Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Memorial Day Tribute
A Senator for War can’t fix America’s problems.

BushCo Pays the Devil it's Dues!
How can American leaders be evil when Americans are so good and so wonderful?

The SSP for North America
Collaboration with neighboring Nations is now a vital part of US domestic policy…

US Treasury's Snow is OUT
Wow, the guy who made a bundle on the Dubai Ports Deal is relieved from duty?

Stealing US Jobs, Looting America
The United States is the richest country in the world, and it makes sense that we should help our impoverished neighbors.

A Moral Hypothetical: George Galloway
Hear the interview (audio link above) of morally righteous
George Galloway…because reigning violence on civilians for a political purpose is terrorism!

Nobody Sez it Better: DumbYa
Archives of the most unforgettable and unforgivable quotes, from a World leader

Whistleblowers Who don't Blow Smoke
Facts and evidence on public official predators is seriously taken here

New Draft Leaves Dummies Out!
Mr. Rangel has a new proposal submitted to the Committee on Armed Services

Abu Al Gonzales will Quit...if
A stickler for un-Constitutional activity by BushCo…Al is getting pissed over FBI doing it’s job.

Welfare State Needs Your Wealth Now
Politicians like the power that comes from spending gobs of other people's money, and many interest groups as well as citizens welcome being bought.

Wiping Out the Mighty Middlel
Wiping Out the Mighty Middle
Will it ever return once it’s gone?

9-11 Was NOT the Perfect Crime!
The satanic masterminds behind this caper may be feeling pretty smug about the perfect crime, but they have left a raft of clues

AZ Gov Wants Senior Workforce
After PHX EDC, and ED drove many seniors from their humble abodes, Gov wants them to get a job now!

Feminist BIVAC: the White Male Guerilla War
It’s re-education camp sweetie…

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Is Bush the Global Idiot?
Further proof that the entire party is cuckoo comes to us with the passage of another $70 billion tax cut for the rich.

The Arizonan Open Letter to BushCo
This is a War… Arizona is being invaded by millions of illegal aliens; and that many of the illegal aliens are drug runners, human traffickers and terrorists.

Democracy with a "D"
Perpetual dishonesty, deceit…how many times do we need to be lied to before we figure out that we cannot believe anything President Bush or his spokesmen tell us?

TV Exposes FED Terror Cover-Up!
No CIA, no DHS, just a TV anchor and a camera crew in TX, reports the Border plot for terror

Vets Placed at Greater Risk
Wonder why the numbers for America's homeless are growing? See this…

Connecticut Fight CONS in Government
Rally for Protest on eminent domain, in the Constitution State…Shame on Corrupticut!

SCOTUS Rules: Can't Sue Govt!
Thanks to the Supreme Court, taxpayers have even less of a right to fight back against this hostile takeover in our own legal system.

School Board Needs Forensic Audit
…For the real spending of tax dollars on the percs-n-benies package.

Friday, May 12, 2006

"Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws"
--- Meyer Rothschild

Starve the Beast of War
A short flash video…to end punk-ass WAR

US Government: Immoral & Inefficient
It is not capitalism that leads to exploitation as the Left contends; it is democracy.

Mexi Cops Rape and Rob
Television images showed angry officers repeatedly clubbing helpless detainees in the town…

Mexi Women: Close the Border
Return our men to Mexico!

AZ Attorney Tells Conde a few...
The citizens of the State of Arizona will be deprived of their right to uphold public order and to protect themselves against the Mexican government’s systematic, unlawful export of humanity into the state.

Global Fascism: Sucks Rain Forest Dry!
Clearing swathes of rainforest to make room for eucalyptus plantations.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

America's Threat to National Security
Will legitimate outrage be directed at the scoundrels that sold out our nation in the name of a suspect national security?

Arizona's Last Chance
Arizona can face the future with this solid guy in DC…

Truth Annihilates Pro-Illegal BULL
Here’s how to prove the pundits and politriks wrong, try some truth spin, it works every time

This is Julie Myer's Parade
Don’t phone ICE for the next march, cuz

We Get E-mail:

Warden writes on political passion and burning Mexi flag…
March 24, 2006

My name is Warden and I am an American political activist. I have just been arraigned in Tucson City Court for serious criminal charges resulting from my burning the Mexican Flag in Armory Park on April 10, 2006. If I had burned the American Flag you in the local media and would now lionize me by the liberal political power structure of Pima County. I would have been offered money to speak before liberal political groups.

Mine was a political arrest. I have been arrested for lawful political conduct. I have been arrested because high ranking Pima county Officials fear the content of my political speech. Here in Pima County you may be arrested for expressing yourself politically if your viewpoint angers the established left wing powers that be. This is my third political arrest in the last two years. This is the third time I’ve faced serious criminal charges for lawfully expressing my political viewpoint.

In the first two arrests I beat the criminal charges. Both times I stood up to the formidable powers of the Office of the Pima County Attorney and beat the hell out of Barbara LaWall, the same LaWall who says privately now she wants to indict me. The second case was dismissed by the Pima County Justice Courts because the judge clearly understood that my prosecution was politically motivated by Barbara LaWall, engaging in another one of her well known acts of “political retaliation.” That’s why the court dismissed LaWall’s charges against me, with prejudice.

Powerful judges sitting on the Pima County Superior Court Bench orchestrated the first arrest. Those Judges objected to my public exposure of their commission of what is known as an “obstruction of justice.” They covered up for a pervert cop, who had used his police computer and the internet to solicit sexual favors from children. His name is Charles K Walter, and my name shows up prominently in his criminal case file.

They covered up for him because he threatened to expose the dirty dealings of Pima Superior Court judges and Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall, who previously had used her office to protect Dr. Michael Mahl, known as “The Doctor of Depravity”, a raging monster who sodomized the children of this community and escaped unpunished because he enjoyed what one informant has described to me as “a close, personal, perhaps even physical relationship” with Barbara LaWall going back to the early 1980’s.

To protect Barbara LaWall from political embarrassment in an election year, Judge Howard Fell, formerly a Pima County Attorney, and Judge John Leonardo, committed civil and criminal acts generally known under the federal civil rights statutes as “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law.” Ever since the American Civil War the federal courts have understood that malfeasant public officials to satisfy their own political ambitions will often use the local criminal justice apparatus, motivated by partisan political concerns.

This was the case in the American South just prior to the great Civil Rights Movement. Local officials justified the arrest of Black Activists, and said, “they’re not exercising their right of free speech. They’re just trouble making. They’re disturbing the peace!” And oddly enough American blacks were disturbing the peace.

They were disturbing the peace of the white racist political power structure, southern white redneck bigots; local citizens, sheriffs and judges chewing Red Man tobacco, all of whom had great reason to fear the political empowerment of the descendents of former slaves. Just like I now disturb the peace of the left wing, racist political power structure of Pima County.

I admit it: I disturb the peace of the local left wing power structure who now fear the content of my political speech. Some of you in the media, present here today, also fear the content of my speech. That’s why, in Armory Park, you broke through the joined hands of the yellow banded “Peace Makers” who instinctively formed a perimeter, a “zone of safety”, so we few could speak our minds and complete our symbolic act, the burning of a Mexican Flag, protected by Peace Makers from the raging mob of 10,000 who opposed us.

You didn’t respect the border that surrounded us in Armory Park any more than Mexican Nationals now respect the American Border. You broke through the Peace Makers and shoved your way in. You were more interested in creating the news, creating images of yourselves as heroic figures, than in reporting the news.

A Hispanic reporter from Fox News, or Telemundo, barely able to speak comprehensible English, committed aggressive acts against me and another filmed it and edited that film in a creative way, the way you people always do when you want to put your own political “spin” on the story. The way you did in Armory Park when you selectively filmed TPD officers committing what some have reported as “brutal acts against innocent people.”

You see, the viewing public only saw selective images of the arrest, the ones you in the media wanted them to see; they saw none of the criminal provocations of a raging mob that preceded it. You didn’t show the viewers Sandy Rathbun of NBC breaking through our perimeter creating similar provocative acts. Nor did any of you report Randy Garsee of CBS when, three hours after my citation, he stated as a news lead in: “Mexican Flag Burner Convicted by Video, News at 10!” I thought: “That’s pretty quick work, even here in Pima County: from citation to conviction all in three hours.

Well, guess what folks: You will be seeing all of it again, someday soon, when I file a civil rights lawsuit, for violations of my rights, over in Federal Court. You in the media continue to spin each other and the public but you won’t be able to spin a federal judge. And you’ll see it again here in this case when I subpoena every scrap of film taken in Armory Park on April 10, 2006.

If you think Mile Rankin will ever convict me by selectively showing a small piece of film, without first putting it into the context of what may be referred “the totality of the circumstances”, you are sadly mistaken. The only way Rankin will ever convict me is to fix the judge and then I’ll beat the rap on appeal.

Listen up, Mike Rankin and all you in the media. Listen up Vincente Fox, you and your gang of white racists. Listen up greedy American industrialists: Your days of pushing out the American worker for cheap Mexican labor are coming to an end. The Supreme Court will put an end to it. Listen up, politicians, you who sell out America to satisfy your endless appetite for votes, lawful or otherwise:

Your days of class warfare and exploitation of Americans on the basis of race or ethnicity are coming to an end. If you think you’ll silence my voice or stop me from burning Mexican Flags, you are greatly mistaken. I’m going to burn Mexican Flags from one end of this country to the other. I’m going to burn them in Hispanic communities on Cinco de Mayo, as I shout: “Viva Zapata!” Viva Marcos!” I would have burned another Mexican Flag this morning, right in front of the Municipal Court, but I didn’t have the money to buy one.

Listen up: with a little help from my friends here in America, I will burn Mexican Flags any time and place I choose, from sea to shining sea. I will burn them as a sign of Mexican oppression and American exploitation. And if you need ask why, I will now tell you: Because, I am an American. Because I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! And, because I can!

Roy Warden
CSII Presscommonsense@syninfo.com
(520) 881- 0535

Who Controls Dirty Politicks?
Giant transnational corporations….now control our lives and the world, and they exploit both fully and ruthlessly.