Sunday, July 31, 2005


"In America, the Constitution has been subjugated to the will of the global governance group, or NWO, whatever one wants to call it. It too will fail. "
Dorothy A. Seese,

Stop the FTAA

See what Americans are up against in above video link.

NWO & Bush Family Agenda

Sharon to Peres: "We Control America"
They want absolute power, silencing your voice along with everyone else who disagrees with their agenda.


The massive movement is there!

CAFTA Vote Tally

From the Liberty Committee...


The emerging Global government...
the American economy is losing its capacity to produce the products Americans need. Each new trade agreement makes the U.S. more and more dependent upon other nations for the products it requires.

A Clintonista Nightmare

"Blame Bill and Hillary Clinton for the jobs lost to date. Blame George W. Bush for the jobs that are about to be lost….do not buy any goods made outside the United States"


And now we've gradually strayed into the "no fault ethics" arena where anything goes.

The Great American Stick-Up

"Congress is "stealing" ...These are not people "doing the jobs American's won't do" nor is this a country that wants to be our "friend" – they want our country and the American government is paying them to take it without the consent of the people!

Re-Visiting Totalization with MX

"How is a deal to divert $345 billion, over the next two decades, away from Social Security and into the pockets of illegal aliens an act of "commitment to the United States and the American people"?" The White House thought this was a low-cost favor to get in Vicente Fox's good graces."

Sacking of US Social Security

See the facts sheet for the SSA...

Is Your Corn GM?

Damaging Dangerous Foods..
"A German court ruling, the biotech company Monsanto was ordered to publicly expose a controversial report about its Mon 863 variety of corn. Mon 863 was genetically engineered… prominent scientists who found animals that ate the GM corn developed severe side effects in the blood, kidney and liver and that humans eating the corn might also be at risk"

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bush for PEACE

Media that Matters, film award ...
See media clip (14)

The So-Called War on Terror

BushCo gets new slogan for propaganda War

"Dr. Evil" Cheney for President

"All we need is one more liar."

No Blood for Oil Dismissed

"No More Blood for Oil"…a bumper sticker
Federal prosecutors have declined to press charges of impersonating a Secret Service agent against a White House volunteer who ousted three people from a speech by President Bush in Denver on March 21."

McCain the Real Boob

A side-winder in the desert is a snake...
the "side-dealing" Senator McCain "loves the media more than either his base or his principles."

Conde on the Defense

"that people will call this by name and stop making excuses for these people."

When Constitution Doesn't Work

"What to do?
In my opinion to save America from itself: patriotic writers must target the latent goodness in their readers, particularly of those in positions of power, who might be urged via their own latent goodness to do the right thing"

Center for Individual Freedom

makes it's points...

Illegal Impact: American Medicine

Shock fact, a distressful, comprehensive read on America's finest hospitals and medical practioners...

Blacks Pushed Out by Illegals

in LA...NO doubt about this...
Blacks are no longer able to compete for entry-level jobs and construction work, Anderson said, because they are undercut by illegal immigrants willing to work for under-the-table wages.

AZ Fed-Up with Sheriff "Lo Joe"

Just this week in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpiao apoligized to visiting Mexican official for the conditions illegal Mexican criminals suffer in his Gulag jail...Remember Patrick Haib?

Taser Kills

Back to Pepper Spray..
The death is the 18th case in which a coroner has cited Taser as a factor in someone's death and the fourth case where Taser has been named as a cause of death.

Cop Beats Suspect: FIRE!

"An LAPD disciplinary board rules against John Hatfield, who was seen beating a car theft suspect with a flashlight during a 2004 arrest"

Students Sting on Recruiter

Recruiters helps cover drug habit with test kit and more...
"It's been kind of cool to see a reaction from the Pentagon on a story done in a high school paper," the teen reporter says. He has appeared on local and national TV, and articles on his investigation have appeared in the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and The New York Times.

The Dis-Illusioned

another generation...
"Pentagon report ...more than 5,500 Army or Marine Corps servicemen have chosen to desert rather than go to Iraq. Like their Vietnam War counterparts who avoided the draft, a number have gone to Canada"

The Objection of War

For those who wage the War for Peace...

Deferred Compensation

for future pain and suffering...
The report adds ... military personnel costs are soaring and that too much of that money goes into deferred compensation such as retirement and lifetime health care, which are seen as inefficient ways to attract recruits or retain careerists.

When a Guardsman Testifys

"A National Guardsman testifying at a hearing for U.S. soldiers accused of killing an Iraq general said he saw classified U.S. personnel beat prisoners with a sledgehammer handle and mock the general's death, according to a transcript"

DoD: Excessive Deadly Force

Back to the Killing Streets...
"The memo says soldiers need precision-guided pistols, in addition to heavy-fire machine guns, to ensure that innocent people are not killed"

ICE Oceans Rich with LIFE

"…compiled by researchers who spent a month above the Arctic Circle, returning with thousands of specimens including octopus, squid, cod, snails, jellyfish, clams and shrimp. The "historic" event, the report states, "revealed a surprising density and diversity of Arctic Ocean creatures, some believed new to science."

Friday, July 29, 2005

Americans and Mental Illness

"New research shows that mental illness is common in the U.S."

Cold Herb tied to Study?

"those who took echinacea fared no differently from those who took a placebo: they were just as likely to catch a cold, their symptoms were just as severe"

Lies in Dentistry Challenged

"The dirty little secret in the dental community these days is that the ADA, some years ago, established a gag rule to forbid dentists, under penalty of loss of licensure, to inform their patients that mercury fillings could cause serious health problems and possibly death"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Drugs in Your Clothes

Clothes filled with pharmacueticals can save YOUR life...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Congressmen Attack Illegal War

Tell-All Speech on BushCo, see video and text at above link...
Changing course impossible for Bush, costly, policy shift, altering policy, eroding domestic freedom…. flawed policy ...will fail economic laws will assert themselves... unnecessary threatens liberty…sacrificing what we are fighting for… less freedom , NOT less…

Squandering the World's Wealth

"Utter global collapse." Not simply economic collapse; complete disintegration of all infrastructure and of all public structures of governments. Utter, utter collapse. That the end is collapse of simply epic proportion"

Where's the Post-War Plan?

..."chaos in Iraq was due in part to inadequate postwar planning"

Investigate Bush

" President Bush. Our President is violating his oath of office where he swore to "Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States."

The Tyranny of Abu AL

"Gonzales said a Supreme Court justice does not have to follow a previous ruling "if you believe it's wrong."

Comprehending the Billion

"A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
A billion days ago no-one walked on two feet on earth.
A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate the government spends it" Author unknown...

Give Em the Cold Steel!

the Spirit of General Stonewall Jackson visits Connecticut, a famous Stonewall command, intended for applying bayonets to the enemy...

Taking Back the 'Hood

"A Fox News/ Opinion Dynamics poll released last week found that 91 percent of Americans think that illegal immigration is a very serious or somewhat serious problem"

Economic Treason of the US

US colleges degrees are good for waiting tables...
"What kind of country gives preference to foreigners over its own engineering graduates? What kind of country destroys the job market for its own citizens?"

Under the Gang Rape Tree

" There they found a rape tree, with panties hung up in the tree. “After the coyotes get the women across the border, safely on U.S. soil, they gang rape them to show they have total control over them. They hang their panties in the trees as signs of the conquest” See:"

Lovin' Hillary is like Hatin' America

"In her speech, Hillary Rodham-Clinton voiced support for several bills pending before Congress, endorsed by La Raza. One measure would remove the five-year federal ban on government-funded health care for immigrants"

The Clinton Confession

a little late on the genocide matter, it's spilled milk...
Bill Clinton apologized last weekend for his "personal failure" to prevent the 1994 slaughter of 800,000 mostly Christian members of the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda.

US Troops Kill Key people in Iraq?

"Innocent civilians, including people who are considered vital to building democracy, are increasingly being killed by US troops"

States Fight FED over Troops

"Governors sue over closure and transfer plans that would affect one-third of Air National Guard units"

Retired Miltary supports McCain

"Retired Military for McCain…to adhere to the Law
proposed amendments by U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., "requiring all interrogations of detainees in Department of Defense (DOD) custody to conform to the U.S. Army's Field Manual on Intelligence Interrogation (FM 34-52), and prohibiting the use of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by any U.S. government agency."

BushCo Targets Friends of Planet

"The ACLU and Greenpeace filed a lawsuit in federal court charging the FBI with wrongfully withholding information about its investigations of peaceful organizations. The FBI has thousands of pages on Greenpeace, the ACLU and other organizations, but to date less than 20 pages have been received under Freedom of Information Act requests"

BushCo Invades Innocent Friends

Whales and dolphins, sea lions
"The ocean is an acoustic environment, not a visual one and marine mammals rely heavily on sound for their survival. Without their heightened sense of hearing, marine mammals cannot find food, avoid predators or communicate with each other."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The following audio-visual program contains material that is against, Contra the US government, and the American people.

If you should become outraged, over any of the reported facts in the following program please contact your Federal, State, and local public officials, immediately and DEMAND Justice...for our Nation and the American people.....

Leak-Gate Part (1)

When a president lies, along with other government elites associated with the U.S. Office of the Presidency; engaging in a campaign of deception,it is regarded as morally reprehensible and intentionally harmful...


The contents in the above link is about the present United States Government under the Bush Administration. Do you disagree with this information, let us know...


What you are about to view is morally depraved, and intentionally harmful, please view at your own discretion

Friday, July 22, 2005

Can't Win: War on Terror...

with open Borders! ..Remember 9/11 KVOA Video Player

The Terrorists at the Border

What action has Department of Homeland Security taken on this?
Terrorists, bombs smuggled across Mexico border by MS-13 gangsters.

Beware of Suspicious Persons

After Fear Comes Suspicion and Paranoia
"People who don’t seem to belong in the workplace, neighborhood, business establishments, or anywhere else. This also includes suspicious individuals outside "

Bushit's Reassurance

On the Best Law ever Written, the Un-Patriot's Act
"So my message to the Congress is clear: This is no time to let our guard down and no time to roll back good laws. The Patriot Act is expected to expire, but the terrorist threats will not expire."

Bush: It's Universal Freedom

It's all about Freedom, not the "D" word
"They don't understand our country though. They don't understand that when it comes to the defense of universal freedoms, this country won't be frightened"

Giuliani Speaks for New Yorkers...?

New York needs to Speak-Up for the Big Apple...
I think people on the subways here in New York are much more willing to accept the possibility of somebody searching them, looking at them, doing things today than they would have been a week -- or let's say three weeks ago.

Brave Kenya Defys BushCo

Kenya says no immunity on US genocide...…
"praised Kenya for its continued opposition to signing a bilateral agreement with the United States that would provide US citizens and personnel accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes with immunity from the International Criminal Court (ICC)"

The Last of the Gun Stores

"While we're waiting to see what happens, consider this. The Kelo decision easily enables local governments to close gun stores or shooting ranges"

The Gaza Disengagement

"It is ethnic cleansing. It is racism. It is an invitation to another genocide. There is no moral or legal justification for it"

Scientists On "Ray Gun" Control

An Exciting BushCo Production...a "street sweeper"
"Scientists are questioning the safety of a Star Wars-style riot control ray gun due to be deployed in Iraq next year"

Worst Drinking Water in Nation

You can't taste the MTBE ?
"The presence of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), a component used to add oxygen to gasoline to meet Clean Air Act standards, has been detected as a contaminant in ground water supplies underlying urban areas"

The Criminal Weed

Demonizing & criminalizing a herb is good for the private prison industry ... and protects the beer brewers too.
Known by the scientific name Cannabis sativa, marijuana is an annual herb closely related to the hops used in beer brewing.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

More on Terror Cells

IF TERRORISM... is the use of violence OR the threat of violence
to obtain OR advance a political, ideological or religious goal, CAN THIS ALSO BE...

US Border Patrol & Volunteers

Vigilance breeds success
"The official, Robert C. Bonner, commissioner of United States Customs and Border Protection, said his agency had focused on involving citizens after noting the willingness of volunteers to help federal agents catch illegal immigrants"

It's a RICO Violation

Mexico MUST pay it's own way...
"Vasquez has developed a reputation as a staunch opponent of illegal immigration. He has tried to bill the Mexican government for the cost of dealing with illegal immigrants from that country, and he tried unsuccessfully to have Canyon County declared a disaster area for what he claims is an impending "invasion" of illegal immigrants"

History of the Flag

"...they were the race chosen to harvest fresh hearts and warm blood, to keep their Satanic demon-gods fed and satiated, and to thus preserve the world from destruction."


"The real victims are the American people, not the Wilsons,"
"The real culprit … is not Mr. Rove but the gang that sent American sons and daughters to war on trumped-up grounds and in so doing diverted finite resources, human and otherwise, from fighting the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. That's why the stakes are so high…."

Drug Court over Prison

Cost Effective for drug offenses..
Drug courts have saved the state more than $42 million in incarceration costs, a state agency said Wednesday in a report to legislators.

Taser Class Action

False claims of safety, was a lawsuit waiting to happen...
"The lawsuit was filed Monday, one day after Michael Crutchfield died following an encounter with West Palm Beach police in which one officer shocked him three times with the 50,000-volt weapon"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Congressman Tancredo Speaks Out

bomb Mecca..? Can we just close the real port of entry for violent criminals and terrorist at our southern US Border? ...Listen at above link.

Permanent Police Powers Push

Don't be fooled, it's the Un-Patriot's ACT , loosing civil liberties, and civil rights is NOT good for US citizens..see text and video at above link.


Moral decision-making should neve be a tough sell...
"In order to do what is right, we may have to risk our lives or our property.... Is it more important to pursue justice, or is it more important to protect your retirement account?

Bush: a "mafia-like tone"

"I'm the kind of person, when a friend gets attacked, I don't like it." We're Bush's boss. He works for us…. Rove had no right to give away state secrets, even to protect Bush"

Public Keeps Eye on Rove

"The slide in trust in Bush comes at a time the White House is answering questions about top aide Karl Rove's involvement in the public leak of the identity"

A Problem with Assimilation

"Americans seem to be of two minds about immigration, with a new Gallup poll confirming that ambivalence: It finds that a large majority of Americans think immigration is good for the country, while at the same time feeling that current levels of immigration are too high.... those misgivings reflect a concern about the ability - or desire - of some groups to assimilate"

UK Failed to Control UK

"It says Britain's ability to wage counter-terrorism measures has also been hampered because the US is always in the driving seat in deciding policy initiatives"

Enforcement on Illegal Immigration

We need Enforcement Now, enforcement, enforcement...
" As the guest-worker debate heats up in Congress, the new bill's sponsors said their version stands out by combining strong enforcement with the worker program. "The key here is enforcement of the law and a law that can be enforced"

Just Give 'Em Amnesty

CT lawmaker offers "reward the criminal" as solution...
"In the end, the state might just find it better to address the problem from a different perspective. "If you want to end exploitation tomorrow," Lawlor said, "then the best thing is to give them legal status and let them pay taxes, earn the minimum wage and let them be eligible for workers' compensation and the rest."

Hillary the next Commander-in-

WAR...even if it's an Illegal War?
"Unlike 21 of her Democratic colleagues at the time, Clinton supported going to war in Iraq and has rejected calls for a timetable to begin bringing U.S. troops home"

Dead Troops Toll on Governors

"The Pentagon's reliance on Guard and reserve forces has brought the war home to small communities, straining local economies and disrupting families and businesses. Governors held closed-door discussions with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff..."

It's ENRON by the Ocean

If they can't handle San Diego, how can they manage Re-Developement?
"Throw the bums out," especially in light of the convictions of the councilmen, accused of taking bribes from strip clubs eager to lift "no touch" rules.

Land Grab & Re-Developement

is a good thing for California...
Local government must declare the target zone to be blighted in order for it to become eligible for redevelopment. "Redevelopment is good way to keep money in a community and fund improvements that we can't afford any other way"

AZ Homeless Die in HEAT

Phoenix Homeless must have shelter from killer heat, just drinking water is NOT sufficient to avoid heat related deaths.
"A blistering heat wave is being blamed for the deaths of 12 people in Phoenix, prompting officials to ask for donations of ice and water bottles for those sweltering without air conditioning"

Don't Cry Wolf or SHARK!

Shark attacks are common like hens teeth
"People were telling us not to tell anybody," Seale said. "The paramedics that came there and the police officer that showed up they told us not to tell anybody"

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

When a Judge Perceives

and alleges Intimidation, by an Editor ...
"In what clearly is designed to be a message to judicial activists across the country, a retired Ohio judge who has been the subject of intense criticism for his actions has filed a criminal complaint against his critics, claiming that he was intimidated"

BLOGS: Boots on the Ground...

for Liberty...
View above link where Blogger exposes "Rent-A-Judge"

CA Senator Respectfully Disagrees

BILL MORROW, of CALIFORNIA STATE Senate, a SOLID Public Officials with Intergrity...
"disagree with my president's
characterization using the word "vigilante." It's not taking the law into your own hands when you're simply being a good citizen and reporting what is a crime"


"Be warned that the roving gangs of adversaries engaging the California Minutemen WILL physically attack you if they outnumber you. I repeat, they WILL physically attack you. Stay in groups, and stay LEGALLY armed with pepper spray...tasers...etc. Sidearms are legal in certain areas in Campo."

Whattya Goin Do...

when the Well Runs DRY?
"Wednesday about 60 trucks carrying between 1,300 and 2,100 gallons each went south because the wells supplying thousands of families went dry again"

Dying in Desert Case Dismissed

No Judge made Law here
"the decision on whether to allow water stations was a discretionary policy, and the court lacked jurisdiction in such cases"

The Socialist States

Can the Eastern Region Stop Corporate Welfare Programs?
"Residents of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and other Eastern socialistic states complain that they send more tax dollars to Washington than come back as benefit programs. The way to deal with that is not to pay subsidies to companies like Pfizer by acquiring land for them, but to stop electing people like Teddy Kennedy and Christopher Dodd.”

Hillary Re-Invents Hillary

"Senator Clinton, as part of her attempt to re-invent herself, told a cheering crowd that the United States had to protect our borders and deal with illegal immigration"

A Hillary Bull Session

"Speaking to the nations' largest Hispanic civil rights organization, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., received a standing ovation Monday"

Lawful Path: Brainwashing

"Psychopolitics is the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through "mental healing."

License to Kill & Destroy US

"It’s why an illegal alien shot a Denver cop in the back of the head at a party in May. Illegal alien Gomez was stopped three separate times with an invalid driver’s license and no insurance. An American citizen would have gone to jail."

America is in Trouble

Ethically challenged, morally bankrupt
"The largest church in America takes no position on the great moral issues of the day. Men marry men, 10 commandments ripped off of buildings, evolution trumps creation, abortion is a choice. That’s okay, come to our church, who are we to judge?"

The American Commies...

"the ACLU was founded, and remains committed, to support the activities of the most violently radical branches of the socialist and anarchist groups working to overthrow our Constitutional government."

Monday, July 18, 2005

The LA Shooting

When police kill innocent victims of crime, why is it exclusively featured as a black/brown community dilema? White innocent victims of police killings happen just as frequently as any other color of the sin. It is a social issue of the worst kind for the entire community to face. Sharpton's interference has hindered, and short-changed the people's activism and spirit from taking action in their own community.

AZ Sheriff Hitches Horse to ACLU

Wagon ...who Support the Illegal Alien Agenda. See this report where facts of events are manipulated. Also since Sheriff Joe wants to bring up the subject of's a good time to ask why Sheriff Joe, only photographs, and parades "white" inmates in "Pink " undies, and NOT the inmates of "other" skin color. Is it not apparent the Sheriff's Office has a propensity to use "white" inmates for his Jail photo opts to make himself look better ? Let us know what you think.
Arpaio stood behind the arrest of Haab by his deputies, telling The Arizona Republic that "Haab did not have the right to do what he did" and "you don't have the right to point guns at people because of the color of their skin."

Border WAR Rages in DC

Tancredo tells media, Rove is a Goon
“Can anybody explain to me why we shouldn’t be paranoid?” he asked a reporter for Fox News. He complained about open borders to the Washington Times editorial board, and said that “the blood of the people killed” by a second terrorist attack would be on the hands of President Bush and Congress. That prompted a phone call from Bush adviser Karl Rove, one so rife with vulgarity and vitriol that Tancredo, who was driving to work at the time, had to pull his car to the side of the road. Rove called him a “traitor to the president” and told him never to “darken the doorstep of this White House.”

The Presidential Race for 2008

A Geo-Political Relationship of the Worst kind....Fox is often regarded by illegal Mexicans when asked in AZ as the worst thing that has EVER happened to Mexico, now this...

Both Clintons Join Race

for US Presidency... and the spinmill odometer is about to explode from the lies and deceptions!
"She has maintained a robust stance on national security, stood by her support for the invasion of Iraq - to the dismay of many Democrats - and adopted a tough stance on illegal immigration"

Just Say NO to Border Security

Hillary votes Against National Security-
" New York's two senators, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer - who have been complaining since the London bombing attacks that the federal government hasn't done enough to protect the U.S. from terrorists - voted against legislation to enhance border security on Thursday"

The Magnificent Dissent!

Kozinski admits Judiciary knows how to rule, but is NOT independent...
"After boldly declaring that some anti-Second Amendment judges deliberately misread the Second Amendment in order to enforce their prejudices, Judge Kozinski finished with these ringing words that cut to the heart of why the Second Amendment is so very important to a free people"


Meet this all- American couple, meet the Wilsons...


"the underlying issue in the Karl Rove controversy is not a leak, the effort to delude America into thinking it faced a threat dire enough to justify a war"

It's in Rove's Blood

" Mr. Rove's own history. ..Trashing is in his nature, and bad things happen, usually through under-the-radar whispers, to decent people (and their wives) who get in his way. In the 2000 South Carolina primary, John McCain's wife, Cindy"...

More on UN Abuses

..."yelling and hollering about one of the honchos there being a little too cozy with John Kerry"

UN Reformer Shares in Scandal

Brown a consumate agent for UN abuse of power, charged with Reform?
"Malloch Brown, who is charged with reforming the scandal-plagued institution, of an "obsession with consolidating power" for himself and his "Democratic cronies" and of "riding roughshod" over regulations. He had a "reckless approach", they alleged, which "fits into a long-standing pattern of abuse and conflict of interest"

Tough on Immigration?

How US immigration is pitched overseas...
"Immigration in America is an extremely hot topic and now, more than ever, is the time to have all your paperwork in order. They want to see that every 'I' is dotted and every 'T' is crossed"

Petitions Post...Armchair Activists

Mother Nature Needs Your help...Stop the Ecocide...

Full Investigation on Delay

Fed Up and left out of your government ? Cease and Desist the morally and ethically bankrupt in DC...

Bob Hope Memorial

Let's support this tribute for an American Hero, and Legend dearly loved and missed by ALl.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

BushCo on the Run...

Where they gonna run...Where they gonna hide? / CBS News Video

Point the Finger

If they were Demorats...
"Names never are mentioned at police lineups, either. The witnesses just point a finger or say the number a certain suspect is holding"

Make it HELL!

"she had been charged with striking detainees and attaching wires to a prisoner's hands while he stood on a box with his head covered. She is accused of telling him if he fell off the box, he would be electrocuted"

It's Liberal Theology

" But the patent illogic of liberal theology still reigns, in the face of common sense. In the liberal worldview, sexual freedom has transformed rape from the equivalent of torture to an unremarkable crime on the order of petty theft
they have “internalized” ... liberal worldviews and rejected Judeo-Christian values"

They Want to Kill

"Republicans,... "want to kill us ..."I was driving past the Pentagon when that plane hit" on Sept. 11, 2001. "I had friends on that plane; this is deadly serious to me"

RICO Fights Mafia

Illegal Aliens Bosses are Targeted
"The law allows those financially injured by a pattern of criminal activity to seek redress through the state or federal courts.will allege that the businesses have violated the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act by hiring undocumented workers"

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Unless You Become More Watchful

"of your STATE...and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges, you will in the end find that the most important powers of Government have been given or bartered away, and the control of your dearest interests have been passed into the hands of these corporations"

The Govinator Takes $40 Million

from Corporations and special interest. See in above link.

CT Privatization: A Test Case

"an assistant clinical professor in the Yale School of Public Health, asked the State Department of Social Services to disclose the rates its contractor HMOs pay specialists for treating Medicaid patients. The state refused.
In the papers, the HMOs claim that disclosing the amount they pay doctors would reveal commercial trade secrets"

War Profiteers Get Billions

"Inspectors examined the San Antonio, a $1.2 billion helicopter and troop carrier scheduled to join the fleet this fall, and found hazardous wiring, uninstalled ventilation and a crash-prone engineering control system. They said the ship is not ready for its crew to come aboard" (Please scroll this)

Border Govs Are "No Show"

at Summit on illegal immigration and crime from Mexico. Looking out for their own career and net worth ...can anyone doubt they SERVE special interest like the private prison industry ?…"Governors Rick Perry of Texas and Janet Napolitano of Arizona were absent even though their states are among the hardest hit by illegal immigration and crime from Mexico. ... (The governors' absence) demonstrates a real lack of interest in finding bilateral solutions"

BushCo and Friends in Judiciary

(2) out of three Judge Panel owe the Bushes
"In a major victory for President Bush, the three-judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said a joint resolution passed by Congress in the wake of the September 11 attacks authorized the president to use military commissions to try enemy combatants...
Judge Randolph, appointed in 1990 by the first President Bush, wrote the unanimous ruling. Concurring was Senior Judge Stephen F. Williams, a 1986 Reagan appointee, and Judge John G. Roberts, named to the bench in 2003 by the president"

Going Numb on China

While China builds weapons aresenals
"But pro-China advocates in the administration, specifically staff members on the White House National Security Council, worked through think tanks and other indirect policy channels to block the Pentagon from saying anything bad about China, officials said."

Easter Island Ecocide

The Ideology graveyard is the enviromnet
"the biggest common factor in past ecocides has been the pursuit of short-term "rational bad behavior" arising from clashes of interests between people. For example, one logging company decides to destroy great chunks of the Amazon, on the grounds that if they don't, some other logging company will."

Friday, July 15, 2005

When a Sheriff Won't Work

See how public handles another hard-to-find Sheriff
Video - WBIR-TV, Knoxville, TN

No UN Rules for US

Senator Vitter, attacks UN action to mess with 2nd Amendment rights...

AIDS Under Fire

"SOUTH African police fired rubber bullets and smoke grenades at AIDS protesters..."

Land Rights for Africa

will restore HOPE
'the poor do not usually have legally protected property rights to what they possess, they are what he calls dead capital - they cannot be leveraged for economic improvement"

Chinese Labor for Colorado

"It's our understanding the Chinese have the rigs and the crews and are trying to market that capacity"

CAFTA : Race to Bottom

"Prosperity in our country is best achieved by ensuring that the rules of international competition do not facilitate a race to the bottom and by reassuring U.S. workers and businesses that we are shaping the terms of trade to maximize its benefits and minimize its disadvantages"

Pa. for CAFTA

"Rep. Phil English, R-Pa., said he was now "comfortable" voting for CAFTA after House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas, R-Calif., agreed to promote legislation that would increase monitoring of Chinese compliance with its trade obligations and manipulation of its currency"

Pension Terror

"The only thing the Legislature has done since this pension bomb began exploding is to simply reintroduce every union's wish list of pension sweeteners, which would make costs even higher," said the director, Edmund J. McMahon, who wrote a report released Thursday analyzing the Legislature's actions on pension matters in the recently ended session"

Official Busted on Cocaine

"A city councilwoman was arrested for investigation of cocaine possession and child endangerment by members of a task force that recently raided a notorious street gang blamed in the shooting deaths of two police officers, authorities said Thursday"

Law Enforcement Works

"The agency said 36 were convicted for violent offenses ranging from malicious wounding to manslaughter, 15 were convicted of drug-related crimes, and six are classified as child sex predators with convictions ranging from child molestation to indecent liberties on a child under the age of 13."

Senate Votes Sleep Over...

"The Senate voted yesterday against fulfilling its pledge from last year to hire 2,000 more Border Patrol agents and fund 8,000 new detention beds for illegal aliens in fiscal 2006"

FLA Candidate Sez "NO"

"Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher has refunded $3,000 in campaign donations from companies tied to Penthouse magazine"

Travelin' on OUR DIME

Cost is no concern for Congress
The Air Force flew 35 lawmakers to Florida on Wednesday in two C40B aircraft, the equivalent of a 737-700 business jet. The cost, based on an hourly rate of $7,960, totaled $63,680, the service said. The round trip is about four hours.

The Court's Secret Docket Scam

Secret Court dockets conceal hearing on cases for civil rights litigation, and wealthy divorces, and criminal cases....and blocks the public's right to know.

Un-Patriot's Act Gets Challenged

"Gerry Spence, who successfully defended former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos on racketeering charges in 1990 - contends there is evidence to show the FBI was not on firm footing when they made their arrest"

The Crime of Justice

The myth of power must be shattered when public official predators, loot and kill ...criminals in public office are a danger to all...they must be removed and prosecuted.
"There's always been impunity for the powerful, but now you can see it in plain view."But some legal experts contend that the federal government has been presenting weak or faulty cases because it hasn't put enough priority on training and preparing prosecutors and investigators. Some say the office has been overtly used for political or public-opinion purposes"

US Stonewalls Brutality

"Watching the government stonewalling and lie about the fatal beating of an innocent man is as disturbing as watching the torture John McCain suffered 30 years ago rather than betray what America stands for"

ACLU a Cover for

Domestic enemies and Vague Mush Agenda
"too many people today equate the ACLU with the vague mush subsumed under the name of “democracy,” which has come to mean simply that anyone can do any thing he desires, so long as it doesn’t involve advocating belief in God and the moral principles of the founding generations of our nation."

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another Smoking Gun

Splitting hairs by the defense
"The act does not say a name must be disclosed. By telling a reporter that Joseph Wilson's wife was a CIA officer, Rove was clearly disclosing "identifying" information. There was only one Mrs. Joseph Wilson. With such information in hand, Cooper or anyone else could easily have ascertained the name of this officer"

Rookie Cop Shoots & Kills

A traffic stop gets deadly
KVOA Video Player

AZ Sheriff No Clues

A $2 million action- is this another cover-up?
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Terry Wade running over William ‘Billy’ Lee on April 21, 2001 escaped all media attention, is just as incredible as Lee living through the ordeal.

Just Say NO to Bunker Busters

Let's not forget depleted uranium
"Senate Votes Yes, House Votes No on New Nukes Conference Committee Will Decide Fate of Bunker Buster in September "

The FAX Center for Issues

Don't write anything, just sign and send.

Burn the Arnold, Burn the..

..."a Tlaxcala state lawmaker called on his legislature to approve a resolution urging Mexicans to burn their Schwarzenegger movies and declaring the California governor persona non grata, but the measure was never passed"

Trade Agreements are the Intent

Imprisoned for protecting the enviroment is a crime
..."a farmer-turned-environmentalist, has been sitting in a cramped, squalid jail here for eight months, charged with murdering the son of his nemesis, a wealthy landowner who brokered the sale of much of the lumber in the nearby mountains."

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New York City & Terrorism

Doesn't the root of corruption in law enforcement ... sometimes start with low pay for cops? Let's ask Mexico ...
Are rookies taking an Oath to uphold the Constitution OR the Un-Patriot's Act? See Above LINK.

McCain's Raunch & Boobs

McCain Admits he wanted to "impress his kids"
While the World struggles with an Illegal War in Iraq, treason by sell-out commie public predators, and over-all pending doom...the DC Gang suffers a glitzy lifestyle away from the World's woes, disaster and human suffering... THEY created.

Congressman Tancredo Invites ...

Congressional Duty and Constitutional Obligation

INTEL on Globalist

The Enemy From Within , By: Thomas D. Schauf (1992)
"Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central Banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed: Rothschild Bank of London, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Rothschild Bank of Berlin,Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Banks , Goldman Sachs of New York, & Italy, Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam"

Abu Al Awaits the Bench

In order to complete the Satanic rites and ceremony
Clearly Patriot II—the nightmarish encore that will legislatively abolish the Bill of Rights—is still waiting for the confirmation of the right "anti-liberty" justice to join the Liberal Four.

Share the Poverty Plan

A New Reality emerges, remember the Globlalists?
"Community" means integrating the United States with the corruption, socialism, poverty and population of Mexico and Canada. "Common perimeter" means wide-open U.S. borders between the U.S., Mexico and Canada"

ChokeHold on the COURTS

"The chief judge of U.S. District Court in Boston lashed out at Congress on Tuesday for putting what he called a "chokehold" on all federal district courts, stripping them of the authority to rule on deportation cases"

Not a Federal Matter

Don't fall for the "Federal matter" a lame excuse used by side-step the Rule of Law
Prosecutor Nicole Morse told the judge that local authorities were trying to protect their communities, not enforce federal immigration law. Defense attorneys said the state Legislature did not mention immigration when it created the trespassing law, and that using it in such cases could cause chaos in the court system and spread to other states.

TB and Illegal Aliens

"Dr. Kevin Patterson in the March issue of Mother Jones News, “Patient Predator,” an estimated 16,000 cases of MDR mycobacterium tuberculosis traveled over U.S. borders from Mexico in the past five years. This new ‘multi-drug resistant’ TB, at this point, is incurable. Worldwide, tuberculosis kills two million people annually"

A Call of NATURE

"Without a doubt, the hordes are here. On summer afternoons, Yosemite Valley can be a riot of bumpers and brake lights - Los Angeles gridlock set against a landscape beyond imagination"

Bumming the Bush-Docktor

Physcian Heal Thy Self...
"Bush's cure for terrorism is a cause of the epidemic. The doctor is spreading the disease. The longer we stay in Iraq, the greater the number of suicide attacks we can expect"

Brits Tied to BLAST

"No-one should smear or stigmatise any community with these acts."

Young Brits on Islam

...."coordinated terrorist attacks that killed at least 49 people have underscored competing forces within Britain's Muslim community: a minority that advocates violence against Western targets, and those who want to coexist peacefully with Britain's multifaith, multiethnic society." ..

CT Urges Moratorium

Kudos for Gov Rell in CT...
"When government intrudes on our homes, it must have a defensible reason,'' Rell said in a written statement. In the New London case, the reason was not defensible.''

Over-Reaction with Kelo v.

Punks of the Hood Speak
"In our view there's been a pretty strong overreaction in the Kelo case, at least as it applies in Georgia. Counties and cities have had the power to undertake redevelopment projects under state law, but best we can tell it has not been abused."

You know it, when you see it

The Veterans Party Writes...


Being a loyal Republican I believed it when my political party told me the standard for impeaching a President was if he lied to the public.

I supported the impeachment of President Clinton for lying about sex even though it did bother me about how most of the Republican Congress betrayed our troops as President Clinton sent them into combat against Somalia and, again, in the Balkans.

"Wagging the tail of the Dog" the Republicans kept saying as our brave troops, my brothers in arms, went into harm's way fighting in Somalia, and in action in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovenia, Kosovo and Macedonia, and in action against the Serbs in the former Yugoslavia.

Now I see my former political party betraying America every day, committing treason, and endangering every American for profit, and politics.
The most important item for security in America, our borders, are kept wide open, allowing any terrorist, or group of terrorists, to freely enter our country to attack us, all because a handful of very rich Republicans that have our President and Republican Congress PAID OFF, want the cheap Mexican labor supply to be uninterrupted.

Americans Veterans are denied the benefits they EARNED because that same "clique" want tax dollars, that should go to America's Veterans, diverted to give FREE medical care to their cheap Mexican Workers and to keep their cheap work force healthy.

We all remember President Bush's Lie that "a promise made to America's Veterans will be a promise kept", as he deceived us, and swindled America's Veterans out of their votes in 2000 - and again in 2004.

Instead President Bush has broken every promise to America's Veterans, and not only cheated and stole our benefits, but President Bush has betrayed and stolen from the very same military he promised to aid even as he send them into combat.

Yet he has done everything he can for the illegal Mexican Criminals, breaking our laws and entering our country illegally, bringing crime to our cities, and a drain on our tax dollars.

This is nothing less than TREASON!

Now we find that the White House, at its very highest level, has committed TREASON to ALL active American CIA Agents trying to get information to keep America secure, by brazenly exposing their identity to newspapers, and solely for political reasons.

Joseph Wilson was hired by the CIA to investigate claims that Iraq was buying uranium from Niger and honestly reported that the allegation was false, as he was hired to do.
Because the truth exposed lies to the public by President Bush, who claimed Iraq was buying uranium, the White House committed TREASON and told various newspapers the identity of a covert CIA Agent, Valerie Plame, who is the wife of Joseph Wilson.
The While House may have gotten revenge against Joseph Wilson, but by exposing a CIA Agent they endanger the lives of everyone working with Agent Plame, or Wilson, and cut off sources of information that could protect America from future attacks, and have forever harmed the CIA itself, and America's security.
Would you give information to American CIA Agents about future terrorist attacks if you knew you might be exposed at any time by the Bush White House for mere political reasons?
America's security has been seriously compromised by plain TREASON in the Bush White House and President Bush, and Karl Rove, should be tried for TREASON.

Never in America's history has a President been more unfit for office. The security of all of America is at risk and the future will surely see a massive attack on American soil, and a great loss of American Life, all because we have a TRAITOR for a President in Washington.
These kinds of dirty politics, screwing America's Veterans, betraying our security, and selling out our country for a few pieces of silver and sordid political games is why, as a nation, we need to get rid of the good old boys in Washington, and put a Third Party in power.
A party that KEEPS IT WORD TO AMERICA'S VETERANS, and secures our borders, while providing a future for our children.

The Veterans Party

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

LAPD Shoots Baby

When law enforcement encounters most situations with LEAD first, this is what occurs. The public is placed at risk and danger ... this is NOT justifiable, it is manslaughter!
Baby Dies During SWAT Standoff

The Rove Roll-Over

Regieme Change is awaitin'
"Rove's attorney has now admitted that his client mentioned to Cooper that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA but claims that Rove did not reveal her name. It is a felony to knowingly reveal the identity of an undercover operative. From the moment this scandal began, the White House has adamantly denied that Rove or any other administration official was behind the outting of Plame"

Bush Recruits for Al Quaeda

"America has shown itself to be good at hunting terrorists. Unfortunately, by occupying Iraq, it has become even better at creating them"

Scientific Investigation on 9/11

Making sense of the 9/11 data, what didn't happen, yet what may have happened.


Food Freedom Fighters, entire text of CAFTA is here, better call Congressman, voting soon.

Raising Money for US Vets

"Money is desperately needed," Calhoun said, adding that the group helped him "when just getting out of bed seemed impossible."

US Troops Shoot Jounalists

"U.S. soldiers need to stop shooting journalists"

The Silencing by BushCo

Does Fighting Terrorism have to Clash with Human Rights?
"the Bush administration threatened to defund UNDP because the Arab academics who wrote the report implicated the U.S. government in human rights violations in the Middle East. "For example," he told Reuters, "the United States is suppressing the two national liberation movements in the Arab world – in Iraq and in Palestine."

Monday, July 11, 2005

Are you a Believer?

View video on the Lies of BushCo

Ready Aim ...BLAST!

Hit the Ground, Under-Ground
"Bush failed to translate this policy into securing the U.S.-Mexico border through which the nuclear weapons and al-Qaida operatives are believed to have passed with the help of the MS-13 smugglers"

Bloodthirsty & Bad Taste

Rent-a- Bush for a Funeral & livin' things up!
"Bush remarked with shudderingly bad taste that all headstones look alike -- a Texan's crude way of saying, "You seen one skull orchard, you seen 'em all," and announced with devilish arrogance that his mission remains unchanged -- he has the terrorists on the run and he isn't going to stop until he has spread God's gifts of freedom and democracy and liberty and neat stuff like that throughout the world"

All About Karl Rove

"For two years, the White House has insisted that Rove had nothing to do with the leak. And President Bush said the leaker would be fired"

Mayors Ride Rail

A Show of Support AND White Knuckles ?
"Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and New York Gov. George Pataki all made it a point to ride mass transit Thursday to illustrate their faith in its safety"

More Fear Mongering

Former Israeli agent says government not preparing citizens

Practice Drill Behind Blast

"The fact that the exercise mirrored the exact locations and times of the bombings is light years beyond a coincidence. Power said the drill focused around 'simultaneous bombings'. At first the bombings were thought to have been spread over an hour, but the BBC reports just today that the bombings were in fact simultaneous"

The Silent Government

Redevelopment: The Unknown Government,” reveals a government that does not have to have public approval to attend to business"

More CT Golden Land Grab

“I think it is disastrous for what it means to the taking of private homes for the spurious goals of economic development,” Katz said. “What passes for economic development today has been seen to be cyclical and there is nothing cyclical about residential displacement of a population.”

CT Eminent ReHearing: Letter

"The Kelo case is based on the Fifth Amendment. When James Madison presented it to Congress, he said that it “prevents every assumption of power in the legislative or executive.” When he said “every,” he meant a fact of the individual. A fact of the individual is a fact of human experience, which does not change even when government seeks to destroy it"

Use Guns and Punishment

Gun Owners Alert, everything on legislation...

Guns & the Future of the US

It's NOT about our safety..
"Anti-gun cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC have demonstrated over and over again that your safety is irrelevant when compared to their political ideology"

AZ Drugsters Escape Prosecution

Why did State Attorney General take this criminal case?
Why the suspected heroin dealers’ cases were sent to (AZ Attorney General)Goddard’s office, and not the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office — where the bulk of Valley prosecutions take place — has never been made clear.
Typically, the only drug cases handled by (AG) Goddard’s office involve a multiagency task force....
it was "unusual" for Goddard to be taking the cases.

AZ Gov: Power Good in Russia

See AZ Gov Asserts and Seizes the Crown of Power KVOA Video Player

AZ Gov Can't Fool All

Kathy McKee, Chairman,Founder Protect Arizona NOW writes...
"Is anyone fooled by Janet Napolitano's call for an immigration "summit" next week or a crackdown on fraudulent I.D.'s in Arizona? Remember, she vetoed a wonderful bill that would have prohibited using foreign consular I.D.'s (such as Mexico's matricula consular cards) for I.D. – knowing full well that only illegal aliens want or need these foreign I.D.'s. In fact, the only anti-illegal immigration bills she signed was the one prohibiting taxpayer funds from being used for illegal alien day-laborer centers; unfortunately, the way this bill was drafted and passed, it would not affect the day-laborer center in Phoenix or Chandler, so other than sending a message, it's not that useful a tool..."

Govt. Bite on Biz Community

Extortion in Massachusettes
..."businesses get smacked with increased premiums and the taxpayer is still paying for those that can’t afford it. To top it off, those failing to enroll would lose their tax exemption and be subject to wage garnishments. And the citizens of Massachusetts...keep from getting fleeced!"

The Meaning of the Pledge Unfolds

The Mobocracy of Democracy...
"Noah Webster said, “In democracy…there are commonly tumults and disorders…Therefore a pure democracy is generally a very bad government. It is often the most tyrannical government on earth.”

Family Rights and Children

Government Intrusion to Families
"The insertion of the coercive force of government into the private lives of families, without accountability, due process, or recourse to redress the government for grievances is epidemic nationally and invariably harms families, communities, threatens our country's future and should be vigorously opposed"

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The G8 & the Beneficiaries

See live reporting on reception by G8 for the People Video

The G8 & Globalization

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Globalization is fundamentally about the possibilities arising from a collective awareness of all cultures"

Israel Knew Early About Blast

"Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported... that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred"

Blast Over Illegitimate War

"Thanks Tony… but you've let us all down with all your war-mongering and the thousands of British, American, Iraq & Afghan soldiers, civilians, police, security agents & journalists that have been killed"

Who Has Most to Gain?

Remember on July 5th UK announced Iraq pull-out?
"Who has the most to gain from an attack during the G8? Bin Laden? Or George Bush?"

Terror Attacks R Media Events

"President Bush decided to create a mythical enemy of vague and ambiguous proportions and irrational motives. This was done to give carte blanche to the government to pursue policies that really had nothing to do with fighting al-Qaeda"

Plame-Gate & Rove

More sordid facts, and points to make the case
"Just as the Watergate scandal eventually forced Richard Nixon to resign from the Office of The Presidency, the "Plame Outing" portends to do exactly the same for the presidency of George W. Bush"

A Tax for SPEECH

Effective Public Awareness ruled political speech- BULL!

Prepare the Drinking Water

More on surviving
"Where and how, then, do we get water which is safe to drink? ... as a rule of thumb you will need to have one gallon, per person, per day for drinking purposes only"

Freedom of Choice Under Attack

Foremost medical authority speaks to the community
"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."

BushCo And RINO

Republican In Name Only presents-
'Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney .... Practicing secrecy and deception and displaying an open contempt for the Constitution and international law "

The Apocalypse Hoax

The Family Plan Brain-washing site...see above link
"The purpose behind the setup is to get Christian fundamentalists to believe that the wars, famines, plagues, etc ... are part of God's plan and a fulfillment of scriptural prophesy"

Not the Last Word for Sandra

Ex- Chief Justice Moore reports on Ex-Justice O'Connor
"Her unfortunate legacy has strengthened so-called rights of sodomy and abortion not found in the Constitution, but has eroded fundamental rights actually in the text of the Constitution, such as life, liberty, and property"

Psych Experts on Bush

Truth is stranger than fiction...
"on George W. Bush. The results are extremely disturbing, but provide a consistent framework from which to view Bush's strange behavior (mannerisms, malapropisms), the systematic deception employed by his administration, and the efforts of his campaign to subvert the ...."

Sold Out to SATAN

Ed Klein gives the World his great masterpeice on the Clintons
“I believe both of them have sold their souls to the devil in order to achieve power. One only has to look at their marriage to realize that Hillary has abided and even abetted Bill’s serial philandering because she has…connected herself to him in order to achieve her political goals"

Friday, July 08, 2005


Does AZ Gov need a reality check ? NO Terrorists on the Phoenix bus media player

AZ Writes Gov to WAKE-UP!

July 7,2005
Governor Janet Napolitano
State of Arizona1700 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Governor Napolitano,

Below you will find an attachment forwarded on Tuesday.One of the reasons that Arizona is so popular and heavily used for drug and coyote smuggling and illegal borders crossing is her transportation infrastructure.Today, we look in deep sadness and horror at what has just happened in London with 4 bombings of her transportation infrastructure.

I have 4 questions. What will be the act that was "preventable" that moves our state government to utilize all and every tool available to secure our state border? When will we wake up? How many Arizona civilian citizen funerals are looming out in the future, as a result of a terrorist act?What is acceptable as a trade off for the "benefits" of our current policy?

I am sick and tired of hearing what limitations you have, when it comes to securing the our border with Mexico. Please tell me what you can do.The previously edgy humor of this attachment now takes on a solemn prognostic tone.Please won't you reconsider your position and the council of your advisors.
Act now, of protect the citizens of Arizona. Deploy the Arizona National Guard.

Lawrrie Fitzhugh

Native Arizonan

John from Australia writes:

Judith Miller, a 28-year old veteran of the New York Times has been imprisoned in the USA by a Judge for refusing to divulge her sources of information. This imprisonment is illegal because a Judge has no jurisdiction to imprison anyone without the consent of both parties to an action to be without a Jury. "Magna Carta is now seen as a traditional mandate for trial by jury, justice for all, accountable government and no arbitrary imprisonment" - Magna Carta Monument, Canberra.

The Fully Informed Jury Association's leaflet, "Why did our founding fathers expect citizen Juries to judge our laws as well as the guilt of the individual", includes the story of John Peter Zenger (Zenger's Case 1735) which "is praised in history textbooks as a hallmark of freedom of the press in the United States" because a Jury acquitted the journalist when he was accused of seditious libel for having critized a royal governor of New York.

Why have American citizens - especially journalist - in 2005 relinquished their Rights?

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.

Justice for 9/11

Time for a NEW criminal investigation, time for a new petition, and time for solidarity...

Executive Orders

The Law of the Land, can be put into effect at any time an emergency is declared...

Federal Surplus Property

More land-grab reserved for the homeless

AZ Torutre & Death

AZ Crimes Covered-Up in Jail is crimes by the Government
No one has ever been held responsible for the murders,
deaths and injuries that have taken place in the jails
Arpaio’s watch, not even those that occurred under the watchful eye of a video camera.

Gitmo: Torture for ALL

"Americans might want to think twice before cheering the Pentagon’s mistreatment of foreign detainees at Gitmo. They might well be cheering the torture, mistreatment, and sex abuse of their countrymen and perhaps even themselves"

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bush Takes the CAKE

CNN Daily News Clips :Bush Celebrates 59th Birthday

A Bush Birthday Greeting

"More than 10,000 demonstrators shouting anti-American slogans gathered Wednesday outside the US Embassy in Copenhagen to protest a visit by President George W Bush. Seven people were arrested for "blocking traffic"

More Billions To BushCo

Audio /video, transcript in above link, Haliburton gets another $5 billion more, after discrepancy in audit .

Souter Missed this...

Everything from framers constitution to Eminent Domain, something Souter missed!

Petition for Connecticut Gov

Armchair Activism... local public servants are hard pressed to define your public good, they need to be informed....


Mexi- socialist attacks NY landlords for eviction.
"The bad guys are not the day laborers. They are the unscrupulous landlords."

Your Duty is to DIE!

Frogs are individualists who save their skins and know their minds. Crabs are egalitarian communitarians. What is good for one is good for all. Most Americans are either frogs or crabs. Frogs cherish private property, their bodies, and demand personal responsibility for medical directions and medical decisions. Crabs cherish the state, its central control, and state medical decisions for everyone in the group. Crabs live by Hegel’s philosophy that whatever is efficient is right"

BLOGGERS: Boots on the Ground

"Information is the currency of democracy."
- Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the U.S.A., writer of Declaration of Independence, American statesman

Hillary's Secret War & Weapons

Hillary Trekkies Red Alert..this is not to be construed as a book or commericial promotion...
The Internet needed an "editing" or "gatekeeping" function. The World Wide Web was out of control, she said. It needed to be reined in. Five years later, Hillary's dream is on the verge of being realized"

CT CheckPoints for Seat-Belts

Ponder this, NO checkpoints for US Border yet CT police-intrusion points is EZ ... but not in your HOOD?
"The new checkpoints - the most visible of several tactics police are using - are an effective way to heighten police visibility in troubled neighborhoods while discouraging gunplay, officials said. While ticketing motorists for failing to wear seat belts or other violations, police also search for drugs and weapons"

Kafka Detention Policy

Arbitrary Detention is a human rights abuse according to Amensty International
"Mr. Kar has been held in what his relatives and their lawyers describe as a frightening netherworld of American military detention in Iraq - charged with no crime but nonetheless unable to gain his freedom or even tell his family where he is being held"