Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cops Without Probable ID

Put this CT family at risk of immediate danger. Since when do local police dress to diguise as home invaders, or terrorist commandos? Is the public safety preserved and the public served more or less when cops conceal their identity as in this case? WFSBTV Video Player

AZ Sheriff & Rewards

Careers can take-off, according to those who don't support the political campaign and election of Sheriff "Baloney" Joe.

Robbed, Mistreated in MX

"Thousands of Central Americans pass through Mexico on their way to the United States, and many are robbed or mistreated during their journey. Mexico has promised to do more to ensure their safety, but has continued to deport those found in the country illegally."
The certainty of a deportation policy in MX can't stop abuse of Mexico.

The Hate Bill

Under HR 2662, the government can take over local law enforcement if ...

Jayna Got the Rest of the Story

"As one federal agent told the media on condition of anonymity, "What they (FBI) did was unconscionable. The American people deserved the truth and the Bureau needed to look into this Middle East network here in Oklahoma City"
Stirring facts are hard to ignore, was OK bombing just a test run for 9/11?

The American Contract

"Calling themselves the government does not make it so if they act unconstitutionally and illegally. The Constitution is the original "Contract with America" and a government that lies stands in clear breach of that contract"
When public servants break the "contract" what color of law do they violate under, State or Fed?

Justice and the LAW

"the hotel must be built on this particular piece of land because it is a unique site – "being the home of someone largely responsible for destroying property rights for all Americans"
Should Souter be subject to his own LAW, let us know what you think?

Climate Terrorism

It said weather was being manipulated for political gain using unspecified "unconventional" chemical weapons.
Is UK & US behind the deadley drought too?

Formula for Disaster

"Both criminal gangs and political militias... are blamed for the bloodshed"

CIA Expensive and Dumb

"bungled their way into an international incident by ignoring the most basic rules of the spy trade, experts say."

Just Cocky NonSense Speech

..."in Britain, Lynne Jones, a lawmaker in Prime Minister Tony Blair's ruling Labour Party, said any attempt to suggest that Iraq was a response to the September 11 attacks was "absolute nonsense."
Brits don't buy BushIt

Moving Lips Speak

"It will make no difference. (Bush) has given speeches before, but we have not seen any results," said Hussein, a 25-year-old mother of two. "A discussion on electricity or oil would have been better than the Bush speech"
Halliburton's no-bid contract to provide infra-structure re-building, for Iraqis cost US taxpayers $2.5 billion according to a recent Democratic hearing panel in where did the money go ?

The Selective Moralizer

" The prosecutors have also filed a bizarre motion with the court to prohibit Al-Arian from “discussing the plight of the Palestinians.” Moffitt replied that this would be like “trying to explain Nelson Mandela without an understanding of Apartheid. Without an appropriate historical foundation being laid even the Founding Fathers would seem like criminals and outlaws in their resort to armed revolt
Bizarre motions like judicial activism are becoming more common in the Courts.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Connecticut Gotta Big Excuse

To not take action in favor for property rights WFSBTV Video Player

CT Group Takes Charge

Greed-meister locals with profit links to cronies are on high priority notice by Connecticut taxpayers group...

Crime Grows w/ Eminent Domain

"The overall crime rate there is 90 percent higher than in the entire neighborhood overall." Violent or felonious crime is 300 per cent higher there than in the rest of the neighborhood and would be reduced by 40 percent with the building's demoli tion, he said"
Uncanny how crime rate suddenly appears and grows, when area targeted for ED.

The Duty of the UN

"former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Denis Halliday, who argued that the Tribunal has an "obligation to demand full international prosecution of US/UK war leaders as war criminals involved in the destruction of Iraq, the lives of its people and their human rights and well being, through unlawful and unjustifiable armed invasion and military occupation."

US Corporations Thank Troops

Gratitude for American's sacrifice

The Fraud of Halliburton

"Greenhouse blew the whistle on the non-bid contracts in October 2004 when the Army tried to demote her. She filed a complaint for harassment on racial and gender grounds (she is African-American) but the harassment has not stopped. On June 24th, three days before the hearing, Pentagon lawyers met with her to try to persuade her not to testify"
Ms. Greenhouse represents a true American patriot, serving her Nation, with integrity, and not selling out to BushCo.

Infiltrators of Iraq

"Authorities also suspect that insiders are providing insurgents with the identities of police and military commanders, who are being gunned down on an almost daily basis, typically on their way to or from work. Interior Minister Bayan Jabr has alleged that the names and addresses of police are even being sold on the streets, the motive often profit rather than politics"

A Small Town Cop on Illegals

"That means over 500,000 illegal aliens raped, killed, robbed or committed a felony against an American citizen or family. It is an example of Third World Momentum. Gates explains a slice of or a scenario of small town America"
Shock facts here, are you pro-active, on the Illegal War?

Tancredo on White Houses, DHS

"White House, DHS Tried to Block Information from Going Public "

Sued for Poll Results

See Judicial Watch report and video at the above link. Exposing the White House role and connection of illegal immigration to amnesty, absolute disgrace to the office of US President.

Absentee Ballots Can sure Throw....

an election straight into Court...often these ballots cannot pass the "fog-the-mirror" standard. Absentee ballots work for the deceased, convicted felon, and now illegals, who already register and vote in many AZ elections...which violates the Constitutional standard US citizens must be registered voters.

Free Illegal Law Advice Snub

..."For the first time in 13 years, Lawline9, a free information hotline offered by 9News every Wednesday, is getting backlash for scheduling immigration law as its focus this week"
Should illegal immigration law be available? Is this aiding and abetting?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Al Jazeera: The AZ Oppportunity

What's behind the Al Jazeera interest in AZ Border vulnerabilty? Is this scouting for Al-Queda, See video ....
KVOA Video Player

Bush on Bloodshed

"Like most Americans, I see the images of violence and bloodshed. Every picture is horrifying and the suffering is real," Bush said, according to excerpts released ahead of time by the White House. "It is worth it."
Spilling Blood is worth it, what a frightening comment comin' from Cowboy...

UN -Democratic Gang

"The UN is perhaps the least democratic institution imaginable, but both Democrats and Republicans insist on using it to “promote democracy.” We should stop ....simply walk away from it by withdrawing our membership and our money. We should demand a return to real national sovereignty, and respect other nations by rejecting our failed interventionist foreign policy"

AZ Sheriff: No Legitimate Purpose

On appeal, the 9th Circuit Court rebuked (Sheriff) Arpaio for featuring inmates on "the latest reality show" for no legitimate purpose.
Why is Sheriff Joe "Full-a-Baloney" allowed to squander taxpayers dollars on an apparent vexation action?

Seek Justice Souter Property

"the town of Weare, N.H., seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road, the present location of Souter's home"
Justice Souter tagged by Judge-made Law...

More Impeachment Petitions

Like they say in Texas, more ways than one to skin a pole-cat!

Impeaching Federal Judges

"impeachment simply makes the judiciary an accountable branch"

Welcome Mat Worn Out

"if you want to come to this country, come in the front door." Otherwise, he vows, illegal aliens caught in his town of 25,000 will be charged with criminal trespass"
Locals stand-up to neo-con, and neo-lib Globalist's dangerous world order

Comin' in Bus Loads

"Friday, June 17th when busloads of people set up camp in the street and blockaded the entrance and exit points. The crowd is extremely hostile and intimidating and is taking orders from a local politician who is both a representative in the state legislature and union boss with the CROC, a "labor organization" strongly tied to the PRI party since its founding. The crowd also consists of hired thugs ("porros") and plainclothes police"

Plaintiff Under Contract PIF

"The legal documents also allege that Mr Lazar or a close relative acted as a plaintiff in more than 50 Milberg Weiss lawsuits over the past 25 years. The cases earned as much as $44 million in fees for the firm"
Perpetration of fraud in Courts today is very common, ask Michael Jackson? Maybe Clarence Darrow was accurate when he suggested many years back, that the criminal Justice system should be abolished...only Darrow would know!

Canada Sovereignty & BushCo

"Most of the proposed changes are regulatory, not legislative, meaning Parliament won't necessarily get a chance to debate them"
The silence of lambs faces the blood-thirsty wolves.

US Citizens Stands-Up at Gaza

"A New Jersey-born Israeli soldier who became the first to refuse to take part in Israel's evacuation of the Gaza Strip was motivated by his love for the land ``given to the Jews by God,'' his father said Monday"

Significance of Zionism

"The federal government is embedded with NeoCon and NeoLib agents dedicated to a Zionist empire that dominates not only the Middle East but enforces its dictates upon the rest of the globe. Opposing such a political despotism is essentially the same struggle that ignited the American Revolution"

Monday, June 27, 2005

Report of Retired USAF Colonel

More hard evidence on Intel designed and engineered by BushCo, for pre-emptive strike on Iraq
"All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: The United States will not ignore your oppression or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you" GW June 2005

Bush Hush on Land Grab

"Litigation over the ballpark deal revealed documents showing that, beginning in 1990, the Texas Rangers' management – which included Bush as a managing general partner – conspired to use the government's power of eminent domain to further its private business interests"
What 's good for Bush is even better for his cronies.

Abu AL Never sez Never

"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in March said the United States would never send terrorism suspects to countries where they would be tortured. But he acknowledged that once the prisoners were in the other country's custody, the United States had little control over their treatment"
Torturer-in-Chief goes on record...

War of Incompetance

"Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser in the Carter administration, alleged that the war has been conducted with "tactical and strategic incompetence."

Germany Blames US

"el-Montassadeq, a suspected associate of several Sept. 11 hijackers, crumbled and he was released. They openly blamed American officials for failing to provide crucial evidence"
Another compelling case of US failure on Terrorism

Gay Meet Islam

"Allah Will Destroy Nations That Allow Homosexuality" and "Today: Homosexuality; Tomorrow: Pedophilia; What’s Next? Bestiality?"
Can you tolerate intolerance?"

A Bombers' Mind-Set

"First I will ask Allah to bless my mission with a high rate of casualties among the Americans"
The suicide bomb culture...

Autism Connection to Vaccines

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote an article in the June 16 issue of Rolling Stone magazine arguing that most studies of the issue are flawed and that public health officials are conspiring with drug makers to cover up the damage caused by thimerosal"

Cowboy Writes Against Illegals

Cowboy writes letter and signs name, when Gov of Texas, wonder what caused a change of heart ?

China Tech and US Theft

"I would hate for my grandson to be killed with U.S. technology" in a war over Taiwan, senior FBI counterintelligence official Tim Bereznay told a conference earlier this year.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

9th Circuit Court on Deportation

CBS 5 Video Viewer

Hotline: Killing Reporters

"On Tuesday, Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said at least 16 Mexican journalists have been killed or vanished since 2000 — 12 of them in northern states plagued by drug trafficking"

US Tourista are Targets for Crime

"In several cases, tourists have reported that men in uniforms perpetrated the crime, stopping vehicles and seeking money, or assaulting and robbing tourists walking late at night''

Drug War Critical Point

"Is the Mexican government losing the war on drugs along the border?"
See what the experts have to say...

Virginia Blocs USSC Rule

Va. Lawmakers to Bar Home Seizure for Private Uses

VA Hospital, Base Swindle

Land Grab greed-meisters behind this US institutional sell-off

Indian Reservations Grabbed Too

"The Indian is a citizen. He should be completely absorbed into present life." ...It is why Congress has been "terminating" tribes throughout the land and inviting the Indian to step aboard the American Dream rocket ship"
Corporate America is a dream, a very bad dream

Mob Intimidation in Land Grab

"Alex Jones drew the analogy of Mafia tactics in assessing how the city government had treated the New London residents. "These corporations come in and pay off city council members and then they come and steal your land and don't even pay you what it's worth."
Is it fair to ask is the Cosa Nostra...?

Senator Lieberman is No Show

"No one from Lieberman's office was there to take the petition, but more than 50 immigration activists held a counter-demonstration across Market Street in front of the Old State House"
Joe ducks dialogue with CT Citizens who have soemthing to say about his free-for-ALL immigration legislation sponsored with heavy duty Senators Kennedy and McCain.

Taxman: IRS Wrong

Government Unable To Prove U.S. Law Requires Income Tax Withholding or Filing

Bolton and US Spirals-Down

"The situation is similar to that in 1933-34 when Hitler was allowed to consolidate power, LaRouche said. People let things occur when they could have stopped them. And the consequence was rampant cowardice, proceeding until the point when Hitler could not be stopped."
Let's re-visit history , and the significance of the weak minds and weak hearts

Saturday, June 25, 2005

CT Locals Grab Family Land

WFSBTV Video Player
"the family was given less than half of what the land was worth. What he finds unfair is the city hasn't done anything with the land"

Justice for Tyranny

..."endorsed not a constitutional republic, but a lawless form of government reminiscent of fascism. Justice Stevens may as well have had a copy of Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto" on his desk while writing his opinion, because his redefinition of the term "public use" has superseded the rights of the private individual"

NOW Rally Downing ST Memo

"Grassroots ....Resolution of Inquiry to investigate whether or not Bush violated the False Statements Accountability Act of 1996.... it is illegal to knowingly use materially false, fictitious or fraudulent documents with respect to matters within the branches of government"

Erasing the US Constitution EZ

"Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random," O'Connor wrote. "The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms."

GOP Woos Illegals

"In 1979, an ex FDR Democrat named Ronald Reagan predicted that others would soon follow his path, “Hispanics are Republicans, they just don’t know it yet"

The Joe Lieb DINO Show

Connecticut citizens take charge and Demand representation by Joe, the DINO

A Friend to the Criminal Class

Have no doubts on what Democrats stand for today...
MAILBAG: retrieved open letters
On 22/6/05 12:21 PM, "John Wilson" <> wrote:
Dear Fellow Australians,

It's not just Australia where the Right to Trial by Jury is being extirpated/ eliminated/ abolished. In the home of Magna Carta - England - their Parliament and Queen have actually enacted legislation, ie: the Criminal Justice Act 2003, which does the same horrendous wrong against their People.

This Act can be found on a Google search and right there, in sections 43, 44, 45 and 46,
is the proof of the TREASON. UNBELIEVABLE - but true!

When the Great Britain Parliament deprived the American Colonies of the Right to Trial by Jury, those Colonialist took up arms and fought a War of Independence to regain their Laws and their Liberties. WHAT are the British People in Britain going to do to regain their Laws and Liberties? The Poms can't ALL be stupid!!!
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.

Gov Jeb Writes on Terri S.

"Gov. Bush’s unedited letter to state attorney regarding why it took so long to call 911 in regard to Schiavo’s husband"

BluePrint: Fight Public Corruption

A top expert defines the crime, and presents the solution from loss of prison sentence for public official predators.

Penguins & Polar Bears UNITE!

Update on the disaster for victims of global warming, armchair activism.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Mules TruckLoad of Contra

View video here.....
Accused Davis Monthan airman makes court appearance

Commander Reports on Iraq

"The top American commander in the Persian Gulf told Congress today that the Iraqi insurgency has not grown weaker over the past six months, despite a claim by Vice President Dick Cheney that it was in its "last throes."
Is Cheney reality challenged on Iraq?

Brits Poll Favors Chinese

"Britain, which prides itself on its "special relationship" with Washington, almost two-thirds of Britons, 65 percent, saw China favorably, compared with 55 percent who held a positive view of the United States."

Condemns Corruption

Wolfie one of the architects for weapons of mass deception ... now at the World Bank announces his MO

UN Blasts Gitmo

"The lack of a definitive answer despite repeated requests suggests that the United States is not willing to cooperate with the United Nations human rights machinery on this issue"

TX: No Seize Property Zone

"Houston Mayor Bill White and Harris County Judge Robert Eckels offered assurances that the city and county do not intend to condemn land for private development projects"
Start a No Seize FREE Zone in your State, get the local government to stand-up for your property rights.

Should be Up in Arms!

"Everybody should be up in arms because your property may be in danger," said Mesa brake-shop owner Randy Bailey, 44, who drew national attention when Mesa tried to take his family business so someone else could build a hardware store"
Government going for re-distribution of wealth, must be over-turned by an Act of US Congress.

Halliburton Pays Big Bribes

"The UK export credits guarantee department (ECGD) did little more than ask Halliburton -- one of four companies accused of paying $172m in bribes -- whether the allegations were true, according to the papers obtained under the UK's Freedom of Information Act"
Big Bucks with Big Bribes

Dr. Evil's Club Caribbe'

Get kidnapped, false accused, at this outta-the way retreat for victims of WAR CRIMES, See chains, shakels and room service.

Indians Unite in Sur America

"the long-marginalized Indians are tasting political influence for the first time since the Spanish conquest and beginning to wrest power from South America's white elites...the leader of Bolivia's Movement to Socialism party (MAS), Evo Morales, talks about "uniting Latin America's 135 Indian nations to expel the white invasion, which began with the landing of Columbus in 1492."
Free trade isn't free, it's the "P" words, a privatization plan for poverty

Ecuador Refuses Deal with Devil

"Ecuador will not sign a pact to grant U.S. military personnel special immunity from the International Criminal Court, even if that means more aid cuts from Washington, the foreign minister said Thursday"
Lil' Rock-n-Roll tells BushCo Devil to go back to HELL!

A False Sense of Prosperity

(CAFTA) “as a signal of our nation's commitment to democracy and prosperity for the entire Western Hemisphere.”
The Poverty Plan...

Justice Reform Cited

"Having spent nine years in prison - including two on death row - for a crime I did not commit, .....Ten years after I was exonerated, the authorities were able to identify the man who committed the crime for which I was wrongfully imprisoned"

Cops Break Code on Criminals

"Montoya believed he did the right thing when he refused bribes and went after drug gangs. But now he is a hunted man for breaking the unspoken code of collusion that exists between certain Mexican law enforcement officials and organized crime"
What is the greater evil? Covering-up evil OR targeted by evil?

Cops and Torture Connection

"The AHRC called on Asian governments to stop police use of torture and enact and enforce legislation to protect victims. Their statement was issued ahead of the International Day against Torture on Sunday"
This is a GLOBAL hot button issue and CRIME...Torture must be universally condemned as a capital offense.

Mis-Labeled Enemy Non-Combat

"Their incommunicado detentions, with no charges filed against them, and no initial access to attorneys, are — as they always were — plainly unconstitutional"

Judge Orders Arrest of 13 CIA

"Prosecutors believe the officers seized Omar as part of the CIA's "extraordinary rendition'' program, in which terror suspects are transferred to third countries without court approval, according to reports Friday in newspapers Corriere della Sera and Il Giorno"
American CIA charged with kidnap in torture plot

Mexi- Blames US for Bad Intel

"The Mexican government blamed the United States on Thursday for confusion leading to the detention of a Lebanese-born, British citizen falsely suspected of terrorist links"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"I have an obligation, as do all of us who are holding office, to protect our people"
-George Bush

Citizens of Texas Unite

View KVOA Video Player
"It's a blatant attempt to suppress freedom of assembly, It's getting more and more obvious to me that our First Amendment has pretty much been compromised by the people who will kill you, or beat you up, or show up and smash car windows with bricks. This is serious. It's no longer a country ruled by law." -Jim Gilchrist 06/21/05

The Deportation Poll

Should they Stay...Or should they GO! No- Not a rock tune by the Brit group Clash

The Meaning of Terrorism

"Violence for violence’s sake, violence for revenge, or violence simply in the course of criminal acts (e.g., murder, rape, robbery, assault, etc.) is not "terrorism" unless its use is intended to attain political, religious, or ideological goals. This point is crucial in understanding terrorism because unless one understands terrorism one cannot fight it effectively. "Terror" is great fright or great fear—terrorism is something different"
An ideological, or political goal... mixed with violence directed against the public, or civilians is terrorism.

Ex-FBI Profiles Domestic Terrorism

See above link for transcript, and video on domestic terrorism...see if you agree, with experts claim, domestic terrorist are ...identified by race.. this is becoming a War on Words..insurgent, non-combative detainee, vigilante, terrorist, hate crime etc.

Dr. Evil has a Place for YOU!!!!

"Comments by Dick Cheney are: "This is where the bad people are." Donald Rumsfeld, on July 15 (via Chicago Tribune News Service) states "The real problem is not Guantanamo Bay. Traditional doctrines covering criminals and military prisoners do not apply well enough."
The chilling Torturers-in-Chief have spoke.....

Facts that Don't Figure

"Police said they know who they are looking for, but they won't release his name or a sketch because of fear of retaliation, News 5 reported"
A very twisted tale of a rape, house fire, vigilantes, and ...police not releasing suspect’s picture…do you follow the police science in this case of a crime story???

Homeland Security Covers Border

"Tancredo said that he would have “grave reservations” about supporting the reauthorization of the Patriot Act without increased border security. A total of 10 Congressmen signed the letter"
We support Tancredo and the other signatories..because if you ain' t got boundaries covered, there is no National security.

Iraq Hits Sovereignty

"Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, on the House floor called President Bush's decision to oust Saddam Hussein a "grotesque mistake" and "without success."

Clean-UP for Pull-Out Date

"A total of 17 car bombs were located, including a tractor trailer, a dump truck and van rigged with explosives, which were destroyed in place by a Marine tank unit," the US military said, adding that four hostages had also been freed"
Don't miss this stunning report on how US Troops, not private security are really doing the work in Iraq, Hurrah for the Troops!

China Fall-Out Cover-Up

"U.S. intelligence analysts and others in several agencies are trying to find out how they were excluded from a highly classified report on China that identified 10 years of intelligence "surprises" related to China's military development"

Big Bucks Blown on Justice

"The organization has pledged to spend $18 million to help ensure confirmation for Bush's pick for the next Supreme Court vacancy, should one occur "So you know what the liberals will say about any Supreme Court nominee," the commercial says."
Now who's money is dropping the $18 mill to ensure the confirmation, and who are the payees?

Do You Know the Bully Despots?

..."his government has brought a slew of punishments, ranging from lost jobs and social ostracism to prison time and death threats" HINT: Not a cowboy.
The Bully despot is disclosed at above link in report..

What Elites Say on Phooney INTEL

See all the witness statements here, and keep scrolling...

We Need a Senate Investigation

Demand our government look into the ficted facts, and cooked intel of going to War with Iraq....


"CAFTA continues the failed policies of NAFTA which has caused a massive $617 Billion trade deficit,which seriously devalues the dollar"
More bad "idea-ology" and it's your right and turn to tell the DC representatives to just Say No.

The Activist Planet site

Plenty of links, info and more...endless summer is here...

Pay More for TV

Selling off Cable TV for Billions..and see who will benefit

Kids and Forced Mental Health

"Many children have suffered harmful effects from these drugs. Yet some parents have even been charged with child abuse for refusing to drug their children. The federal government should not promote national mental health screening programs that will force the use of these psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin."
Should parents turn over the health and well-being of their children to government mandates and contracted drug- pushing psychiatrists ?

Oceans Go to Court

Preserving marine Habitats

Count All US Citizens

"The 14th amendment uses the word “persons” when detailing how congressional seats are to be divided. Congresswoman Miller’s amendment would change that to “persons in each state who are citizens

American Citizens Must Be First

Immigration reform must..."entails establishing a coherent set national interest principle for immigration policy and then enforcing our laws"
To para-phrase US Justice O'Conner...we have enough laws,we need enforcement...

Sheriff Rules Doesn't Serve

"Hey, Joe, you always talk about how you were elected by the people and how you report to those people. Now that the people have upset your little kingdom, you want to leave them high and dry"
Sheriff Joe-full-of-Baloney, treats we the citizens, his employers, the taxpayers as subjects....and under-reported here, as docile goofiness by the news ..shame on you Joe and shame on the news who mis-characterizes your m.o.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


"Bills of Impeachment against Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, and now Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who bears personal criminal responsibility for the Bush Jr. administration torture scandal. Failing this, the alternative is likely to be an American Empire abroad, a U.S. police state at home, and continuing wars of aggression to sustain both-along the lines of George Orwell's classic novel 1984. Despite all of the serious flaws demonstrated by successive United States governments that this author has amply documented elsewhere during the past quarter century as a professor of law, the truth of the matter is that America is still the oldest Republic in the world today"
"We the People of the United States" must fight to keep it that way!"


G8 Leak: BushCo Ficts Facts

A new leak reported, from the UK again... just before the Big G8, meeting, White House writing it's own fiction on science of global warming ...
BushCo Death Cult is exposed , this is an intentional, deliberate crime against Planet Earth, and Mother Nature.

The Blame America Monument

Heads-UP, Calling all to... Ground Zero sign for armchair activism, right here...

The Dirty Bombs and Bullets

“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” - Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam”

Saddam Slams Bush

President Bush and his father "no good."

Executive Branch Speaks

"Make no mistake," Mr. Bush said in an East Room press conference with European Union officials. "Many of those folks being detained -- in humane conditions, I might add -- are dangerous people"
OK Cowboy, we the people demand just the Truth... is this a cover-up...or worst. What about the $30 million dollar deal to Haliburton, for image selling on Gitmo.... Critical thinkers ponder for answers..

RFK Jr. on the Environment

" One of the legacies of the Bush administration is that ... they are a party that claims to like local control but has deprived localities of control. .... trying to get a hold of local sources of pollution to clean up the air which is causing cancer and mental retardation ... and he is not able to do it because the Bush administration has put the final say in the hands of the very corporations that are profiteering by poisoning ... Texas"

Freezing Taxes for the Elderly

"The seniors in Galveston County are finally going to get their dues"

It's All Man-Made

"Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings."

Cops and Body Dumping Linked

"The people who commit these kinds of crimes normally have some logistical help of a police officer," he said. "It's not easy to abduct a person, kill them and then put them in a car and then throw the body somewhere. It's very complicated, and definitely involves planning"
Another good indication that Mexico is cleaning up corruption in law enforcement.

River of Foam Attracts Many

...."the waterway's "stew" has been shown to contain heavy metals, pesticides and pathogens that cause tuberculosis, polio, encephalitis and cholera"
Pope Benedict XVI writes:
"Europe has developed a culture which , in a way never before known to humanity, excludes God from public conscience, either by being denied or by judging his existence to be uncertain and thus belonging to subjective choices, something irrelevant for public life"

Monday, June 20, 2005

Connecticut Endorsement Ethics

Sport's coach handles "lucrative contracts"....see how they do it in above video link

LA Mayor Got Brand New Bag

"I am not looking for more power. I just got elected to a great job and have plenty of that," said Villaraigosa who takes office July 1. "I'm looking for accountability."

A Shoot-Out for Cops

If an Illegal drugster shoots (3) lawmen in one day what happens to his amnesty rights? Can those rights be assigned to another illegal when fleeing the County and avoiding Justice? We want to hear from the Sanctuary Law people, let us know?

Conde: a Home-Wrecker w/ a Deal

Conde destroys the Gaza to re-build a new city ...Conde you got hutzpah for kicking out Jewish settlers....sounds like plenty of privatization here too.

This is "Deep Screw"

"A conspiracy to commit serial fraud is, under federal law, racketeering. However, the Mob's schemes never cost so many lives"
Get a differet perspective grip on these facts...

Accounting Error is on Soldier

Troops keep getting targeted and bashed by unfair practice of law in military Courts.

Her Majesty's Amarillo Squad

Why is this video banned... see video in above link. Brits blowback on booty and remake a western tune while on duty in Iraq.

FBI Experts & No Experience

"In hundreds of pages of sworn testimony obtained by The Associated Press, senior FBI managers argued repeatedly that Middle East and anti-terrorism experience aren't required for promotion and that they see little difference between solving a traditional crime and a terror attack"
Terror, it's breach of peace...and domestice's like a crime.

Privatize Juvenile Contracts

"Taxpayers have footed the bill for improper billings and overpayments to contractors. The relatives of elected county officials have benefited from some contracts. And there are multiple allegations the county paid for hundreds of fictitious youths"
This is wrong, wrong, wrong....public officials privatizing community resources for self-enrichment is WRONG!

Dads and the Culture War

"old-fashioned masculinity is demeaned as we celebrate "metrosexuals" and invite homosexual men to ridicule heterosexuals' fashion sense ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"). It's hard enough raising boys in homes without fathers, let alone in a world that finds traditional male characteristics boorish and passe"

Was Big Bird Cooked for Gay TV?

"I don't think most parents want their children flipping channels on their way to the Cartoon Network and running across a scene of two men kissing in bed on the LOGO network,"

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Security Perimeter & Canada's OIL

"the government in Washington DC is a rogue government with little respect for international law or other nations' sovereignty, and a great desire for oil. The main question they will have about controlling Canada and its resources, is whether they could get away with it"
Does this mean Canada could possibly be the next Iraq?

Border Scam Plot is Exposed

The tell all report concealed by Illegal Intel agents offers the scientific proof that open borders and immigration does not add value...

McCain Gets the "C" Word

"Arizona Republican Assembly (ARA) officially and publicly censures Senator John McCain for dereliction of his duties and responsibilities as a representative of the citizens of Arizona"
McCain this is deep..... manure... dung....animal feces...

AZ Sheriff's HellHole

"Convicts (and those that are not-so convicted) in tents while 200 to 300 dogs and cats will be housed in the air-conditioned jail"
According to data, 34 people in Arizona died from heat-related illnesses last year. Ask Sheriff "Full-A-Baloney" many of the detainess and inmates, many who can't make bond, get physically removed in a non-responsive state. We want to commend the Sheriff for humane, compassionate treatment for animals and homeless pets, but please try some milk of human kindness on people who lanquish in your shadow only Joe.

Hillary Trekkies Needed

Armed Forces pathologists went public with their concerns about a seeming bullet hole in Brown's head, a mystery complicated by the lack of an autopsy.

You Gotta Know DUKE !

and this guy Wade, just happen to bump into each other...and now he's rolling in the defense contract dough...

The Nazi's are in Office

"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have happened by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime – Pol Pot or others – that had no concern for human beings."
Is it fair to call this a War Crime?

Top Brass Retires

"Fiscus was appointed and removed by President Bush, oversaw all Air Force lawyers and violated “a very special position of trust,”

Mass Murder & No Investigation

"Far from taking responsibility for the tragedy - which appears to have resulted, at least partly, from incompetence on the part of the Russian security services - not one federal official has stepped down because of the attack"

UK Quizes Data Cards Purpose

"universal ID cards would combat the new horror of large-scale global terrorism. With them, he could easily sort out budding bin Ladenites from law-abiding people and save us from 757s plunging into Westminster Abbey"
We must fight the terror with... the War on Lies

America's friend ISRAEL

"If the Bush administration is planning to abandon Israel, who does it think will replace it? Egypt, an economic basket-case run by a dictator who galvanizes popular support by cultivating societal hatred of America? Saudi Arabia..."

Global Apartheid is aka...

"around the 1980s, the Right saw the demise of the Soviet Union as an opportunity to evolve beyond realpolitik to promote not just anti-Communism but grassroots democracy, coupled with free-market globalism from Eastern Europe to Latin America and Asia
Water privatized, electrical privatized, more wide, wild-eyed homeless, how does it feel ?

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Smokin' Gun is Here...

Richard Clarke is the US Downey Street Memo / CBS News Video

Conyers & CIA Tells ALL

..."the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, will convene a public hearing on the so-called Downing Street Memo and other newly released documents that Conyers says show the administration's "efforts to cook the books on pre-war intelligence." See video, transcript at above link.

White House ReJects Pull-Out

"Bush's central argument remains the same: U.S. troops must stay in Iraq and get Iraqis trained sufficiently to defend themselves before coming home"

The Bush Award, for Dis-Stink!

"The prize, honoring people who supported German and European unity"

The Case of the Three C's

"Casper Weinberger, the Clinton administration has perpetrated "some of the worst and most damaging national security decisions of [the 20th] century."... "is the most serious breach of national security since Julius and Ethel Rosenberg betrayed our atomic secrets to the Soviet Union and Aldrich Ames sold us out for a mess of pottage"
Cox Report, China, and the Clinton's is a really big connection, and needs to be national security

Luvin Congressman Conyers

Get that lovin' feeling when you know Conyers is a point man for the "I" word...

Haliburton to ReModel Gitmo $$$

"A Halliburton Co. unit will build a new $30 million detention facility and security fence at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba"
Rummie, and Dr. Evil to clean-up image problem at Gitmo

The Advice Column Tells All

The Illegals can't claim ignorance of the law, this is public notice too...

Parents Protest for Daughter

"I think she just made bad decisions for herself," said Keren Bar-nir, with the American Zionist Movement in New York. "I think it's based on really extreme groups persuading people. The kids these days are so disillusioned."
Yes peace, and human rights is a very extreme concept for the Zionists to ponder....

Bishops Condemn Death Penalty

"America's Catholic bishops yesterday agreed to refocus and step up their opposition to the death penalty"

Homeland Security is Failed Security

"Republicans and Democrats on the committee criticized the failure of the Department of Homeland Security to send a representative to testify at the hearing"

Court Rules RICO in Illegals

The "enterprise" prong was met, the panel decided, because "Mohawk and the third-party recruiters are distinct entities that, at least according to the complaint, are engaged in a conspiracy to bring illegal workers into this country for Mohawk's benefit."

Bangladesh Lawyers form Chain

"a forum of pro-opposition lawyers, formed the human chain in front of the Supreme Court Bar Association building that lasted about half an was part of movement to establish rule of law, independence and corruption free judiciary, appointment of judges based on integrity, efficiency and not on political consideration"

Can you imagine any of our DC representatives, attorneys doing something this provacative for independence in the Judiciary?? What a great idea...

The G8 Racket of AFRICA

‘We will stop punching you in the face if you give us the crown jewels.’ The G8’s plan for saving Africa is little better than an extortion racket.
See how debt is forgiven by the global gangsters...

Save Big Bird, Cookie Monster Now!

They are trying to put their ideological stamp on public broadcasting. Armchair activism required RSVP, at above link.

Iraq Children Targeted By Troops

"an Army master sergeant lash Iraqi children with a Humvee antenna. He says he watched a Marine send a youngster flying with a boot to the chest. And he says men in his unit hurled bottles at Iraqi civilians from a military vehicle"
An avowed Buddist, a religious student's account and perspective ...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ex-Lawman Shoots,Kill: Courthouse

Here is a strong argument for every woman to carry a firearm even to Court. See video link here.
CBS Video Viewer

Judge sets Trial for the Framed

"Auman was handcuffed and in the back seat of a police car when a man she had met the night before, Matthaus Jaehnig, shot and killed VanderJagt."
The Accused here was already in protective custody,as noted above, when the crime was committed, however the illogical, irrational prosecutor is going for a capital felony conviction, while real serious, violent criminals are at large...killing.

White House is Angered

"The passage of this amendment helps rein in an administration intent on chipping away at the very civil liberties that define us as a nation"
C'mon Karl Rove, let's see you stand-up before the people of this Nation, and tell'em "it's for our own good," that you lie...Cowboy lies...Dr. Evil lies...Abu Al lies...Conde lies...Rumstud lies...BOLTON LIED, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon....

Distrusting the Legal System

"My case was a national disgrace. If this can happen to someone in the seat of power, imagine what can happen to an everyday citizen"
Accosta may be the first Poster Boy for Mexi-Justice, let's hope this is the start of some real sustainable reform for the Mexi- legal system and the US citizens held illegally as victims of false arrest, for ransome schemes by corruptos.

Stop Mexi- Funding

..."cut off foreign aid to any country that fails to live up to extradition treaties in cases involving suspects accused of killing federal, state and local law enforcement officers"

Five Major Unions to Unite

..."the group may break with the AFL-CIO, which the dissidents call stodgy and defeatist."

The Baby Fraud

..."The constitutions citizenship clause, as found in the Fourteenth Amendment, we can find no constitutional authority to grant such citizenship to persons born to non-American citizens within the limits of the United States of America.
Remember the children born to US Servicemen in Viet Nam, and the strife those children endured along with the parents who were VietNamese women legally married to US GIs? Does anyone have any reports on that government created hardship, how was it ressolved?

EMTALA : Disaster for Hospitals

..."EMTALA is an unfunded federal mandate. Government imposes viciously stiff fines and penalties on any physician and any hospital refusing to treat any patient...even though the hospital or physician screened and declared the patient's illness or injury non-emergency...."

Who are the groups and legislators who created this JUNK mandate? We want to hear from you.

The Population Bomb

Why is BushCo in on this?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


1215 - King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede, England.

The American Constitution is "the Supreme Law of the Land," just as the rights granted by Magna Carta were not to be arbitrarily canceled by subsequent English laws.

Submarine Base Closure ?

Naval Commander says more Subs and full speed ahead! View in above video link...

Neo-Con Scheme ALERT!

Do not be fooled: it is impossible to be against the United Nations and to support “reform” of the United Nations. The only true reform of the United Nations is for the US to withdraw immediately"
This is a Code Red ALERT, URGENT!

Week Willies Need not Apply

"To remain silent when they should protest makes cowards of men."

The Secret MEMO


BushCo Defends Gitmo

" Guantanamo has undermined our leadership, has damaged our credibility, has drained the world's goodwill for America at an alarming rate"
See who's fighting for Gitmo, and who is attacking the violation of human rights in DC...

Money for AIDS Embezzled

"Public policy and considerations and justice demand that this case be determined through the court of law"
The public interest, and public outcry has brought to bear the government intervening.

Nabbing the Youth

"Most harmful is that Operation Nutcracker will nab youth, both innocent and guilty, their parents, and the community-at-large, based on flimsy evidence, such as anyone with gang tatoos, or with a poor school attendance record"
This is not about Justice, or protecting a society

A Global Gang for Kids

Global children struggle too, as never before...

The Punishment Mentality

"They got the opportunity to use the punishment system with legitimacy, by passing public policies that did precisely that.”
All behavior is learned...restorative rehab programs are an investment in society... and essential, this policy is only beneficial for the prison industry profiteers.

Better Deal for Criminals

"The Bush administration is putting off plans that could have required visitors from friendly nations to show passports with fingerprint and iris scan information by this fall"

Outta Jail & Swiss Bank Account

"The "uncomfortable brother" of Carlos Salinas, Mexico's president between 1988 and 1994, Raul still faces charges stemming from more than $100 million in unexplained funds in Swiss bank accounts"

Worker's Rights are Dwindling

"the labor movement has many challenging years ahead of it — especially with new threats from the government, from corporations and even from within the ranks of organized unions"

Are You Destroying Freedom?

"we the people" are the government; we are the authority! Nothing happens in this country except that "we the people" promote it, finance it, or at least, allow it to happen"
It is our civic duty as citizens to respond and take action... because it is our duty to tell them when they are wrong!

The Lesser Evils We Choose

... We didn't get involved, we didn't understand what was going on, and we didn't believe those who told us"
We understand, now there is organized interests working against our National interest more than ever.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Normal Person at School

View video at above link.... a good school employee is arrested for embezzlement for taking student activity funds.
Should school employess be subject to more scrutiny while on public school property?

Evil in a Public School District

"Three of their neighbors' sons didn't make it. "Why didn't they do anything? Are these people human?"
This mass killing in China was not predicated on pre-meditation, but instead on the failure of Authority to take necessary emergency action. These innocent children faced an avoidable demise.

Starving for Justice

Damning the Death Penalty, once and for ALL...

Negroponte: Not OK 9/11 Comsr.

"information Congress receives remains inadequate.... since Negroponte has taken over she has seen an increased effort to explain the lessons learned on the botched intelligence regarding Iraq's purported weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Evil's Two Sense

Cheney said. "The important thing here to understand is that the people that are at Guantanamo are bad people."
Is Cheney basing his opinion/ judgement on extracted confessions from torture by interrogators like the tortured statement on WMD in IRAQ?

US Troops Abuse Civilians

" last week reported that U.S. troops forced four drivers to wipe human excrement in each other's faces, detained a dozen drivers in toilets for 12 hours and broke the windows of their cars..."
A base disgusting report , why is this occurring?

US Not Prepared for IRAQ

"Mr Blair’s aides were not just concerned about Washington’s justifications for invasion but also believed the Bush team lacked understanding of what could happen in the aftermath"
More evidence surfaces on BushCo was dumb and numb...any comments?


..."March 18, 2002, the United Nations met in Mexico for the purpose of developing a global tax and a global I.R.S. The global tax would cost American citizens $400 billion annually."
The Prohibition on United Nations Taxation Act, H.R. 1017 says "NO" to this global tax and collection scheme.

Stop the Banditos

If you are in the Connecticut area, and believe Amnesty for illegals is Global Welfare with your tax dollars, you are not alone....

FOX: Guns at Border from US

"help is needed from U.S. authorities to control weaponry that "only is in the hands of industries and companies of the United States and passes as contraband toward Mexico."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Ex-Gov on "Stealing $40 Billion"

View Gray Davis talk shock on the worst of the worst, for his career and the Golden State, and how it lost the gold...
AT above video link please allow for load time...

CT Pays More like California

"But a section to let public utilities back into generating power on a small scale prompted a successful House push late June 8 to unplug that language from the bill. In 1998, with deregulation, the major utility companies sold off their generating facilities and began buying power for resale from independent generators inside and outside Connecticut"
Is this about to become another ENRON-ized public power debacle created by government and the greed-meisters?

Jounalists Arrested by Despot

"Criticism of the king, the government and security forces has been banned, along with any independent reporting on the country's communist insurgency. Journalists must get all of their information on security issues from the army or police"

Bloated Bilderbergs are Blowhards!

"Bilderberg are very angry at the alternative truth movement and its opposition and exposure of Bilderberg's agenda. More specifically, the Christian Patriot movement in America was highlighted as a nuisance that will have to be dealt with"
The gods of money are like bloated blow fish, gasping deflated ballons...when you take 'em out of water.

Are you for the Rule of Law?

"the New Frontier Coalition.... stand united in a common understanding that the political leaders in the United States of America have...not been performing their oaths of office with the best interests of "THE PEOPLE" ... Furthermore, their performance has not been in accordance with the Constitution"


Mark Twain, having been called a "traitor" for criticizing the U.S. invasion of the Philippines, derided what he called "monarchical patriotism" He said: "The gospel of the monarchical patriotism is: 'The King can do no wrong.'

Devils in the Details

"Orwellian word ploys-exacerbated by largely docile, straight news coverage-slip devilishly into common usage, leaving the public ill-equipped, unprotected and vulnerable to breathtaking, unabashed manipulation"
Don't miss this rare opportunity for integrity in public interest...

Are you Open for Secrecy?

"Open government advocates say it is the most troubling of the nine exemptions because s Congress cloakvital information in secrecy through legislation, often without a public hearing or debate"
This can explain why a whole lot of details are guarded by the devils....

The Honk & Horny Cops

"police began "lying in wait" for motorists. As soon as a driver honked, police pulled the car over"

Supreme Court Waits on Court

"Solicitor General Paul Clement, the Bush administration's top Supreme Court lawyer, said the lower court ruling "marks a substantial judicial intrusion into the core presidential function of determining how best to ensure the nation's security."
If this is a presidential function, would you allow Cowboy to walk your dog?

Terrorists are Hard to Convict

" An analysis of the Justice Department's list of terrorism prosecutions by The Washington Post shows that 39 people - not 200 - have been convicted of crimes related to terrorism or national security"
Does this indicate maybe the Iraq War and the War on Terror is a blazing saddles policy and should be seriously re-considered?

White House Weatherman Resigns

"White House said Philip Cooney's sudden departure was totally unrelated to the allegations. He was chief of staff at the White House Council on Environmental Quality."

Fish Gotta Swim

..."some critics of his ruling threaten to get around the courts by asking President Bush to invoke the rarely used "God Squad" - a panel of seven cabinet secretaries that has the power to put economic considerations ahead of species protection in deciding such issues"
The god of money will interfere with the salmon rights to swim and sustain.

Bad Air and Health Risks

"the region's refining and petrochemical industries are in some places contributing to what leading experts on toxic air pollution would consider a risky load of "air toxics" substances that can cause cancer, kidney and liver damage, or other serious health effects in places where people live and work, and where children play"

Saturday, June 11, 2005

BushCo Unveils Illegitimate Scheme

Please see this video with a shelf life...BushCo exposes their plan to destroy America the Beautiful, and National sovereignity for other nations also.

The Rebellion & CAFTA

See transcript and informative video, 25,ooo GM jobs went South for .44/hr Privatization is politically evil, and Americans must understand what is going can not afford to miss this video.

US Contractors Abused by Marines

..."he said a guard ordered him to the ground and put a knee in his back. He said he heard one Marine say, "How does it feel now making that big contractor money?"

Israli Soldiers Disclose Reprisals

"Israeli officials repeatedly charged that the police were either failing in their duty to stop terrorist attacks or in some cases aiding the attacks. "In general, Israelis viewed the Palestinian police as complicit in terror," said Michael Oren, an Israeli military historian and analyst"
Police who assist the attributed to the Palestinians...

Mexi- Official Rapes and Loots

An Anti-Crime Co-Ordinator crosses the line in Mexico and ruins his reputation along the way.

US Responsible for Violence

" Aguilar "categorically and emphatically" denied that authorities had been outstripped by criminals, he said Mexico was willing to work with the United States "in a coordinated way, with shared responsibility" on the problem, which is in part fueled by the cross-border drug trade."

The 9/11 HiJack Lie...

"Have you forgotten how the world crisis of a possible nuclear world war we are facing today, all began? The truth about the alleged 9/11 hijackers - What Bush will never reveal and needs you to forget..."

The Land of Free Speech

"After allowing taxpayers to finance his privatization events (let's call them what they really are after all,) and after using the White House communications apparatus to set them up, Bush is privatizing the ticket distribution and security staffing at his events to the Republican Party. The losers are not just taxpayers, but anyone who values the First Amendment"
BushCo uses tax dollars to stage his promotional events to sell out Americia , and deprive US citizens from their legally correct {LC} government and social programs...i.e. social security

Friday, June 10, 2005

"It's Humanitarian" Aid and Abetting

See the humanitarians assist with illegal entry of the USA
KVOA Video Player

Harboring & Hiring Illegals

A person including a group of persons, business, organization or local government commits a federal felony when...

Ya Wanna Loose Your Rights?

"you will have no more rights than the average Muslim insurgent being held for up to two and a half years with no charges filed against them—and no right to see an attorney"
See how it works without the Bill of Rights under US Contitutional Law...

Your a Mexican, and Canadian too!

"an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad?"
These guys aren't going mad, just part of the Globalist scheme

Not About Free Trade

"The Center for Security Policy, a Washington think-tank aligned with the Bush administration, admits that the pact has nothing to do with free trade"

Abu Al Explains 9/11

"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales acknowledged Friday that there were laws on the books before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that "discouraged the sharing of information" among law enforcement and intelligence agencies"
Who is responsible for these laws, let's have some full disclosure on facts and events related to 911?

Let BushCo Know

See how many have already supported Representative John Conyers, who's gonna tell BushCo

Crisis Climate

Armchair Mother Nature....

The Vitamin Cops

The Codex Alimentarius Commission, an offshoot of the United Nations, is working to "harmonize" food and supplement rules between all nations of the world. Under Codex rules, even basic vitamins and minerals will require a doctor's prescription."

Shopping for Scientists, Studies

"The first large-scale survey of scientific misconduct suggests a significant proportion of U.S. scientists routinely engage in questionable behavior, such as altering data due to pressure from funding sources, that threatens the integrity of scientific studies"

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


CNN Daily News Clips : Invasive Species Cost U.S. Billions

Urge your U.S. representative to vote "yes" on H.J. Res. 27. The vote will take place tomorrow night or Thursday morning.