Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Elites knew About 9-11 see interview...
Aaron Russo video tells shocker on Rockefeller meeting and the ruling ruthless ...

A Grand Scale of EVIL
The science of evil in government, detailed by a world expert

The Badly Managed War
Group of insurgents dressed in US military uniforms tricked troops ... with American vehicles, American identity cards and even the correct communications codes.

Tax Honesty Exposes Fed Fraud
A “kangaroo court” in which Judge McAuliffe obstructed him from bringing in the evidence and/or witnesses to argue his point that there is no law requiring payment of an unapportioned direct tax, such as the federal income tax, on the labor of American workers

Does Arizona Sheriff Meet Standards for Commital?
This is the ultimate gotcha law enforcement story ...after reading this you have to wonder why isn't somebody in this report getting a mental health check?

Connecticut Gov. Follies w/ Rights to Property
The "reasonably necessary" standard to steal private property to create jobs...

The Pecking Order to Rid Corruption
Got a public servant who's is engaging in criminal acts against you or the community...

Rabbi Sez Time to save US is now
Let none dare call himself a patriot and protector of our schools if he nonchalantly agrees with the total takeover by illegal aliens

Immigration enforcement is local matter
Under 287(g), this authority can be granted to local law enforcement...

Another Fallen 9-11 Hero
Dan Wallace of New York 9-11 truth, found dead see text and video

Stamp out Cruelty
Cruelty against mankind, cruelty against animals, and cruelty against nature.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Israel's war, must be sold as America's war.
~ Netanyahu former Israel prime minister

Dr. Martin L. King: a Reflection on War
A special message ...

Endgame for War on Terrorism Exposed!
Not about curbing terrorism, rather... it's on expanding presidential authority a la Cheney

Learn how to Spy w/ the Pros
Can you recognize suspicious behavior? Keep America safe

New York Authority STOPS Terrorist
Siraj has no criminal record, no member of any terrorist organization, he possessed no explosives or means of carrying out ...any plot

Punishment for Politically Incorrect is Next!
ADL argues hateful speech incites violence

Americans Ride for Freedom of Border Patrol
Agents ...could the real significance of this case be that Border Patrol agents who refuse to comply with the Mexi- drug cartels get framed by their own government?

Mexi-Calderon a Drug Cartel Stooge
Felipe takes to grand-standing, no truth or justice here!

The Free American Rebellion Begins
In New Hampshire, American citizens stand for their individual sovereignty and inalienable rights with full US Constitutional authority

Corrupticut Holds Most Embarassing hearing..
On most abusive, law enforcement policy against citizens