Friday, December 30, 2005

I saw Clinton given a clear opportunity to dump NAFTA and walk away without paying the price…the temptations were huge…but each time he came back with the same answer: this agreement belongs more to George Bush than to us. It isn’t ours, but it is something we have to do.
~David Gergen, Eyewitness to Power on Clinton NAFTA, 1992

Using Women for Social, Political Change
View video using soft porn, European women express umbrage.
Just what group supports this anti-family, misogynist campaign?

Join National Protest Day
Hark the Giant Sucking sound taking American labor…join the rally….

America's Tyranny Keeps Borders Unsafe
President Bush and Congress walk around unaffected by this massive illegal invasion of our country, U.S. citizens suffer rapes, killings, drunken driving deaths, tax fraud, drug distribution, extortion and this massive shoplifting phenomenon.

Misplaced Aid & Arms to Mexico
"The government of Mexico is a co-conspirator in the smuggling of immigrants," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. "This is how we reward them, with helicopters and ways to tap phones? . . .

Jailed because of Religious Beliefs?
"You'll see Quakers and Catholics going to jail essentially for their religious beliefs"

Un-American to Hide 9-11 Truth
The US plans for what has come to be known as 9/11 because of its date and its aftermath of ongoing wars originated in the Clinton Administration…

Calling ALL Constitutional Life Guards
Without whistleblowers the public would never know of the many abuses of constitutional rights by the government…Whistleblowers, Truth Tellers, are responsible for the disclosure that President George W. Bush ordered unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens.

E-mail Bag: a letter from Jim Gilchrist:

December 30, 2005

Dear Americans,
I receive hostile emails regularly, but, from time to time I get a real luscious one, fermented in the ultimate ignorance of a typical unintellectual low-life. Note the hysterical ignorance of the writer whose email I have pasted below.

Feel free to fire at will with emails to educate this death-wishing social maladroit.
By the way, you might want to remind him/her that WE (that's you and me) also have a right to protest, despite the writer's claim that WE (Minuteman Project volunteers) do not have such right.

If I remember correctly, the Founding Fathers granted us an irrevocable entitlement to self governance and freedom of assembly and speech. They did this because they knew that even 229 years later tyrannical ogres, like the one who wrote the email below, would attempt to gain power someday and use that power to condemn and persecute in the despicable fashion of a Salem witch-hunter.

This is yet another example of why The Minuteman Project evolved. But this time, instead of starting in New England, it began in California. Different time and place, but for the same reason: pursuit of liberty and self governance.
Fire at will.

Jim Gilchrist, Co-Founder
- The Minuteman Project -
Americans doing the jobs Congress won't do.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

"No American would have any privacy left…there would be no place to hide."
~ Senator Church, on NSA 1982

Bush Urges Prompt Vote on Alito
See video on Bush nomination at above link.

Alito Protects Bush I from Black Panthers Case
The Panthers were suing a long list of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials, including George H.W. Bush, who at the time was vice president but had served as director of central intelligence.

Alito a Penchant to Curb Civil Rights
"He didn't take a particular stance on the issues but the way that he raised the questions indicated that he was aware that there was a danger that, in times of national crisis, we take unreasonable steps to curb civil liberties"

Ron Brown Feared NSA
"I know the Clinton administration's NSA was eavesdropping and recording millions and millions of electronic communications on Americans"

Domestic Spying: the Road to Tyranny
Congressman Ron Paul has done an excellent job in voicing his thoughts, fears and opinions on the Patriot Act and the governments blatant disregard of the constitution.

Both Major Parties HATE Americans
The Democrats hate us because they remember how we questioned the actions of Bill Clinton. The Republicans hate us because we give the same treatment to George W. Bush.

Double Speak for Iraq: Save Israel
"The spread of democracy will make the Middle East a safer neighborhood for Israel. An American retreat from Iraq, on the other hand, would only strengthen the terrorists who seek the enslavement of Iraq and the eventual destruction of Israel"

Hush Israel Contracts w/ US Bucks
According to the Israeli daily, Motorola Israel and Magalcom Communications and Computers won contracts with the Kurdish government to the tune of hundreds of millions of US dollars.

EU: No Rights for the Unborn
EU’s “experts on fundamental rights” overrules the right of medical professionals to conscientious objections, some argue that there is also the right of the unborn child to live. People who think so are looked upon as “rightwing loonies” by self-styled sophisticated secularists.

Europeans Despise EU
Is using soft porn build better public relations for the EU?

CFR: Invisible Government of US
Council on Foreign Relations…left no doubt as to the organization's animus toward private ownership of firearms, making no distinction between criminals, terrorists, and law-abiding citizens.

Senator Cornyn Trips over Big Border Picture
"(The wall) is a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem"

Eerie Prophesy 2003 Runs True!
We ignore the major and most obvious threat to national and internal security—the sieve-like border, through which virtually any criminal or crackpot on the planet can pass—and instead start restricting the constitutional liberties of American citizens.

The Meaning of Kwanzaa
Kwanzaa is a holiday for white liberals, not blacks.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

“There’s just a lot going on behind the scenes and kind of under the radar screen that I think the American public has a right to know”
~Hillary Clinton, 1998, on vast right-wing conspiracy

Connecticut Hot Bed for Public Official Predators
View video of public official criminals in office, and scandal review…
Communism Robs People
It is the destruction of the decency… people forgot the basic fact that ultimately it is the individual, and not the state, who is responsible for one's quality of life.
Saluting a Man of the Year, for the People
Congressman John Conyers Jr. was as fierce a fighter for his nation as they come.
A Wannabe Royal ASS for the Year
HE of the House of Bush -- is truly of royal blood has become clear in recent days with the announcement that he has empowered the National Security Agency to spy on whomsoever and whatsoever it wishes under royal decree.
Down on American Jerks!
Hate speech against the Americans or the British remains unsanctioned, as was recently shown when the leftist newspaper De Morgen published an article that complained about the British, "with their unique mixture of wantonness and arrogance, their pathetic addiction to drink, their bad taste, and actually just their ugliness and thickheaded presence"
Castro Makes Sore Point on Conde
Mr Castro asked the National Assembly if there could be "anything more befuddled than having this crazy woman speak of transition [in Cuba]?"
Callling ALL Legislators..for Israeli Supremacy!
We cannot only rely on those who feel that the US has to support Israel for conjectural reasons, but we want [support for] the State of Israel [to be] based on shared values,… "This puts Israel at center-stage in the voting pattern of the Christian community in America," said caucus director Josh Reinstein.
Mexico Takes Rights to Property from Owners
"I'm going to sue the Mexican government, the president, the secretary of the treasury, and any government official responsible for not enacting the 1941 agreements."
On US Econmy...
"I think that the economy is doing terrible and they are putting up a lot of smoke screens," said Nicholson. "It's propaganda almost."
Alaska Harpoons Major Energy Goons
An antitrust lawsuit filed Monday against Exxon Mobil Corp. and BP PLC claims the two oil giants are restricting the nation's supply of natural gas and keeping prices at record highs.
CT Beats Tribal Sovereignity in Court
Tribal officials argued that the state tax violated tribal sovereignty. They said Dark-Eyes earned her income from the tribe and lived on tribe-owned land within a designated settlement area that led to the tribe's recognition.
Ohio Trades Liberty for Safety by Government
“I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a citizen to ID themselves to police officers particularly in a situation where there is a real risk of a terrorist threat”
North Carolina Rallies Favorite Con to Prison
A former Congressman sentenced to four years in prison is getting a send-off from his supporters Wednesday.
False Claims in Katrina Nailed
Authorities said 22 people working for a Red Cross contractor at a call center in Bakersfield, California, filed false claims, and by involving family members and friends, brought the number of people under indictment to 49.
Quality Control Gets FDA Letter
Guidant heart defrillators
The agency also indicated it would not grant requests for exportation certificates to foreign governments until such action has been completed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"The president "needs to have his constitutional powers unimpaired, if you will, in terms of the conduct of national security policy"
~ Dick Cheney, US vice-president

Bush's Law Not Supreme
Terrorism is real and frightening, and the president is charged with the responsibility of protecting his people.

Tip Line Replaces Troops'
'You can remain anonymous, but please don't remain silent,'' says a public flier that also mentions that tips which lead to a conviction ''may allow you to be eligible for financial rewards.''

The DC Gang Can't Shoot Straight
They do not defend or support our Constitution…..Congressman Cunningham shows his disregard for his sacred trust by accepting $2.4 million in bribes….
Congressman Joe Baca of California openly supports La Raza which is an organization that wants to re-colonize our four borders states into Mexico. In other words, he advocates treason. He’s not alone. Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah degrades his state by openly advocating for and assisting illegal immigration—all in violation of Federal Laws. Arizona Senators Jim Kyle and John McCain assist and aid illegal immigration by ignoring their oath of office year after year.

One Angry Man Leads US on Immigration
Representative Tom Tancredo, Republican of Colorado, has been dismissed by his critics as little more than an angry man with a microphone, a lonely figure who rails against immigration and battles his own president and party.

Tyranny's Backbone: Military & Cops
Tyranny cannot exist without support from the military and law enforcement. Tyrants are cowards so they use force administered by paid dragoons….without that critical support tyranny fails.

South Dakota Bar Panicks!
A measure headed for the 2006 general-election ballot that would make judges vulnerable to lawsuits stemming from their court decisions is a threat to the foundation of the judicial process, critics said Friday.
But supporters said it would simply hold judges accountable for improper decisions and prevent them from "legislating from the bench."

Court Fumbles on Immigration
In one decision last month, Richard A. Posner, a prominent and relatively conservative federal appeals court judge in Chicago, concluded that "the adjudication of these cases at the administrative level has fallen below the minimum standards of legal justice."

The Oath of Renunciation
The oath requires naturalized citizens to swear to "absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen."

Bureaucratic Elite are the Commies
The bureaucratic elite… comprised of those people living in America as Americans, but whose “act local, think global” sympathy lay with an adherence to Marx, Lenin, and Stalin’s goal of world conquest and the replacement of Christianity by communistic atheism.

Congressman Ron Paul on Critical Points
Government assurances are not good enough in a free society. The overwhelming burden must always be placed on government to justify any new encroachment on our liberty.

Partners in Crime: Union & Government
History is teaching us a difficult lesson, that government is the enemy of society, that it directly and of necessity undermines peace, prosperity and justice.

Friday, December 23, 2005

"By promoting the culture of Poland in Central Pennsylvania, you have taught us about beautiful music, lively dancing, and, of course, delicious foods. Our lives are brighter because of you."
~Pennsylvania Lt.Governor Catherine Baker Knoll, on Pole Christmas

Madman Talking
View video trophy of Bush lying about wiretaps

Tom Daschle: ...what Wiretaps?
Never discussed, mentioned in the US Congress…

Damage Control Goons Forget Constitution
The president’s critics, by contrast, seem to be concerned with civil liberties -- for our wartime enemies no less -- to the exclusion of national security concerns. Seriously: Why do they always seem inclined to sympathize with the enemy?

Put Some Political Will on this Poll
Vote now…

Reduce Troops & UP Air Strikes in Iraq
Swift withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq….and demanding an end to U.S. bombing of Iraq ….because people are trying to survive a Pentagon air war t... receiving little U.S. media attention.

Right-Wing Extremist R US
Can we just accept these (14) points and stay united with liberty for ALL?

Navy Chaplin Potests at WH
Klingenschmitt, who began his fast on Tuesday, says Navy admirals have told him that he can't pray publicly in Jesus' name unless he's wearing civilian clothes. He's continuing to pray as the Bible says Jesus instructed, but not in uniform.

Polish in PA Save Christmas
All Ya Need… is Polish Bobby Vinton tunes

All Ye Faithful Are Comin...
in Congress Vote Against US
Wednesday’s 51-50 vote in the Senate (with Cheney as the tie-breaker) on the federal deficit will likely be a monumental blow to millions of middle-class, working Americans, who will wake up today and find out that....

China & Unconventional Trade Practices
Debauchery that is commonplace among the foreign business community, including sexual orgies and drug taking. … China offers three sources of attraction: economic, cultural and sexual, suggesting that local woman fall over themselves to fulfill the sexual demands of well-heeled foreign executives.

Cancel This Illegal American Dreamboat
Yu and his business were convicted in September of bringing illegal immigrants to work at Asian restaurants throughout North Dakota, and also money laundering.

Stem Cell Researcher Declares Hoax
Hwang has already asked the U.S. journal Science, which published the May 2005 paper, to withdraw the work because of the storm of controversy it had generated.

AZ Court Rules for TASER
After the verdict, Judge Paul Katz said that he would not have allowed the jury to consider punitive damages against Taser even if it had found in favor of Powers. He said that it was clear that Taser had conducted tests, created training plans and hired experts to review material.

Abramoff is Ole Time Bribery Scam
Involving a growing number of GOP Congressmen…. an old-fashioned bribery and influence-peddling scandal that has already sullied the reputations of some of Washington's most powerful Republicans and that could muddy the 2006 re-election prospects of dozens more.

AZ Congressman Hayworth Got Bribery Bite
Watchdog Center for Responsive Politics and published Monday by the New York Times, Hayworth showed up in first place, with $101,620 received.

Court Upholds Firing of Cop
'Given the high standard of character to which police officers are held and the fact that the petitioner was to have deliberately fabricated accusations of criminal conduct against a fellow officer and lied in rendering his report and in his testimony at the hearing, we find no basis upon which to disturb the sanction imposed’

Locals Air No Concern on Nasty Report
The scientists who created and managed the EPA project say AP's report used the government data properly and helped inform the public about a program that cost millions of dollars but hadn't gotten much attention.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

"The Department of Justice believes -- and the case law supports -- that the president has inherent authority to conduct warrantless physical searches for foreign intelligence purposes and that the president may, as he has done, delegate this authority to the attorney general”
~ Jamie S. Gorelick, Clinton Deputy AG 1994

"We cannot have American presidents spying on American citizens. Under the Constitution, it's illegal. And we're looking at exactly what happened, how many times it happened, and why it happened"
~ Congressman John Murtha, on domestic spying

Connecticut Trooper Goes to Court on Charges
See video allegation of failed report on sex assault on minor

Connecticut: A Probate Court of Tradition
The study, made public Tuesday by Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee, recommends that the state consolidate its 123 probate courts and require all probate judges to be trained in the law and sit full time, to eliminate conflict with their outside jobs.

TN Trooper Get Day OFF for Sex Flicks
Sgt. Gregory R. Badacour, 35, filmed people "for the thrill of the hunt," according to a Metro police report.

Extreme Cost of War: Human Lives
Nearly three years after the United States invaded Iraq, Missouri families remember loved ones who paid the ultimate price.

About Iraq and the Laws of War
No politiks just plenty of hard facts about the illegal occupation by the madman who runs the US.

AZ Gov Goes Against Fed & Will of People
See website and comments on Globalist Gov in AZ

Mexico Plays Human Rights Card
Mexico's Federal Human Rights Commission …presented a report on Wednesday that found overcrowding and bad conditions at about three-quarters of Mexico's 51 immigration detention centers and 68 other holding facilities.

America's Lost Cause
Drug abuse is bad, but the Drug War is worse.

College Students Pocket Needy Stipend
"Who can forget the images, captured by ESPN, of kids carving a Halloween pumpkin in their apartment with no furniture because the majority of their mom's income goes toward rent, while a Virginia Tech football player, who is residing in subsidized housing intended for such a family, pays no rent and talks about using his $500 per month housing stipend to go to the mall and buy video games?"

Israel: Master Planned Arpatheid Villages
A government that divides its people and deprives part of its citizens of basic human rights does not show a serious commitment to peace.

Putin Sets Stage for Tyranny
Mr. Putin, a colonel in the KGB spy agency during the Soviet era, has moved to cement Kremlin control over parliament, broadcast media, courts and regional governments. … yesterday, Russia's Constitutional Court struck down a challenge to a new system introduced by Mr. Putin last year that abolished direct elections for regional governors and gave the Kremlin the power to appoint them, subject to the approval of regional legislatures.

EPA to Clean Up Water ACT
The rules are important public health measures that will decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal illnesses caused by microbial contaminants and reduce potential cancer risks associated with disinfectant byproducts in drinking water.

Email Bag:

A citizens writes a thoughtful, spirited piece to President Bush

Dear President Bush,

As we near the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, claims that you are a born-again Christian somehow wring hollow. What Christian would make the remarks concerning the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that you have reportedly made? The Constitution of the United States is not simply a piece of paper, this was a document hotly debated by very learned men; that was constructed to ensure the American people the greatest amount of freedom to govern themselves. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights came out of the blood of those who fought and died to end the tyranny of England.

If, as it has been reported, you spoke of this founding document in such disparaging terms, such in my mind is an act of treason. I find it commendable that you finally owned up to going into Iraq waving the flag of false pretenses. Saddam Hussein is a dictator? That doesn’t fall within your jurisdiction, President Bush.

America had and has no business in Iraq. If the Iraqi people did not like Saddam Hussein it was their place to get rid of him, not ours. We have no business in Iraq and you had no business sending American troops into that country. Now that we are there you have no qualms about the lives lost there in the name of saving face; your face.

You speak of the “safety of America”. You insult our intelligence, Mr President. The American people are watching as illegal aliens of every sort and description, criminals and terrorists included, cross our open borders, north and south, on a daily basis. Yet you have done nothing meaningful to staunch the flow.

If you have no credibility when it comes to speaking of safety in post-9/11 America, you need look no further than the mirror. If more Americans die because you have failed to secure our borders, the fault is yours and yours alone.

Last week it was disclosed that you have allowed the unauthorized wire tapping of American citizens. You say this is for “our safety.” Again, Mr President, those open borders belie that claim. We need the Patriot Act to protect our freedoms? No we don’t.

The Patriot Act hasn’t and won’t stop one terrorist from crossing those open borders ­ north or south. All the Patriot Act does is stomp on the rights of law-abiding American citizens.

Personally, Mr President, I find your actions with regard to 9/11, Iraq, the borders, the wire taps, personally offensive. History has repeatedly demonstrated that a people willing to give up their rights for security will, in the end, lose both. Our country is not safer, for all the speechifying and anger coming out of your office, than it was on or before 9/11.

Our country is, however, a whole lot closer to a police state. If you are the Christian you proclaim to be, it would behoove you to spend a lot more time on your knees seeking God’s guidance and foregiveness.

Lynn M Stuter
Washington State
Wed, 21 Dec 2005

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"If you're a supporter of Israel, I would strongly urge you to help other countries become democracies…because Israel's long-term survival depends upon the spread of democracy in the Middle East."
US Dictator GW Bush

Constitutional Butcher on Shameful Act Defense
View video of AG AL, defend Dictator’s dirty deeds against American citizens, in his War of Terror.

BushCo Fails Axis of LOGIC
The Bush administration's religious capitalism has lasted just half a decade and is already dead by virtue of its ignorance (1), fraudulence (2) and incompetence (3). Humankind has been embedded in a spiraling program of cultural evolution from the onset and we are going where we are going at an exponential rate.

The White House … is using illegal actions to spy on American citizens who the same White House considers not a threat to the United States, but a political threat to their one-party, dictatorial rule…It is why the Democrats would be enabling treason if they reach any "compromise" on the UnPatriot Act.
~BuzzFlash News Analysis

Tons of DU: Iraq’s Nuclear War
When asked if the main purpose of using DU was for “destroying things and killing people,” Fulk was more specific: “I would say it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people!”

Iraq Shall Restore Iraq
Let the occupation troops leave and the equilibrium will be restored…. this is a tribal society, and if one member of the tribe gets killed, the other members of the tribe have the obligation to revenge this killing.

CIA & Media Linked to Terror
What these war criminals and war profiteers in Washington don’t know is that global conquest is more complicated than Brzezinski’s books outline. These retards read Brzezinski’s books, get all fuelled up on viagra (their only connection to virility) and harbour serious delusions that they are god’s crusaders.

Fed Judge Resigns to Protest Spy Court
A federal judge resigned from a special court to protest President Bush's secret authorization of a warrantless domestic spying program.

NBC Mocks Christains

Maryland Board Secret on Doc Malpractice
Maryland needs to rethink the standards by which physicians with a history of malpractice lawsuits are investigated, strip away some of the excessive secrecy surrounding this process, and commit more resources to protecting the public health.

AG Gonzales will Prosecute the Obscene
Recent prosecutions of obscenity on websites include: A former police officer in Lakeland, Florida, was arrested on October 7th on over 300 obscenity-related charges for the sexual content posted on his website.

Crimes Against Cops have Sanctuary
Index shows crimes against law enforcement officers byillegal aliens or those who have fled to Mexico.

NJ Cop Tells Plenty in Racial Profile Book
"Arresting people became my drug,"…It was something I was good at, and I was getting a lot of praise for it. I obviously didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong”

Congressman has the Property Rights Idea
"What …Richard Pombo (R-CA), really wants to protect," said the San JoseMercury News, "is his excessive notion of property-ownerrights." Pombo's ESA, said the editorial, is "an open invitationto dream up developments and get bought out of them atexorbitant prices by taxpayers."

BushCo Buddies Get Bigger Bucks
Members of President Bush's prestigious fund-raising clubs in Texas and Florida - who raised at least $17.1 million of the $40 million collected for his re-election effort last year in the two states - stood to win millions of dollars through federal energy, environmental, or agricultural policies….OR federal contracts to supply accounting services to government agencies or electricity to the Department of Defense, ... some won high-ranking appointments and ambassadorships.

The 1% Rule for Charity
The superrich, with incomes of $10 million or more and average assets of $214 million, made gifts equal to 1.5 percent of their assets. But all the income groups below them gave at a rate of less than 1 percent.

Weed User Card Approved
The voluntary ID card program would provide a way for qualified users to show law officers they're allowed to use and transport small amounts of pot. California voters approved a ballot measure in 1996 legalizing medical marijuana use.

Does this Water Sustain LIFE?
The top 10 states, listed in order of the most contaminants in their drinking water, were:
California, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Illinois, according to EWG, which listed the biggest sources as agriculture, industry and urban and sprawl developments.

Arizona into Air Stagnation
The National Weather Service said Monday that a lack of wind and a stronger-than-normal temperature inversion combined to create an "air stagnation" advisory…. Although the conditions do not create the pollution, they are perfect for capturing and holding the pollutants generated by human activity.

Monday, December 19, 2005

"Because it enables us to move faster and quicker. We've got to be fast on our feet. "It is legal to do so. I swore to uphold the laws. Legal authority is derived from the Constitution"
President Bush, on wiretapping Americans

Congressman Calls for Bush Impeachment
Rep. John Lewis, a Democratic senator from Georgia told WAOK-AM he would sign a bill of impeachment if one was drawn up and that the House of Representatives should consider such a move.

War Powers Legitimize BushCo Bugging
So when did Congress Declare War Al?

Legal Scholar: BushCo Wrong on Law!
Jonathan Turley, Professor of Law, George Washington University said:
Bush violated federal law big time….it doesn't matter if Bush consulted with Congress, at the end of the day he has violated federal law

Gulf Summit Cites Israel Nuclear Build-Up
In a final statement, the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) focussed on Israel's failure to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which Iran has signed.Israel has never admitted it has a nuclear weapons programme but is widely believed to have about 200 nuclear warheads

Texas Death Penalty Kills Innocent Man
"My name is Ruben M. Cantu and I am only 18 years old. I got to the 9th grade and I have been framed in a capital murder case"

Bias a Pathological Symptom
Political corruption pressures psychiatry for diagnosis.

Law is Outgunned at the Border
The sheriff and the local authorities are outgunned and overmatched," said Rep. John Culberson, a Texas Republican on the House floor…Culberson also has legislation pending that would allow the governor of any border state to create an armed citizens’ militia empowered to prevent illegal border crossings.

Mexico's Problems Now US
"This is not an action of a friendly neighbor," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo "What would the Mexican government say if we encouraged our citizens to violate Mexican law?"

War on Drugs Cuts Rehab Funds
Numerous studies show drug-dependent parents who don't successfully complete treatment cost the government much more over time, especially if they wind up in jail or their children are placed in foster care or adopted.

We Get E-mail: a Letter to AZ Congressman

Congressman J.D. Hayworth:
December 19, 2005
J.D. :

May I congratulate you in bringing camouflage, betrayal, and criminality to a new level. While Barbara & I spent the month of April on the Naco line & Hunter Canyon, Arizona and two subsequent tours on the Arizona border, we both became buoyed by your stance on the illegal Mexican invasion coupled with the OTM’s.

I must confess even with that excitement you created, we both were nervous and remained unconvinced of your political position…and of course this nervousness was borne out by our long standing knowledge of corrupt politicians and their criminal involvements.

As previously stated our bubble burst when learning that you are a member of the U.S./Mexican Congressional Caucus, chaired by Drier & Stenholm—your agenda to promote Mexican interest over America’s.

Then comes your membership in the India Caucus, which deserves no comment, only disgust. Coupled with the aforementioned comes your amendment that would increase Green Cards from 140,000 per year to 205,000.

I have known for years that you scurrilous politicians were playing a shell game with immigration and making fools of middleclass Americans, and at the same time reducing us to 3rd World status, i.e. slavery.

Your bravado regarding illegal immigration, while at the same time promoting an indentured servitude campaign at the expense of American middleclass makes you one of the most favored politicians for the institution of immediate trials for treason. We are taking in 1.5 million legals per year, plus “anchors”, lotteries, refugees, etc. etc., along with 3 million per year illegal aliens.

J.D., I don’t know what you are thinking about, but to mimic another writer I will tell you that some 85% Americans want legal & illegal immigration terminated and the clock is ticking for you—tick, tick, tick, tick.

Don’t come on the Dobbs show with that sanctimonious look while you are wallowing in political slime—both parties.

Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen

Sunday, December 18, 2005

"What really upset me more than anything else was that there were people in the intelligence community that had doubts about some of this sourcing, but those doubts never surfaced to us"
~Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State

BushCo: Deaf Men Talking
For more than five years, they selectively closed their ears to those who knew things they chose to ignore…..they dismissed the advice of the experienced, and the knowledgeable…..they heard nothing that was critical or challenging…they heard nothing that questioned their ill fated policies or their inaccurate conclusions….they heard nothing but their own applause.

Faith Goes to DC & Arrested
Fellowship and lively conversations about how to move our nation toward overcoming poverty…the 114 participants were showered with compliments and praise by the Capitol Police, who told us during the course of our detainment and processing that we were the most cooperative group that they have been forced to arrest.

Religious Right could Drop Israel
American Family Radio is a network of almost 200 radio stations across the U.S. whose stated mission is to "inform Christians about what is happening in America."

Keep Christ in Christmas
ACLU get a merry Christmas attitude...

Wal-Mart Plays Grinch on Caroleers
Wal-Mart officials released a statement this week saying the choir's appearance was unscheduled and created a fire code violation. "For their safety and the safety of our customers, we asked them to move"

Troops Fire on Bagdad Family
Witnesses and the Iraqi police said U.S. troops opened fire on a crowded minibus north of Baghdad on Monday, killing five members of the same family, including two children, and wounding four others.

FED Judge in Top Cases Got Plenty of Redaction
Plame-Gate Scandal and Sibel Edmonds….federal judge in the District of Colombia, Reggie Walton, a Bush appointee to the federal court and a man who appears to have a few well-kept secrets of his own.

Commies with a Goal
Roger Baldwin, an avowed Communist and the founder of the ACLU, stated, "I am for Socialism, disarmament, and ultimately the abolishing of the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal."

Illegal Driver's are Criminals
A 24-year-old Mexican charged with the Oregon murder of a father and the shooting of his 16-year-old son in a home-invasion robbery is an illegal alien with an Oregon driver's license who has been previously deported from the United States.

Electorate Need Some Consitutent Pain
Converting illegal aliens into guest workers is the name of the Bush game…. he may well get away with it unless the threat of real future electoral pain can be made clear.

The System is Really Inaccurate
Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10) votes for Border Protection
Congressman McHenry introduced legislation in November entitled "Comprehensive Immigration Data and Technology Accountability Act of 2005" …"The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ….using Windows 95 and paper printouts.

Giuliani Just Another Honkey!
The FBI has repeatedly had evidence served to them on a silver platter, and they ignored it. I'm not impressed.

TN Cronies Run Cops & Courts
A Tennessean investigation has found…that two-thirds of THP officers proposed for promotions under Bredesen had made campaign donations or had relatives or patrons who did. Of those, half were recommended over troopers with better scores on impartial exams.

We Get E-mail, a letter to the White House:

Dear Mr. Bush:
In your address today you said, as you have many times before,

" TheAmerican people expect me to do everything in my power, under ourlaws and Constitution, to protect them and their civil liberties, and that is exactly what I will continue to do."

I for one am part of the American people. I do not expect you to do everything in your power, which seems to me to include just about anything your whim demands, to protect me and my civil liberties.The frivolous focus of spying and the information obtained and saved by the government, especially that against well-educated Americans planning and communicating about protests against your policies,opinions, appearances and speeches is appalling.

Your government has suppressed democratic initiatives for peace by snooping and snitching on people organizing rallies and writing campaigns to Congress to protest the war in Iraq. Your defense of spying mongers fear, like your whole administration does, pandering to the non-reading public's willingness to assume that authorities like you know better than ordinary citizens.

The use of the word “terrorist” to describe anti-Bush communications between American citizens or citizens of the freeworld is absurd. To allow use of the word to color dissent as an un-American activity is wholly reprehensible."Protecting America" should not justify curtailing citizens’ freespeech, should not restrict citizens’ participating in democratic decision making, nor allow air marshals to shoot an agitated airline passenger in cold blood because someone thinks he heard the word "bomb."

The greatest threat we face is hysterical groupthink fanned into firestorms by fear mongering. Your belligerent, cowboy-style brinkmanship is a mere mask for craven fearfulness. Mr. Bush, you are not the man to trust with data obtained through snooping, espionage, nor torture. Witness what you did with Mr.Wilson’s report on yellow cake, what you did to suppress news about torture and secret prisons, what you did to mount preemptive war in the face of opposition by millions of citizens.

Neither police nor soldiers are the people to make snap judgments about a person’s guilt and peremptorily perform the actions properly reserved for judges, juries, jailers, and executioners.

Just because a person graduates from Yale, or works for the government, or wears a uniform is no reason to trust him or her to be reasonable, nor brave, nor well informed, nor moral.

The executive branch of our federal government has run rampant for far too long. A few box cutters and a bit of anthrax powder have been allowed to destroy democracy and its delicate balance of power in a mere five years.

I exhort you to stand up to your personal fears. As the President of the United States, you are an employee of the people, the citizens of this country. You have violated the trust we citizens place in our primary leader to act in accordance with the will of the people and the dogmas of the Constitution.

You are in reckless violation of fundamental principles of the democratic social tradition. In a most secretive and reprehensible way, you have ignored the voice of the people and engineered, over our objections, the deaths of many human beings and the destruction of property and human values.

Our nation's following your West Point Doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes is wholly condemned by every principle of thousands of years of moral theology. You have endangered the population of the world under the demonic guise of protecting Americans. Your ignorance from lack of education and reading is no sufficient excuse to ameliorate your responsibility for committing this most grave evil. No WMDs; no connection with 9/11 attacks; no liberation of grateful Iraqis; no democracy; no Osama; no protections for civilization'sartifacts or library documents; no consistent electricity; no purewater or sewer; no adequate hospitals, no gasoline.

Consider the murdered, the mangled, the maimed, the tortured. Consider the minds of their loved ones. Consider the costs of the war in battered U.S. honor and commitments, a broken Western alliance, a shredded UnitedNations and a scarred Bill of Rights.

Think of the acid now seething in the souls of America's warniks. Think of the attacks against our freedoms wrought by Patriot I & II. Think of the government's control of our formerly free press. Think of how Saddham told the truth: there never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

You could have saved us $700 billion by accepting Saddam's 2003 challenge, to meet him somewhere for a duel.

John P. Dwyer

Friday, December 16, 2005

“The country that can't control its borders isn't really a country anymore.”
~President Ronald Reagan

Illegal Aliens Live in FEAR of FED
View Video illegals fear round-up, and shipped from US

AZ Got RACE: Race-based Courts
The Spanish DUI court as "reserved for Hispanics" and said the Native American program is "explicitly racial"

Case of Iraq Goes to Court of Public Opinion
“It's pretty sad to me that Bush failed at preventing 9/11, and has benefited so much politically from that failure…. he needed so many Americans to die under his watch to give his presidency some relevancy is pathetic”…

Justice Tastes Own Legal Remedy
This initiative asks the Town of Weare to use eminent domain to seize the land of Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter for the purpose of economic development through the construction of an Inn.

Did Dubbya Really Say...What?
Bush has never adhered to the U.S. Constitution since the day he took office, and in fact, joked in a speech on December 18, 2000, "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator"

McCain & Lieberman Stall on Big Brother
Bush authorized the NSA to monitor the international phone calls and international e-mails of hundreds _ perhaps thousands _ of people inside the United States, the Times reported.

FED Live Radio: Listen Now
Exclusive radio report on the FED

PHX is Lite as Air for Violators
While we wait for a weather system to move in, possibly over the weekend, county inspectors are responding to calls of people ignoring restrictions against burning wood…

Thursday, December 15, 2005

"I am confident the president knows who the source is. I would be amazed if he doesn't. So I think, don't bug me. Don't bug Bob Woodword. Bug the President as to whether he should reveal who the source is."
~Robert Novak, on Plame-Gate

CT Police Officers Nailed on Kid Porn
See Video in above link on Connecticut cop arrest.

Operation Predator: Nationwide ICE Sting
All of the people arrested during the sting operation are foreign nationals who have previously been convicted of sex crimes against children.

Talon Database on US Citizens
Pentagon officials … ordered a review of a program aimed at countering terrorist attacks that …compiled information about U.S. citizens, after reports that the database included information on peace protesters and others whose activities posed no threat and should not have been kept on file… regulations require that any information that is "not validated as threatening must be removed from the TALON system in less than 90 days."

More Police State at Airports
TSA officials had planned to deploy teams of air marshals, local law enforcement officers and bomb-sniffing dogs at seven locations around the nation this week to test whether the agency could deter criminals in public transportation stations and conduct surveillance of suspicious activity.

Supporting Troops-huh?
To Republicans it means “shut your mouth and let us use, misuse, abuse and shortchange the troops however we want to!”

Bush on Record for Israel
Why hasn’t Israel, or the US signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty pledging no nukes, yet pressures civilian use of uranium in Iran?

Police Linked to War Crimes
Guatemala has found millions more files documenting torture and murder committed by police during the country's long civil war.

US Justice & Illegal Detainment
"He has been taken away from his family and denied justice for four years," the brother said. "If he's done something wrong, then the United States must prove it in a court of law.

Coca-Cola Loots Natural Resources
The campaign to hold Coca-Cola responsible is significant because it asserts the rights of communities over natural resources--rights that are increasingly under threat from the WTO.

The 21st Anniversary of the Bhopal Plant Explosion
Corporations are capable of inflicting harm on a much greater scale than any one individual could -- and yet public institutions are failing to protect society from corporate crime.

BushCo Wants EPA Soften Regs
Those changes would exempt companies from disclosing their toxic pollution if they claim to release fewer than 5,000 pounds of a specific chemical — the current limit is 500 pounds — or if they store it onsite but claim to release "zero" amounts of the worst pollutants. Those include mercury, DDT, PCBs and other chemicals that persist in the environment and work up the food chain.

Fresh Water More Valuable than OIL
Canada should stand firm against inevitable requests from the United States to share its fresh water in the coming years, former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed said Wednesday.

Gasp & Gag at Home: in Arizona
A "beige gunk blocking the mountains and floating in what used to be a gorgeous turquoise sky."

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I hope Mr. Chertoff doesn’t wait until a cyberattack causes billions of dollars in damages or results in lost lives before he decides to appoint an assistant secretary to take charge of our nation’s cyber crisis.
~Representative Bennie Thompson (D) Committee on Homeland Security

Global Tempers Flare & Protest
See above video link on World Trade Organization (WTO) protest and globlalism impact on other communities.

US Govt. Flunks on Cybersecurity
A Released survey showing significant consumer concerns about online safety and graded the U.S. government on 12 cybersecurity priorities ….the group gave the U.S. government six "D" grades and one "F" on seven of the 12 priorities.

BushCo BamBoozle: Totalization
Once living lawfully in the U.S., though, someone can receive benefits based on work performed while in the country illegally….the Totalization Agreement with Mexico, however, would make illegal aliens from that country eligible for the same treatment under Social Security as U.S. citizens—without ever becoming legal residents or citizens.

Diebold Goes to Court
The suit has been filed by plaintiff Janice Konkol, alleging securities fraud against the North Canton, Ohio-based manufacturer of Voting Systems and ATM machines on behalf of investors who owned shares of Diebold stock and lost money due to an alleged fraudulent scheme by the company and its executives to deceive shareholders

Just a Wrong-Doer of Sorts
Donald W. Keyser, the former No. 2 official in the department's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, pleaded guilty to unlawfully removing classified U.S. documents from the State Department and making false official statements.

The Jewish Holocaust Myth
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad escalated his anti-Israeli rhetoric Wednesday, calling the Holocaust a "myth" used by Europeans to create a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world.

Fighting Hard for the Neo-Con Liberals
A twisted commentary, takes a go at his best hypothetical.

China Scolds US Human Rights Agenda
"The US government is well advised to give up its double standard on human rights and readjust the mistaken practices of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries on the pretext of human rights issues"

Canada tells US to Back Off!
Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin responded immediately by saying "c'est la vie" — that's life — if the United States did not like his remarks, … he would not accept anyone telling him he cannot defend his country.

Oklahoma Gets Free Speech Squeeze by Locals
OK Education Association just wants to silence the petitioners with ballot initiatives to cap any spending measures against their interest.

Clubs Hook Youths into Group Think
Millennials also were raised in classrooms that promoted working in small groups, known in educational circles as "cooperative learning."…
Generation X, born from 1965 to the late 1970s, grew up doing class projects on their own and are viewed more as loners, baby boomers, born from 1946 to 1964, grew up less trusting of authority.

Deadly Smog Keep PHX in Haze...
Besides being responsible for the foglike haze that has hung over the Valley for several days, PM-2.5 particles lodge more deeply in the lungs, causing serious problems for people with asthma, emphysema and other respiratory problems....PM-2.5 particulates... are blamed for increased hospitalizations and 250 to 1,000 deaths a year.

Check the Air You Breathe at this Link Site

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

“Are you calling me a media whore?”
~Sheriff Joe Arpaio, PHX AZ

Can This AZ Grinch Save Christmas in Jail?
View video, on Sheriff Arpiao’s nice touch for Christmas at the County Jail

AZ Abu Graib is a Dark Hole
“Two weeks in the hole, bread and water. He needs to be interrogated too.

Prez Denies He's in Bubble
But I'm very aware of what's in the news. I'm aware because I see clips. I see summaries"

A Polarizing Dem of the Worst Kind: Joe Lieb
Lieberman is supporting Bush because he's afraid that Israel will get wiped off the map. There weren't any terrorists in Iraq before the war but there sure are now…

Rotten Judges Protected by US Senate
They sit back and allow these federal judges – including U.S. Supreme Court justices – to continue destroying the rights of Americans and stomping on states' rights with their unconstitutional and convoluted decisions.

SEC Drop (2) Investigations on TASER
The Securities and Exchange Commission has closed its investigation into safety claims stun gun maker Taser International made about its weapons and another accounting issue

Shackled Girl in School Forced Meds
Elementary school principal has resigned amid allegations she and a school psychologist restrained a troubled 8-year-old and forced the child to take prescribed medication in front of her classmates.

Polls Show Big Biz has the Power

The American Dream Stops in Congress
An obscene alliance of corporate supremacists, desperate labor unions, certain ethnocentric Latino activist organizations and a majority of our elected officials in Washington works diligently to keep our borders open, wages suppressed ….

Promised US Nightmare
Bolivian indigenous leader and presidential candidate Evo Morales
holding the lead ahead of Sunday's presidential election, he's threatening to be "a nightmare for the government of the United States"

Free Trade is Getting UGLY
Since Mexico signed the Nafta (North American Free Trade Agreement) deal with the US and Canada in 1992, its annual per capita growth rate has barely been above 1%. Vietnam has grown by around 5% a year for the past two decades.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

“There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is going on in this one: a complete lack of a policy apparatus…It's the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis
~John J. DiIulio Jr, Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Saddam Stands on Illegal Invasion Defense
He asserts that the trial is illegal because our invasion was illegal, and therefore, from a legal standpoint, he is still the president of Iraq. What's funny is that he's right – not that that will save him.

BushCo Rushes for Damage Control
As US officials rushed to deny that Ms Rice had ever made such a guilty admission, Mr el-Masri’s lawyer in the US, who this week brought a lawsuit against the CIA, was rubbing his hands.

It's Same Ole McCain
He is not only fervent in his support for the war and massive intervention in the Middle East, but he supported each and every one of Bill Clinton's wars, back when Republican members of Congress were coming off like peaceniks.

Air Travel Becomes Life & Death Matter
In an age when the president and his cohorts claim the right to stage "pre-emptive" invasions of foreign countries, should we really be surprised when innocent American citizens are "pre-emptively" murdered by federal law enforcement officials?

Keep Permit to Carry, a Secret
Zien said he doesn't want police officers targeting citizens simply because they have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Deadly Smog Kills 100 in Iran
Severe smog on emissions from the capital's three million cars, many of which lack modern exhaust filters …cars will only be allowed into the city center on alternate days, depending on whether their number plates start with odd or even numbers.
See Post below for uncanny forecast…

California Takes Higher Greener Road
While California leads Blue America into the 21st century, Red America's oil-refining states like Texas and Louisiana join fellow world polluters Iran, North Korea and Algeria in rejecting greenhouse gas emission controls and continuing to pump ozone-depleting pollutants into the atmosphere at a devil-may-care pace.

Friday, December 09, 2005

President Bush said we need to rebuild Iraq, provide the people with jobs and give them hope. If it works there, maybe we'll try it in New Orleans.

San Francisco (20) Cops on Suspension
See above link for outrageous cop conduct

Nobel Laureate Pinter Calls It on BushCo
"I put to you that the United States is without doubt the greatest show on the road. Brutal, indifferent, scornful and ruthless it may be but it is also very clever. As a salesman it is out on its own and its most saleable commodity is self love."

Bush Stays in the Bubble
What is the Bush administration frightened of? Are they really convinced the president is incapable of handling himself in the give-and-take of democracy? Or are they simply afraid of the American people?

The Torture Administration
American leaders will open the way for the torture of prisoners, that lawyers will invent justifications for it…and the President of the United States will strenuously resist legislation prohibiting cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners--

Gitmo Got Torture
"All you could hear around you were thuds of blows, bangs and kicks behind cell walls, and screams and moans of the people who were being beaten up there"
"They were howling like injured animals"

Free Trade with Israel or Else?
Negotiated by U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman, the agreement sets a precedent that makes free trade with the United States conditional on trade with Israel.

Poll Show 88% Political Corruption is Big

No Thanks, Congress
No thank you for so many unanswered questions and so little practical action after 9/11.… I would have closed the borders with Mexico the next day with troops and airplane surveillance….with 37,000 troops guarding South Korea’s border….why our troops aren’t guarding our borders…..and why you allow this president to pretend that we’re safer today than before 9/11.

Illegal Aliens Banned from Cayman Is.
Where Amnesty means leave or face prosecution

Perceived Passsenger Threat & Deadly Force
"I can tell you, he never said a thing in that airplane. He never called out he had a bomb," "He never said a word from the point he passed me at Row 9. . . . He did not say a word to anybody"

White House Backs Air Marshal Killing
The marshals say Alpizar announced he was carrying a bomb before being killed.

New Orleans Cops Investigated & Fired
An investigation also continues into a shooting five days after the hurricane in which police confronted seven people on a bridge….and six people on the bridge were shot, two fatally.

Show Me State: Shows Who's Boss!
"We want to make a clear statement that in Missouri eminent domain for economic development purposes is prohibited," task force chairman Terry Jarrett said.

Valley of Sun Exceeds FED Poor Air Quality
Valley of the Cough is crouching beneath a cloud of the dirtiest air in years, and the area's harried doctors say we all should take some precautions.

Trump Faces Showdown w/ Phoenix P'OED Gang
People Organized, Exercising Democracy - or P'OED, for short - collected 19,612 signatures, but more than 1,000 were tossed out for various statutory reasons, such as if there were more than 15 signatures on a page or if a date accompanying a signature was missing .

PHOENX Tosses Cash after Flash
Phoenix gave away $1.4 million in future sales tax revenues to ensure that Kierland Commons went in on the Phoenix side of Scottsdale Road. And $3 million to spirit Schumacher European Mercedes Benz out of Scottsdale and $12.7 million to lure other car dealers to the Phoenix side of the street.

BushCo Promotes Sewage to Waterways
Cities and towns can now essentially release untreated human waste directly into rivers and streams following any sufficiently large rainstorm…. human sludge is bad enough even when treated, since new research is showing that bio-sludge contains alarmingly high levels of prescription drugs and environmental toxins

Great Lakes Face Greater Ecocide
The body's preliminary report in July recommended $20 billion in federal, state and private funding over 15 years to upgrade antiquated municipal sewer systems, restore 500,000 acres of wetlands, clean polluted harbors and bays, and pay for other efforts.