Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lost Battle Began the WAR

Terri's struggle for life has ended this morning. December 3, 1963 - March 31, 2005

Top Judge Grabbin' BAG

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Patients need to check for HIV

" epidemiologist with the CDC, said he had heard of infections from endoscopes, which include colonoscopes, but declined to name them to protect the confidentiality of the hospitals"

Victim's Plea: NO Death Penalty

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Haliburton Sued by Truckers Kin

"The 95-page court filing claims Halliburton intentionally sent Johnson's convoy out in U.S. military camouflage vehicles along a long and unfamiliar route as a decoy so that another fuel convoy... could make the delivery and meet Halliburton's daily fuel delivery quota."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Attack & Destroy US Labor

Click video - Video/Audio

BLOGGS...if you can read a book, thank a teacher, if you can read in English, thank a Marine; if you are unemployed due to illegal aliens or outsourcing, thank a Cowboy.

Bush Buddy, Buddy & Big BUCKS

"Mexican President Vicente Fox wants to give the state oil monopoly, PetrĂ³leos Mexicanos, more independence on its investments and to let Pemex ally itself with private companies to exploit reserves in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And he wants to help his friends in Arizona and the White House builds their 3 billion dollar oil refinery in the desert."

Official ridicule, scorn marketing

..."making profit on political scandal"

Illegal Transfer for Nuke weapons

" A federal criminal investigation has uncovered evidence that the government of Pakistan made clandestine purchases of U.S. high-technology components for use in its nuclear weapons program in defiance of American law."

Judicial Scum & Scoundrels

"The state bars are whorehouses used to protect power vacuum fraud, tyranny and high crime. This is so, because state legislators fear the oath and duty to protect the Constitution and we, the people, from the state bar corruption permitted by Judiciary Committees."

The Golden Rule of Politriks

"No human authority can make right what is wrong in its essence. But the state tries to make us all accomplices in its crimes, and many people accept the invitation with gusto, believing they can profit by the system of “organized plunder” the way gamblers are confident that they can beat the house."

Monday, March 28, 2005


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Official Paid to Push STUN GUN

"Law and Public Safety Committee Chairman Dave Siebert, who has voted to spend more than $1.2 million in taxpayer money on the electric stun guns since 2001, was hired by Taser last summer to make a sales presentation to the San Francisco Police Department. "

BLOGGS... According to sources the national body count alone from death by Taser is approximately (70)...are you stunned?

This Land is My Land

"Despite the hand-wringing liberals attempts to equate your "outrage" with "potential for violence," don't forget they're as responsible as the politicians for the fiasco you're protesting."

Mexi- Drug Bribe at Border

"...trying to bribe a U.S. law enforcement official to smuggle loads of marijuana across the U.S.-Mexican border."

Sunday, March 27, 2005

SUPER-STAR witness for State

AOL News - Jackson Prosecution Witness Jailed in Robbery Spree

US Aid for military build-up

"By releasing $3.2 million in aid, the United States is rewarding Guatemala for its progress in overhauling a military once blamed for human rights abuses. " you really believe beefing -up military here means anything? See next post for a sign of things to come.

Fighting the Poverty is Free Act

"On Tuesday, a teacher was killed and several people seriously injured when hundreds of police and soldiers tried to disperse a demonstration in the Huehuetenango region, close to Guatemala's border with Mexico."

BLOGGS...we believe this report is important because there is not enough of media attention detailing the CAFTA and the people peasant resistance.

Guatemala Protests CAFTA

Click audio link here on.... Elton report

TSA MisLed Public OR Lied

"The report comes at a sensitive time for the TSA, which is using airline passenger data — which can include credit card information, phone number and address — to test a computerized system for screening passengers, called Secure Flight."

Argentina: No renewal of US Troops

"Argentine Congress last year ....rejected Washington's request to grant soldiers immunity from prosecution in local courts for possible crimes committed while on duty in the country"

BLOGGS...there are some very important details here, please don't miss.

Mexican Demands Elitist Respect

"I do not want to "trim" your bush! God damn it, respect Mexicans!"

BLOGGS...will the Wesleyan Academia take offense or embrace the culture of undocumented workers, or Mexicans?

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bio- Terroism in Beauty Treatment

More Dangerous than Steroids!!
Click video link here Multimedia

Conde and the Fox

"In the Brownsville sector alone, border patrol officials reported they caught 23,178 OTMs (other than Mexicans) crossing through August 2004," “16,616 were released."

BLOGGS..can Conde tell a mushroom cloud from a tornado? Or how about vigilantes from terrorist? Or foreign interference from sovereignty?

"Watch Lists"

There would be no adjudication by a judge, no trial by jury, before being placed on the list."

BLOGGS...democratically-modifyed security, see the DC clique behind the watch lists.

Did you ever hear of the DUKE?

"This country is full of heroes for men ----look at Christopher Columbus, George Washington, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and our modern day hero, Judge Roy Moore."'s a good time to start watching old movies w/ Stars like Gary Cooper, Clark Gable,Brando, Bogart...these cinema greats created classic male role models.

Judge Bans Yale Law School

"A Judge withholding employment from an entire law school"

BLOGGS...taking a stand on fundamental principles.

Establishing Rights for Profiteers

AZ fights rewarding criminals
click video link here... Multimedia

Friday, March 25, 2005

TN Senator Ford to Wood-Shed

Click video link below for scandal NewsChannel 5 Video

CT Jurors: beg for dismiss duty

"A federal judge dismissed jurors in a trial involving a suspected prison snitch and a reputed gang member after members said they feared for their safety."

BLOGGS...just knowing a snitch is being used to dish out Justice is a concern.

PIG BOOK: a tell-all on Govt. $$$

"Packed with examples of projects inserted into spending bills that ultimately cause Americans to mistrust their government."


"Just as an overconfident GM made financial commitments it couldn't keep, so has Uncle Sam incurred too many future obligations."

UK charges US: Grave Abuse

"The United States has committed "grave violations of human rights" against prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq the Foreign Affairs Committee of Britain's parliament said in a report on Friday."

Rogue Cowboy Hates Hague

"The Bush administration objects to this court, set up in The Hague to try war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. It fears U.S. citizens could face politically motivated prosecutions." you think there is an arrogant, elitist attitude here? Everyday US citizens are false arrested, and maliciously prosecuted by America.

US to Destroy Latin America Unity

Definitely, the US is worried because Latin America is liberating itself. This preoccupation is that of the slave owner who does not accept the liberating struggles of the oppressed peoples.

Equal Protection for Women NOW

"There are decades of evidence—documented discriminatory patterns in employment, education, insurance, health care, Social Security and pensions, military service, the justice system and numerous other areas."

Only GOD, we the people TRUST

"The furor over Gibson's phenomenal film makes it obvious that anti-Christian bigotry is alive and well among the Hollywood elite, in network board rooms, and in media executive committee meetings. "

Thursday, March 24, 2005

What's Wrong in this Picture?

Caltrans is the California State Department of Transportiton
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Is fruit w/ hog DNA fattening?

"Europeans oppose GM foods because they don't trust governments that wrongly insisted for years that the beef supply, tainted by mad cow disease, was safe."

AG Al "thanks commie supporters"

“Many people were not aware of Judge Gonzales’ long history with our affiliates ... and issue:
Anti-English only requirements, like anti-immigrant ballot initiatives, bilingual education and affirmative action"

El Fox Gang Agenda: Gringos

..."countless tales of woe from businessmen who were expropriated by gangsters ... "property" was stolen, their contracts disappeared, the courts were unavailable, the police were belligerent, government officials were menacing, and ultimately their lives were threatened.

US Pays: Illegals Med Toll

Closing America’s finest emergency medical facilities and... hospital bankruptcies: 84 California hospital are closing their doors forever."

Iraq Women Fight Defy Death

"Women in Iraq have increasingly become a target for extremists, criminals or insurgents bent on thwarting efforts to form a new government and forcing out U.S. troops."

Rats Can Swim

"It also appears as if the US wishes to take on the entire world and act just like the traditional American tough cop.

US Policy: a matter of facts

"The government must get out of the business of subsidies, regulation and interference... it is morally wrong for a government to use that monopoly of force to take production from individuals."

Human Rights Watch UN on Haiti

"Brazilian-led U.N. peacekeeping force in Haiti has failed to protect people and bring stability to the country because of a timid and complacent attitude"

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

911 Call is Fatal

Click above link to view a CT State Trooper's phone manner on 911 call. (Please allow video loading time.)

Hotline for School Threats

"Opposed by Connecticut police chiefs, the bill died in the General Assembly... Monday's incident in Minnesota highlights the need."

BLOGGS...why would police chiefs oppose a phone line for public safety?

Bush's Ultimate Flip-Flop

When cowboy was Texas Gov, he saw things different...

An Historic Convergence Awaits

"There are not now and there will not be in the future any meaningful political checks or balances in the United States. The branches of government have merged into one governing body.

The Human Rights Watch: GITMO

The Detainees Account is published, and available here in pdf format.

Defend the Defenders

Local Representatives must support Resolution 167.

Iran Challenges US Warmongers

``The U.S. leaders the president, vice president and other key leaders were hiding up to three days after the Sept. 11 attacks,'' Khamenei said. ``We are not like that. If a bitter experience occurs for this nation, God forbid, or if it is tested, we will wear military uniforms at the front of the nation and prepare for sacrifice.'' you agree with the Khamenei? Should Bush,Cheney, Conde, and Rummi be on the Battlefield? Let us know...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

BushMan has Tainted Past

"His critics view him as a symbol of what they consider a dark chapter in American history, when the United States closed its eyes to crimes by Third World strongmen because they were seen as partners in a larger anti-communist crusade."

High School Sports:Hides Big Bucks

Click above link for video on money cover-up

Mafioso Style at UN

View link - Video/Audio

NJ Public Office for Personal Wealth

"Harry G. Parkin, chief of staff to former Mercer County executive was convicted of steering county contracts ....and found guilty of pressuring company officials to give him an ownership interest in the company"

Attorney Nabbed in Child Molesting

"He was accused of sexual assault against an 11-year-old Fort Collins girl and her 9-year-old brother, according to police. "

Monday, March 21, 2005

Gov. Arnie NAILED: Girly Man Deal

(Click above video link )
See Gov in sleaze act...

Feds Want More Time for Ex-Gov

'' U.S. Attorney Durham wrote. ``Rowland continues his pattern of deceit and half-truths.''

BLOGGS..maybe the ex-gov has deeper psychological problems which may warrant other professional intervention.

Illegal Labor Land in Jails

(Click above link see this alarming video on illegals for hire)

AZ Sheriff Soft on Hard Drugs

"Sheriff Arpaio said arrests may not be made in every case.

There have been no arrests since the August sting, which netted 16 Scottsdale students as well as the suspected dealers, who were booked Aug. 17 into the county's jail on drug-related charges."

BLOGGS...individuals charged and convicted for (1) MJ joint have been known to get five years.

Labor Carpools to Border

See who is sneaking in to do the work, that you won't do...

BLOGGS ...let's set the record straight...Americans do the work, that illegal labor can't do...

States Practice for Terror Drill

The five-day drill is the third installment of the Congressionally mandated Top Officials training program called TOPOFF held every two years.

BLOGGS...this drill cost $16 million in tax dollars, and no member of the public gets a hazmat suit, or firearms for self-defense from the terrorists. Even Saddam gave firearms to the Iraqis to protect themselves. Every man, woman and child should be involved in this important exercise.

Americans Concerned on Secrecy have a right to know more about what your local, State, and Federal government is doing...
(check above link for details.)

Court Marshal goes SECRET

Navy SEAL lieutenant accused of abusing a prisoner in Iraq is a case full of secrets -- even the defendant's name is classified...A secret policy governed these missions under the SEAL credo of ''speed, surprise and violence of action.'' ...a SEAL officer testified that the SEALs were taught that it was OK to use force to get a detainee's attention and were authorized to use deadly force...

BLOGGS...this case is contrary to only "no rank, only low life" committed abuse and torture.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Does Your Town Pass the Freedom Test?

The world should apply what Natan Sharansky calls the ‘town square test’: if a person cannot walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm, then that person is living in a fear society, not a free society."

BLOGGS...if your Town can pass this test, we want to know-OK?

EL FOX plans for North America

"Fox insisted that Mexico would not meddle in U.S. affairs by lobbying for any legislation, but was ready to offer information if asked."

BLOGGS..sheer fabrication...the El Fox Gang has interferred their special foreign interest into US State legislatures, threatened and intimidated US citizens holding peaceful assembly, and even dares to CHALLENGE the US Courts by removing Mexi- condemned criminals from Death Row US prisons...

EX-Mexi Prez, Globalist Talks @Yale

"In 1994 Zedillo was elected president of Mexico. The human rights group, Fray Bartolome de las Casas Center, has charged that while he was president, Zedillo secretly authorized paramilitary groups that attacked Mexican citizens. Its complaint, submitted to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission"

BLOGGS..Heads-up for all Globalist Watchers...this is a must read!

US Forges the Holy KORAN

Libya speaker rejects altered, tainted version.

How to Loose the War on Terror

"An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack over American soil... defeated by our enemies...A single nuclear weapon, detonated at the right altitude, would produce an electromagnetic pulse ... [and] knock out power grids and other electrical systems across much of the country, for months if not years." this report managing National Security or speculating about a crisis? Why don't our leaders show and tell us that they are in control of America's National Security?

Feds.Tough on CT Gov.Secret Fund

"Federal prosecutors Thursday urged a judge to nearly double former Gov. John G. Rowland's expected prison sentence to as much as three years, saying he misled the court about how much money he has. "

BLOGGS...former Connecticut Gov, aka "Boy Wonder" still has Authorities wondering.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

University Prof thinks about Joe Lieberman

"Our party's Senator is no longer a Democrat. He has joined the Republicrat Party," said Orman. "After 17 years as a safe-seat senator, Joe has lost touch with his party and with his state."

BLOGGS..recall Joe's speech in the Senate on Clinton after Monica? well he's all hush and mush over Cowboy...

Has Gun...Will Travel

"Wolfowitz, nominated Wednesday by President Bush (news - web sites), is widely seen as a key instigator in the U.S. push to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein (news - web sites). ...organizations worried...and questioned whether he is right for the job"

BLOGGS...we'll all rest better now...

Ex-US Senator Nunn knows Nukes

"The failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news - web sites) has led to "distrust" and a loss of credibility about US intelligence, former US senator and nuclear expert Sam Nunn said."

Duputy Hits & Runs in S. Carolina

"A Sheriff's Deputy in Orangeburg County is without a job after a hit and run."

BLOGGS...this Deputy has (19) years on the job...

Postal Workers, Bankers Robbery

"Federal prosecutors say a U.S. postal worker and a network of bankers and others from California helped steal 6,700 treasury checks worth $18 million."

BLOGGS...another case for moeny laundering...

Japs Rally Against Deportation

"Fischer, an outspoken critic of the U.S. government, was being treated unfairly. "There is no need to keep him in detention"

Chavez Hits inter-APA media

“...they don’t say a word about the five Cuban patriots illegally imprisoned in the United States... and they don’t say even mention those 19 North American journalists who are being prosecuted by Washington for not revealing their sources,” stated Chavez

BLOGGS...the Inter American Press Association is a newspaper group based in Miami.

Trail of Blood leads to US Banks

The Senate investigations subcommittee announced on Tuesday that Pinochet had 28 accounts at Riggs and 97 elsewhere: Citigroup, Banco de Chile, Espiritu Santo in Florida, Banco Atlantico, Bank of America and at Coutts and Co, owned by Banco Santander since 2003.

BLOGGS...this is money laundering scheme of an ex- dictator.

Gitmo Suspects Released after 3 yrs

"The main objective of the Americans in their indirect torture is to make you go crazy," Mubanga told the BBC. "There are a number of other brothers who were detainees who have actually gone insane."

BLOGGS...imagine innocent detainees held for three years subjected to torture but chain of command was out of this loop?

26 Homicides in US Military

"The army will investigate every detainee death both inside and outside detention facilities. Simply put, detainee abuse is not tolerated, and the army will hold soldiers accountable," senior army spokesman Colonel Joseph Curtin told the New York Times."

BLOGGS...this is another showing of integrity, since Senate confirmation hearing of Abu Al's tortured testimony on the Bibey memo... demand accountability

Polls with Time Can Heal

"For the first time in a Post-ABC poll, a majority (51 percent) called the war in Iraq a mistake. On the day Baghdad fell in April 2003, just 16 percent called the war a mistake and 81 percent said it was the right thing to do. "

Bloggs...the differential factor, the before and after of this outcome is public trust in the government.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush Propaganda Bad for BIZ

"the Bush administration... It's in the business of producing the news itself. This is propaganda parading as journalism... (or Soviet) tradition. New York Times reported Sunday, at least 20 federal agencies have been peddling TV news segments to local stations across the country."

BLOGGS...a stunning report on how everybody in USA is happy, and everything is great...this is a commie politrik.

USA Patriot's Act Unconstitutional

"New Hampshire supports the constitutions of New Hampshire and of the United States; therefore, New Hampshire is taking this position against the USA Patriot Act, along with other states"

BLOGGS...New Hampshire sends a message to the Bush Gang...taking away our civil rights, destroying the US Constitution is not the way to eliminate terrorism, caused by social inequality, despot regiemes, and corrupt corporations.

Neo-Cons Base Rethinks Patriot's Act

"If there was a single point all four agreed on, it was that the public doesn't know enough about the real provisions of the act. A few points have grabbed most of the attention, they agreed, leaving others obscured."

BLOGGS...the audacious arrogance of this gang..the cover-ups, lies, and deceit..we the people really want to know...about the Act!

Jeb Bush A Gov Geo. Wallace Clone

"We're not going to obey a court order that carries out a patient's constitutional rights."

BLOGGS...see Terry Schiavo's husband tell it all on pompous Jeb with divine rights, butting into his life, and screwing things up for all of us.

Bush Buddy Bashes BLOGGS

"Roused by last year's furore over anonymous political websites such as, the Howard Government plans to clamp down on web publishers who refuse to identify a person who authorises their content."

BLOGGS...some thin-skin public servant can't handle anyone criticizing his flawed thinking, poorly manged efforts, bad policy, or lack of accountability.

Nebraska GOV. Tough on Hiring

"The offer to Wayne Richard McGuire to run a mental-health program was withdrawn after The Associated Press reported that McGuire was convicted in absentia by a Rwandan court in Fossey's slaying. "

BLOGGS...another case of broken justice, this killer deprived the World of a compassionate scientist, who changed the World, because of her genius and endeavor.

Qwest Chief, others Nailed on Fraud

"The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (news - web sites) on Tuesday sued former Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE:Q - news) Chief Executive Joseph Nacchio and 10 other former executives, accusing them of perpetrating a massive financial fraud on investors."'s another reason to keep privatization out os Social Security, and the stock market.

Mass. Gov. Attacks Official

..."called for Turnpike Chairman Matthew Amorello's resignation. In his request to the state Supreme Court, Romney wrote that Amorello had "failed to discharge the critical duties of his position competently" and was "threatening the public good."

BLOGGS...nice job Gov Romney, now that's what a Governor is for, taking care of the people and the home State.

US Family Sues Israel

"The family of Rachel Corrie, a U.S. activist killed in Gaza while trying to stop an Israeli army bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian home, filed suit in Israel on Tuesday for damages"

BLOGGS...Rachel Corrie is a brave American woman, a hero who put her life on the line for others and not in vain. Her death must be vindicated.

Okinawa Gov Says USMC Out

Angered by accidents, violent crimes and environmental issues, many people in Okinawa have called for reducing what they say is their unfair burden of hosting the bulk of the U.S. military's 47,000 personnel in Japan.

France OKs Hizballah

Paris cites Hizballah’s charity work and political activities in Lebanon, where it has seats in the parliament, in arguing that it should be kept off the terror list.

Hitler's Book Top Sales

"it is accepted wisdom in some circles that Israel dictates U.S. policy"..."Mein Kampf," Adolf Hitler's notorious work outlining his anti-Semitic world view, has become a bestseller in this officially secular but mostly Muslim nation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mom Carries Gun for Protection

See what happens in this terrible tragedy
click video link here...AOL News - Playtime Shooting

BLOGGS...just last week in Connecticut, when one teen shot another teen, there were no charges, but yet a four year-old is regarded as a gunman in this tragedy.

Public's Right to Records POOR

A new study indicates.."States overall are doing a poor job of ensuring their citizens have access to public records the states considered most open"

BLOGGS...only nasty bureaucrats, like to keep everything hidden, to cover-up incompetancy, unethical conduct and even crime by public official predators.

Ex-Prosecutor Faces Charges

..."driving under the influence, possessing less than four ounces of marijuana, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing a loaded firearm while intoxicated."

BLOGGS...there's a devil in the details here...

Idaho Family Gets Re-Hearing

“The ruling by the Idaho Supreme Court is shocking... the Court: (1) erred when it failed to find a physical invasion, which is a per se “taking;” (2) misapplied regulatory takings precedents; (3) deprived the Simpsons of their right to substantive due process; and (4) deprived the Simpsons of their right to equal protection simply because they are not members of a “suspect” class.

BLOGGS...don't miss this report on Shock Justice over-turned

Watchdog bites Ex-DHS Ridge Hard

Ridge... "was trying to get me not to give things to Congress and also to try to spin reports in a way most favorable to the department, and I resisted both of those," former Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin (search) said in an interview.

BLOGGS..let's see where Ridge a predator will show-up next.

Bin Laden's Danger No Show in Poll

..."the BBC survey, which was entitled, “Four more years of Bush agitates world.”

Rice a Voice of Diplomacy

"States that don't recognize that the Middle East is changing, and, indeed, try to halt that change … need to be isolated and condemned,"

BLOGGS... Conde is the spit of George Bush.

UN: A One World Order Shop

"For 60 years, power in our own country has been leeched away from elected legislators by bureaucrats and judges of the managerial state. ... power is being leeched away from nations by international civil servants working with NGOs, "non-governmental organizations," of.... special interests." you agree with the communal blame that Americans are doing nothing about this loss of soverignity?

Illegals "Welcome Center" In TX

"It seems that with America selling its borders in order to attract cheap labor, middle class families are being destroyed...we can't be sure who actually enters the country."

BLOGGS...US tax dolars foot the cost to pay all the percs to welcome illegals, who rob US workers jobs, get the facts here.

Monday, March 14, 2005

US Toops did Target Journalists!

"Indeed the inconsolable survivors had no doubt about the motive of their attackers: "We were targeted because the Americans don't want the world to see the crimes they are committing against the Iraqi people."

BLOGGS... a compeling report concludes, the wrath of Bush Gang.

Ex- Conn. Gov Not in Prison Alone

"Rowland will join former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr. and former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim" this is Camp Cupcake...

CT Attorney Kills Self after Warrant

"...implicated in a fraud case died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound as detectives attempted to serve him with an arrest warrant...Douglas Daniels, 68, apparently shot himself Wednesday . ..wanted on a arrest warrant... alleging he defrauded clients out of $100,000"

BLOGGS...there is nothing worst than an officer of the Court, who can't handle the law.

Mob Justice Kills Cop Mexico, where people view police as inept or corrupt and say they must take security into their own hands.

BLOGGS..the Mexican culture is extremely different and can be dangerous with respect to law and order. There is a propensity to be "law-intolerant" or "civil order -resistant"

English-only Discriminates Labor

... sued the company in 1998 for discrimination after it required them to take an English-only job skills test at its Fresno, Calif., plant.

BLOGGS...this Nation must strictly adhere to universal English-only, official language. English only proposed bills are out there in many State legislatures now, support these bill and make them statutory.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

No Girly Man Gets Dems Scorn

"Schwarzenegger administration videos have ... proposed regulatory changes, like modifying lunch break rules for workers and easing a new law requiring more nurses in California hospitals, or... help sell a key aspect of Schwarzenegger's political agenda: to pay teachers by merit instead of tenure, and to make it harder for teachers to get tenure."

Connecticut: Capricious, Arbitrary Ethics

...were the political will for reform has weakened... OR it's...not for the morally meek.

Gift vs. Bribe

``Attention to this issue is growing, because bribery and corruption ultimately are a tax on business, and businesses realize that.''

Saturday, March 12, 2005

How State Legislators LOOT

Excellent undercover investigative video, see how they LOOT the State of Tennessee, and compare it to your home State.
(Click the above link)

TN: Powerful Senator Got OPM Problems

Please click link here... NewsChannel 5 Video

BLOGGS... See this incredible defense, it's the law that's bad, not the Senator, that's Bad

Kentucky Justice : Fails Smell Test

Please click link here...WAVE Video Player

Justice Watchdog Finds Muslim Mistreatment

The warden and guards at a federal prison discriminated and retaliated against Muslim inmates, the Justice Department (news - web sites)'s inspector general said Friday in a report

BLOGGS...watchdog groups are growing...public officials predators must be reported wherever they are.

Friday, March 11, 2005

World's Toughest Sheriff in AZ

FRIDAY, MAR. 11 8:00 p.m. ET
Dateline's Josh Mankiewicz reports on a teenager accused of conspiring to murder the sheriff in Phoenix, Arizona. Viewers can call 1-866-NBC-TAPE for NBC News transcripts and tapes of selected

BLOGGS...this is a media event, see how Arizonans deal w/ the most despicable public predator at large, tough-ass, Sheriff Joe, an elected official who needs to be "in jail" NOT " "running the jail"

US pays back stolen loot to Jews

"US troops stopped a Nazi train in Austria carrying gold, art and other goods stolen from Hungarian Jews. "

BLOGGS..see this shameful report, and how US officers took possession.

Agent Orange Suit Nixed

"U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein disagreed that the allegedly toxic defoliant and similar U.S. herbicides should be considered poisons banned under international rules of war, even though they may have had comparable effects on people and land. " you suppose there is a connection with this action,and the future blow-back from use of Agent Orange in Fallujah on Iraqi civilians?

How to Break Porn Addiction, vote them out

Addicted to Porn... How Members of Congress Benefit from Pornography it indecent for US Senators like Lieberman, and McCain to accept bucks from the porn peddlars??

Corruption Buster Goes for Cops

"As director of the Office of Police Integrity, Mr Brouwer is using new powers to go back to the 1970s to weed out corrupt police and possibly charge retired officers" soon as I get his number, will post.

CA Highway Patrol Big on Disability

" is a prime example of a widespread practice documented by a Bee investigation: top-tier CHP officers aggressively pursuing injury claims, often near the end of 30-year careers, that hike their retirement income. ... some go on to demanding second careers while collecting their state disability pensions."

BLOGGS...CA does have more than it's share of violent crime thanks to broken borders and terror-drugsters...close the damn border...pleeze!

Campaign rap in CT Federal Court

"of... helping his former employer make illegal contributions to former Waterbury Mayor Philip A. Giordano's failed 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate."

Senate Seats Most Vulnerable

BLOGGS- see who is most at risk to have party change, important elections coming up.

Bush's Intel on Iran FLAWED

A presidential panel says U.S. intelligence about Iran's arms capabilities is "inadequate."

BLOGGS...taking pre-emptive strike on Iraq was also flawed too...this is de ja vu


"The nine-member body has been operating under extraordinary secrecy, meeting with officials as senior as Bush and his national security team behind closed doors in contrast to the Sept. 11 commission's high-profile, public sessions. "

BLOGGS...after WMDs, make no mistake, this one has a tight lid on intel, see next top BLOG...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Teen Shoots Teen: No Charge

"State law requires people who own guns to store them in a securely locked box or container."

BLOGGS... this report is chilling, Why? It is incredulous that no one, not even the parents are responsible, or negligent according to the Authority. About two years ago in a case where a teen committed suicide, the mother was charged, convicted, and imprisoned for having messy housekeeping... a contributing factor leading to the suicide... (the popular reason to support this conviction). Sorry, this one smells like selective law enforcement here...

Corporate Crimester: take the Idiot's Defense

"Kenneth L. Lay, Richard Scrushy and Bernard J. Ebbers are singing that they don't know much about accounting tricks, don't know much about financial fraud, don't know much about anything." this like an ...ignorance of the law defense?

Courts Weak on Rape Prosecution

"The US-based Human Rights Watch says that although more rape victims have gone to court, the government has not done enough to ensure prosecutions."

BLOGGS...violence, and acts of hate against women is so prevalent in the US today, that often law enforcement fails to enforce the law when women are subject to hate crimes and violence. Public official predators who target women and children must be stopped wherever they are.

Demorats want to Dump Joe Lieb-

" Some in Mr. Lieberman's home state wonder if he qualifies as a Democrat at all...he has angered Democratic activists nationwide for expressing a willingness to work with President Bush to change Social Security. "

BLOGGS...Joe Lieb is a dyed in the Bush Neo-Con...

Japan claims unfair advantage by world chip maker

"The FTC said Intel broke antitrust laws as early as 2002"

BLOGGS...this report gives the antidote, not the cure for Intel monopoly...also according to sources US Senator Dodd got Intel funding for 2004 campaign from the Giant.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Connecticut Chief of Police Ousted with Pay

City of Meriden manager delivers (11) serious formal charges against city top cop... many times has this happened before, cop commits crime, violates the law, fails to enforce the law, gets suspended w/ pay, charges dropped, pay all back wages/salary, then cop sues Town, and taxpayers, just keep paying...This is a conflict of crime, spend more money to NOT fix the problem !

School Counselor charged w/ sexual contact on students

..."he had inappropriate sexual conduct with several female high school students," do sex predators keep popping up in places where they should not be,like in this report? Is there a breach in screening during the hiring process..or cooked resumes... the school district administration must be held on the carpet too for the role they play in hiring the wrong applicants.

Embattled Ag Chief Resigns

..."whistleblower complaint involves "interference with enforcement actions," and the second involves "favoritism" in the aquaculture division of the agriculture department"

BLOGGS..the State of Corrupticut strikes again, this report weaves a web of cronies and covers for cronies...

Monday, March 07, 2005

Connecticut children show gambling compulsion

..."11 children under the age of 18 are enrolled in the state's treatment programs for gambling problems" we go again, government creates problem, so a pill can be prescribed and tax dollars will fund research, developement and treatment.

US plays role in kidnapping...SPY?

....denounced U.S. tactics and asked whether Italy was involved in Omar's alleged kidnapping. "I have submitted a question to the Italian government to know whether Italy was implicated in this episode of torture 'outsourcing,'" the opposition senator said in a statement...

Vietnam War victims of Agent Orange sue US chemical companies

Finally the victims seek vindication...
click above link

Vatican Seeks Help With U.S. Lawsuit

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican's secretary of state, asked Rice if Washington could kill the lawsuit, filed in Louisville, Ky., seeking to hold the Vatican financially responsible for the sexual abuse of minors, the National Catholic Reporter said Friday.

BLOGGS... read this report on how Conde is going to fix this!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Retirement plans are facing a growing threat: theft

Labor Department investigators found 1,269 instances of missing 401(k) money in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. That is a 37-fold increase from 34 violations found in 1995.

Tyson attacks U.S. judicial system

"Mike Tyson criticized the U.S. justice system and said "lies" sent him to prison for three years for rape, during an appearance on Italian television. "

BLOGGS...Tyson should know...along w/ Martha.... cops who false report w/ drug snitches, to obtain bad warrants, for false arrests, from prosecutors who cover for bad cops...and the judges who take order from's all politriks, a vicious cycle that must be broken.

US is trying to kill HUGO

"There is in the US ... a plan to assassinate me," Chavez said in New Delhi where he signed an agreement for India to take a 49 percent stake in a Venezuelan oilfield.

(But) "we have nothing at all against US society and the US people. In fact, we share many things with the US people ... cultural relations," Chavez said.

BLOGGS...people of the world, plants snd animals love , live and co-habitate peacefully's the dark forces in government who perpetutate, brutality, hate, and greed.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Children, Custody, Canada & Terrorism

“The Canadian Government allows the Department of Justice to inflict the most cruel and unusual punishment upon Children and their parents.

The Provincial Governments turn a blind eye to the unconstitutional seizure of Children by Family and Children’s Services. Many of these Children are never returned to the parents and their was no reason to seize them in the first place.

Family and Children Services have even more power than the judge.

They can make an apprehension order without evidence of child endangerment and the judge rubber stamps the order. Police are called in to seize the child."

BLOGGS..the human rights violations are crimes against humanity filed in a case before the Hague.

A Bush Basics Primer

This exciting site is the total Bush
(A)nything thru ...(Z)eta,this is the place to land for Bush factoids...

Kerry: Something Wrong With Media

"There is something wrong with who is arbitrating the truth," he said, according to Boston's Daily Free Press. "When fear is dominating the discussion, we have a problem."

BLOGGS..we believe that exercising First Amendment rights is the only way to counter-attack phobias, propaganda, and politriks..

Army Quota Down...

Top Pentagon officials acknowledged that the graphic images of casualties from Iraq and the obvious danger of serving there has caused many parents to advise their children to avoid joining the military now. many Pentagon Hawks tell their kids to join the military, let's have some numbers, got military?

Top Expert Sets Record Straight onTaser

"Police should be informed that the Taser can kill," James Ruggieri told the American Academy of Forensic Examiners last week at its annual meeting. "The Taser can serve a useful role in law enforcement. However, it should not be touted as a harmless device."

BLOGGS...we have said this before, and we will say it again..use of lethal force, it is deadly

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Don't Mess with US Federal Insurance....

Retired Americans deplore privatization

The Alliance for Retired Americans, an organization of union retirees and senior citizens from all walks of life, is outraged at the Bush administration’s attempt to privatize Social Security.
. is an exciting group, pay attention here.

Iraq War resolution at Vermont's Town Hall Meetings

This year, a cluster of Vermont peace and civil liberties organizations joined to introduce the measure about the war in Iraq.

The group's resolution asked Vermont's state legislators and congressional delegation to investigate the use of the Vermont National Guard in Iraq.

It also called on the president and Congress to "take steps to withdraw American troops from Iraq."

BLOGGS...this shows how the local level in Vermont is laying foundation for muscle on State's rights movement

Protests over US Biodefence Boom

"The protest's organiser Richard Ebright of Rutgers University in Piscataway says that while grants for potential bioterror agents such as plague, anthrax and tularaemia have skyrocketed, grants for other disease-causing germs and so-called "model organisms" such as Escherichia coli have fallen. "

BLOGGS...privitization politriks here, rather than funding the frequent common germs which vex the global community, funding is going into lesser occurring bios, selected by the terror-resistance.

Holocaust Denier Arrives in Germany, Taken Into Custody

A Canadian law, passed after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, allows the government to hold terrorism suspects without charge, based on secret evidence that does not have to be disclosed to a suspect or his defense. Lindsay said he last spoke to his client on Monday.
"He was feeling disillusioned with a legal system that had subjected him to a largely secret trial," Lindsay said.

Spy for U.S. Can't Sue CIA

The decision reversed a 2003 ruling of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that held that the plaintiffs, a Seattle couple identified only as Jane and John Doe, were entitled to a day in court.

Media Madness Reports... Paranoia

We checked our sources in the U.S. military on this who say this troops-on-Curacao story is hooey. In fact, the entire story is very different from what the U.S. media dutifully reported from its Venezuelan government sources, and they didn't bother to check with the troops themselves.

BLOGGS...see how the mainstream media really fumbles the facts here, are you still reading newspapers?

Another HR report denied...

The Cypriot government on Tuesday rejected allegations the United States made in its annual human rights report, describing them as "totally unjust and absurd."

"It (the report) does not correspond to the fundamental principles of the international law which all UN member states, including the US, say they respect and observe," he added.

BLOGGS...just file this under US foreign policy and relations

South Africa Claims they tops US on Human Rights

THE Human Rights Commission has defended SA's human-rights record, saying the country was doing better than the US in "many respects".

BLOGGS...this report indicates the very real points of violations we see everyday here in the US, lets see the next POST, on Cypriot

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Town Shows Indifference on Public Atttack

WFSBTV Video Player (Click link here to view Video)

BLOGGS..this disgraceful ugly incident involving an elderly woman physically attacked by a male, at a Town Hall meeting of Naugatuck Connecticut indicates how this senior resident was regarded with disrespect and violence in public.

This act caught on video was done in the presence of the Naugatuck Chief of Police, Dennis Clisham, who later commented according to the local newspaper, no charges would be brought, but an investigation would follow.

According to sources the female victim was telling the Town Burgesses and Mayor Ron San Angelo, (also a police Commissioner) ...they must be accountable for tax and spending. According to this video, it looks like tax dollars don't cover effective public safetly or law enforcement either.

Deadly, Dangerous Developers

"First she got a letter from one of the principals in the redevelopment consortium, offering her and her husband plots at a cemetery he owned, she said. Then someone vandalized a fish pond in her backyard that she had built as a memorial to her late father, Alan Karcher, a former speaker of the State Assembly. Finally, in a meeting at a restaurant with one of the contractors, she was offered $150,000, "to further her political career" if she would re-evaluate her stand on the redevelopment plan. "

BLOGGS..this report suggests this is a form of hardball politiks, we think it is deliberate, intentional targeting of men w/ a penchant for violence and greed, plenty of public official predators here...

Judge’s Kin Shot and Killed

(click above link to view slides)

Nordic, U.S. kids rank opposite in poverty

At least one-fifth of U.S. and Mexican children live under the national poverty line, according to the study undertaken by UNICEF's Innocenti Research Center in Italy.

BLOGGS..this is hard evidence, that the public official predators EVIL plan works...against the most vulnerable, and innocent, our children.

US Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty

According to the SEC, Titan in 2001 funneled about $2 million through an agent to the election campaign of Benin's then-incumbent president, Mathieu Kerekou.

Leftist Tag No Longer Meaningful

The prescriptions that have come from Washington and global financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund — advocating greater privatization and liberalization — have produced disappointing results. Rates of poverty and inequality have remained stubbornly stagnant or have deteriorated.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Guard recruiter charged w/ sex assault on women he enlisted

An Indiana National Guard recruiter was charged with sexually assaulting at least six women he enlisted in the military, prosecutors said.

BLOGGS...sexual predators are everywhere, and usually in positions you would least suspect, a socio-path is stopped.

Democracy Is Not Freedom

…how can living under dictatorship, albeit democratically elected, be considered genuine freedom?

BLOGGS...this is a good explanation why Bush chooses to use the "D" word, try this and's another politrick

It's a Loud Sucking Sound

Cuba put on its annual cigar festival this week. And while President Bush's crackdown on travel to the Caribbean island kept the usual entertainment personalities and executives away, there were plenty of Americans among the cigar aficionados from around the world feasting on shellfish, sipping rum and smoking the world's most popular premium cigars.