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party, both trailing Lopez Obrador in opinion polls, joined forces last week to strip him of his immunity from prosecution. He now faces jail pending trial. "

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What's Wrong in the Bay?

Click link here to view... WUSA 9 Video

American Legion vs. ACLU

"The American Legion says it will go all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary, to stop the American Civil Liberties Union from using the courts to "destroy American values at taxpayer expense."

Bush Ratings

the Gallup Poll sez...

The Neo-Con Man

A liberal ...mugged by reality?

AZ Needs Enforcement Now

"More than any other state in recent years, Arizona has been dogged by a heavy flow of illegal immigrants after the government tightened enforcement in El Paso, Texas, and San Diego during the mid-1990s."

A Deadly Flu

"This virus could cause a pandemic," said Klaus Stohr, the World Health Organization's top flu expert. "We are talking about a fully transmissible human influenza virus to which the majority of the population has no immunity."

the Crisis Watch

"Nine conflict situations around the world deteriorated in March 2005, according to the new edition of CrisisWatch,* released today."

Election Buzz

"Why doesn't a presidential candidate other than a Republican or Democrat ever get elected as president? Because the electoral college decides the election - along with the controlled electronic ballot machines, which I shall do more writing on in the coming months. I encourage you to read this link. "

Chinese fight for their garment jobs

"More than 120 employees of San Francisco-based apparel maker Nova Knits Inc. claim they were laid off last month without notice, severance pay or benefits in violation of state labor laws."

Shooting Mexi- Journalists

"The International Press Institute reported last month that four journalists were killed in Mexico last year, more than any other Latin American nation. It noted that "corruption and drug trafficking have made it almost impossible for journalists to carry out investigative reporting" in Mexico."

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

US Schools to CLOSE

Click Video link above for US school closure due to fiscal reasons.

Minutemen on Border: Safe Bet

"Illegal border crossings along the stretch of Arizona/Mexico border have virtually been stopped."

The Voice of the Grunts

Soldiers Shouldn’t Be Guinea Pigs

Montana Crack-Down HPA

Click above link and see how State legislature is fighting back on the un-Constitutional Homeland Patriot's Act .

The Hillary Scare

"It's a race for America." It goes on: "Stopping Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most important thing you and I can do as Republicans in the next two years. You could say it is our duty as Republicans."

The Disloyal Jerks Party

"I think that Chris Shays again has demonstrated he's totally out of touch with what the mainstream of the Republican members of Congress are feeling and that he is disloyal to the party and to people as individuals,"... adding that the attacks are nonsensical "except you've got jerks like Chris Shays who get notoriety by being disloyal to their fellow Republicans."

BLOGGS.. Shays played a role in the big scare to take Iraq perpetrated in 2003, see the Gilmore Commission. He is a republican-lite-moderate.

AZ: Crack-Down on Used Cars

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard takes a swing at the second oldest trade in Phoenix, the used car business, and questions ethical profits.

BLOGGS...AG Terry is best known for his solitary decision, preventing enforcement of Prop. 200, the law passed on voter inititive. ... due to the failed enforcement of Prop. 200. AZ tax dollars are unethically profitted by illegal aliens , who continue to register and vote in AZ elections a violation of the law Prop. 200 was to curb.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Homeland Security Fails

Click above video link, see where Dept. Homeland Security funds are really going...

Machine Gunz for the Border

"When this Minuteman thing is over, if it doesn't work, we're going to come out here and close the border with machine guns," Nethercott said. the Middle East they would call this...the American Way.

Border Sensors Busted for Years

"Investigators are looking into the past activities of the Connecticut-based firm, as well as the actions of some current and former officials of the Border Patrol; its former parent agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service; and GSA"
BLOGGS..the same sensors "they" accused the Minutemen tripping last week, haven't ever worked. Somebody in DC and CT have a lot of explaining to do...

US Bars Woman Terrorist

"Bush has appointed as his new intelligence chief a man associated with the "dirty war" against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua."

BLOGGS... the Cowboy Gang has profiled a terrorist woman and Conde is having a fit...

School Snitches: Working for Cops

Under the new policy, a student would receive $10 for information about a theft on campus, $25 or $50 for information about drug possession, and $100 for information about gun possession or other serious felonies.

BLOGGS...this is irresponsible transfer of power and duty. Paid snitches frame innocent people, and cover criminals who work for dirty cops. If the law did it's job, it wouldn't have to bribe HS students for collusion schemes.

Brave Small Nation Fights FTA's

..."send troops into the streets of the Guatemalan capital, after nearly 1,000 protesters prevented lawmakers from voting on a pending free-trade agreement between Central America and the US."

BLOGGS...legislators were chased for blocks by this mob, against the US trade treaties.

9 Dead in Bank Heist

Costa Rica is a favored spot for US retirees this crime report is chilling.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


View video link here Multimedia


"The marchers condemned President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and ex-dictator Saddam Hussein, and some protesters gave the trio the pun name of "triangle of death" -- the same as the nickname for a volatile region south of the capital."

BLOGGS... see advanced directives below
We'll Leave Iraq if Asked

Cowboy Wants Your Bank Records

"The Bush administration is developing a plan to give the government access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking records in an effort to trace and deter terrorist financing... bankers say they already feel besieged by government antiterrorism rules that they consider overly burdensome. "

BLOGGS...we believe that the entire Administration needs to open it's personal bank records to show the American public just who is pirateering and looting.


"We must never let them win. And that is why the American Policy Center has joined an important new network of conservative and libertarian groups called Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances (PRCB)."

BLOGGS...former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) has joined the American Policy Centers new effort. PRCB believes ...the threat of terrorism cannot be erode our most basic freedoms in the U.S. Constitution.

Mystery Famous Quote ?

"Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do and how you do it."

BLOGGS..are you ready to cede your freedom to the authority? Do you agree with this well-known, ex-public official ? Click above link to view the rest of the quote by _ ?_

Campaign Funds & Family Jobs

"You are asking people to give you campaign money, and then you're feathering your own family's nest. I just think that's wrong."

BLOGGS...public jobs, and contracts to family and friends of public officials gets real close to conflict of interest. Especially in a community property state like Arizona where the spouse automatically owns 50% interest in all property and assets.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

School Truancy & Prosecutors ?

Educational community fails so students are hijacked by prosecutor and the Court.. CBS 5 Video Viewer

Blaming Test Scores & Society

"noting more than 70 percent of potential recruits 17 to 21 years old aren’t eligible for enlistment because of low entrance-test scores, educational deficits or criminal records"

BLOGGS.. Stop Bush's War in Iraq bring the Troops home now.

AZ Gov "Jan the Jock" vs. the People

"Governor Janet Napolitano, a staunch opponent of last year's ballot initiative known as Proposition 200, is apparently not one to accept defeat -- or the will of the people of Arizona easily. "

BLOGGS...whaddya do with a Gov who plays quarterback for special foreign interest, a former US prosecutor to AZ, (appointed by ex-prez Clinton), and playing for bust w/ taxpayer dollars giving away freebies to a criminal class?

IDAHO: taking action on illegals

Employers would be sued for expenses the county has incurred in law enforcement and health care for illegal immigrants."

EL BUSH "Grouppo"

"Despite the erroneous propaganda perpetuated by the liberal media, the ACLU, the Mexican government, and even our president, the Minutemen are not a group of wild-eyed racists--with bloodlust in their hearts. They are retired police officers, former military men, laborers, businessmen, moms, and dads, in short--they are a cross section of America."

BLOGGS.. the Minutemen are the Heartbeat of America, AND Cowboy is not politically correct w/ a group who prolifates hate against US culture, a dictator from a narco-cracy, and the propagandists...

Bush "BS" on Brutal Dictators

"At a time that President Bush says he is taking a strong stand against tyranny, some members of Congress say he is doing little to bring one of the world's most notorious dictators to justice.

BLOGGS..who do you believe here, the Congress, or Cowboy?

US State Dept Policy Unchanged

"The State Department has failed to make needed changes since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in a system designed to prevent illegal exports of U.S. weapons and military technology, according to congressional investigation.

BLOGGS..this is damn terrible...Conde must answer on this, send her an e-mail... if she responds let us know too.

Secret Govt. Panel Investigates

"Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona, Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Ted Stevens of Alaska described the undersea cables owned by Tyco International Ltd. as a strategic asset of incalculable value to United States security and commercial interests."

BLOGGS...the Reign of Secret Institutions in US government can not be tolerated and suffered in an open free society.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Bush Misses Cue in TERROR DRILL

Click link below to view 82nd Airborne on stand-by while nuke plant is unprotected, during this faux 9/11.
WTNH Video Player

Illegals Stop Military Drill in AZ

..."because undocumented immigrants from Mexico have constantly wandered onto a bombing test range in Arizona, according to the commander of this base along the border."

BLOGGS...see more on this Base in post below.


Click link below to view a cop's dilema
WSMV Video Player

The Influence Peddlers

Lobbyist and special interests have a $13 Billion dollar purse, to spend, gift, promote, or bribe politicians in DC. See how this works.

US Travel Warning Advisory

BLOGGS...Cancun on the Caribbean is hard to resist, but there is a dark side, down-side. Please be advised to click above link for specifics.

Military Order OKs Illegals

Click above link to view this command...

Journalist Shot TXMXB

"A radio reporter in Nuevo Laredo on Mexico's border with Texas was in serious condition after being shot several times by an unknown gunman, the latest journalist to be attacked along the border in recent months."

BLOGGS..this young woman was doing her job when hit by (9) bullets, from international organized criminals, this isn't about undocumented workers.

The "Show-Me" State Gov ain't showin'

"A nationally recognized research organization says Gov. Matt Blunt is using "misleading information" to justify his proposed cuts to Medicaid programs."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Empire Stikes Back

Click link Wal-Mart KO -
WMTV Video Player

Connecticut Gov is "honored"...

BLOGGS...You've got to see these onions...

Judge OK's Voluntary Anthrax Shot

..."will continue to supervise his court order making it illegal to require the shots unless and until the vaccine is properly licensed to protect against inhalation anthrax."

Troops and Illegals: One Bill

"We'll put it this way: If the appropriations bill designed to fund our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't pass because of a misguided amnesty amendment, it'll be squarely the fault of supporters of the Craig bill." this is politriks, financing the troops and amnesty for Ag illegal workers all in one appropiation

Keeping the checks on power

"Republican frustration over Democratic opposition to some Bush judicial appointments is threatening the separation of powers."

Mexico's Millenium Man

"The case has split Mexico and shaken investors concerned about turmoil or violence in a major oil-producing nation where the United States and European countries like Spain have large business and strategic interests."

BLOGGS...Obrador's popularity is bigger than Zorro, according to the people he is no bushman.

Mexico Bubble about to Burst

"CIA director Porter Goss wasn't kidding when he put Mexico in with Venezuela, Haiti, Bolivia and Nicaragua as the most unstable countries in the hemisphere."

BLOGGS...why give amnesty, and blur the border when Mexico is too dangerous, and out of control?

Fight the War on Illegals

Click above link for contacts and phone numbers to report Illegals

Taking Jobs Americans Won't DO

"Three Mexicans pleaded guilty to federal charges that they forced young women into prostitution through violence, then smuggled them into the United States to work at brothels."

From the Blogger's Vault

"But I don't think America has the will," he added. "I think they have too much compassion to tell our law-enforcement people to go out there and uproot those 8 million here — some of whom might have been here 8 or 12 years, who got kids here that are American citizens — and to send them out of the country."Mr. Hutchinson"

BLOGGS...Speak for yourself archived article, but worthy of re-visiting...on second thought.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Prosecutors & Cops Sued

"Krone had filed a $100 million federal lawsuit against the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and Phoenix police, claiming his verdict was a result of police incompetence, fraud, misconduct by prosecutors and perjury. The suit involving Phoenix is ongoing."

BlOGGS...this case is a must read...especially for victims of Junk Justice in Connecticut, the "Constitution State"...sometimes cops, prosecutors and courts are about Justice... read Ray Krone's report on taking the death penalty 2x's.

Ex-Prosecutor Slain

Click link here to view...KPHO Video Player

Al's Favorite Law: Patriot's Act

Watch AG Al pimp the most -unpatriotic piece of legislation ever drawn in US history above video link

Marines Code: the Red Stripe

"The "blood stripe" commemorates the high number of Marine NCO's killed in the storming of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City during the Mexican War of 1849." this de ja vu you have goose bumps ?

The Dumb and Numb Agenda

"Rice said U.S. officials have been working with their international counterparts "for some time'' to shore up security measures without crimping the flow of commerce across borders."

BLOGGS...does Conde recall civil liberties? US citizens are "persons of interest" because it is a lot easier to hassle an innocent American for the sake of pretense, (more perception-distortion), than to track, and stop dangerous Terrorists.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Minutemen on Border: It Works!

Click video link here... KPHO Video Player

AZ Gov: Veto on Voter ID

"Governor Janet Napolitano has vetoed a measure that would have required Arizona voters to show identification, even to receive a provisional ballot." AZ where it is a common belief among some groups, that your right to vote comes from the Bible, and since last general election more than 70% of new voter registration was by non-US citizens, do you think the Gov is exercising political clout Or prudent public policy?

AZ Gov Jan "subject of complaints"

"The Citizens Clean Elections Commission approved a motion to take no action on the complaints "

Border Patrol Hit

"Two U.S. Border Patrol agents and a Bureau of Land Management ranger shot two people inside a stolen vehicle after the driver ran over one of the agent's leg and ankle late Sunday night, said FBI spokeswoman Susan Herskovits. "

Visa-for-Sale Ring Bust

"An American foreign service officer was arrested in the nation's capital Monday on charges of plotting to sell visas at the American Embassy in Lithuania "....

Riot at Iraq Prison

"Inmates at the largest U.S.-run prison in Iraq hurled rocks and set tents on fire earlier this month"...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Are you ready for TERROR ? video link here, look for bio-haz suites, and AK-47's essential equipment for Al Quida
WFSBTV Video Player

The HUSH Money

``This is not a critique of the way the money is used, it's a critique of a process that's done in secret,'' he said. ``No one knows how or why the money is going to be spent. Whether it's the best or worst run authority is irrelevant.''

BLOGGS...a pathetic report ...ignoring the Eath's assets ignoring air, water, and the environment, by public officials. No wonder last week it was disclosed that only one-third of the Earth's assets are still intact.

Pure & Perfect Politirks

..."the political future of a charismatic populist who opposes Mexico's free-market policies and has been compared to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez....
Lopez Obrador has built a huge following thanks to heavy spending on social programs and construction projects in the Western Hemisphere's biggest city."

BLOGGS...the criminal charges on Obrador are fabricated, and must be dismissed. This scheme is a BushFox conspiracy to stop the politically brillant star of Obrador from delivering Mexico from human despair, poverty, not to mention the privatization of the oil fields by the Carlyle grouppo.

Pro-Illegals Watch "the Abuses" ?

"Navarro's group will also provide volunteers to be trained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona to become legal observers. The observers are expected to watch the Minuteman volunteers and document any offenses against migrants." has been reported that ACLU is supported by Ford Foundation money and currently none of their agenda is pro-America... and Navarro is a reported racist. Since the US is the most diversified country in the World, why is this "group" pushing illegal entry of indigent Mexicans" setting them up to fail, by breaking the law after crossing a dangerous desert? This is exploitaion of the worst kind.

Mexico: Signs to Stop Torture

..." the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights, said the signing of the protocol was a key step for Mexico."

BLOGGS...why are all the pro-illegal groups at the AZMXB screaming human rights violations against the Minutemen who are there for National security reasons...they really need to rally and protest in Mexico. The last group of foreign activist to protest in MX were tossed in prison... and tortured.

...please no Santiago Creel on this one, he is way too-busy fighting in the USA against HR violations, against illegal aliens and in total denial about what's up in the land of drug cartels....

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Porn in the Scouts

Boy Scout Leader Faces Porn Charges - TheDenverChannel click video link here

Terrorist Alley 100% accurate

See this archived investigation by AZ TV News team.

POLITICAL Law Enforcement

"'Nicholas said the raid had "a tinge of retribution" from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

BLOGGS...isn't this typical in a police state. Elected Sheriff Joe is reported by many for his own brand of law enforcement.

Take Poll: on ILLEGALS

Click above link for this informative source. It's about DINERO, stupid!


"It noted that Napolitano opposed Proposition 200 and called her "a true ally in the fight in favor of our migrants."

BLOGGS...The Maricopa County Hospital provided $28 million for illegal newborn care last year, this money is funded by the property owners. Property tax bills have increased on vacant land anywhere from 50-75% in Maricopa County. Supporting a foreign criminal class is neither legal or ethically obligatory.

Cooked Intel was OK for War

"Curveball remained key to former Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the United Nations about the need to attack Iraq, as well as in an authoritative intelligence estimate prepared for policymakers before the Iraq war."

BLOGGS...somebody needs to shut down this illegal War now... isn't this crimes against humanity?

Top Clinton Aid: A Noodle Lashing

"The sentence he received is an insult to every American (military and civilian) ever issued any security clearance. Chuck Colsen went to jail. Gordon Liddy went to jail. Sandy Berger goes on the speaking circuit and waits for Hillary?"

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Reporting for Duty on the BORDER

Click above video link for the US volunteer border guards...

Orange County Arresting Illegals

"the Los Angeles Police Department is working to revise its policy to allow officers to arrest illegal immigrants, changing a 1979 policy that restricted officers from asking a person's immigration status. "

US Congressman at the BORDER

"Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, a supporter of tougher border enforcement, praised the group, telling them: "You are not vigilantes, you are heroes in my book."

Open Border, Wiretaps & National Security

"Since passage of the Patriot Act, the FBI can use such warrants in investigations that aren't mostly focused on foreign intelligence." the government keeping you safe by wiretapping US citizens? Who's bugging the foreign special interest agents ?

Friday, April 01, 2005


Listen to audio link above, radio host handles a foreign demand for the Country ... on the air.

Being Devoured and Plundered

"Gilchrist told the Washington Times that California and Texas-based leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13, have ordered their members to teach a "lesson" to volunteers planning to stake out a 20-mile stretch of the San Pedro River valley."

AG AL visits Mexico

"I look forward to continuing a beneficial and meaningful working relationship . . . based on mutual respect and admiration," he said in a written statement."

Dangerous, Deadly Diptheria Case

"The rare cases in this country usually occur in adults who never were vaccinated or didn't get adequate boosters."