Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Missouri Pfc. Meets Strange Death in Iraq
Video... see what parents say about daughters military death cover-up

Liberating the Middle East is Enslaving US
Taxpayers paying more for Middle East democracy

US Funds Terror in Iran
Dare to keep the CIA off drugs, and demand mandatory Congressional over-sight over the covert rogues.

Judaisim is NOT Zionism
Keep the Bolshevik commies out of US policy, both domestic and foreign.

OKC: Another CIA Inside Job
If fetilizer is this dangerous, why isn't it outlawed?

When Government does NOT protect our rights..
Are generations of socialism in public education producing the endgame?

CT Cop Grabs the Bag of Taxpayer $$s
Most chronicled chief cop in Corrupticut gets
loot, he has NOT earned!

Tijuana Terror Zone
Hey are we in Bagdad yet or is terrorism here at US border?