Sunday, September 10, 2006

A 5th Anniversary Tribute: Government Sponsored Terror

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."
~ US President GW Bush shortly after 9-11

Alex Jones Exposes Government Sponsored TERROR
A video documentary you can't miss...after 9-11 shouldn't America make this date a national day of observance for government that kills it's own citizens....

Senator Rockefeller Belts BushCo
See report and more video, on the condemnation of the Bushiters, or when a Senator agrees with the conspiracy constituents too.

Uninformed, or Don’t really care... attitude??
...Leadership incompetence is costing us community, county, state, and national stability... if this tidal wave trend of accepting failure in public government is not reversed.

FED-Up? Try Camp Democracy
Get to the source of American issues and contention... at DC camp

Email Bag: Letters form Cyberspace worth reading...
Bill B. writes Virginia Brooks on the War with the Globalist in US Congress

My Representative is Mike McMulty(D) of NY. He wrote me a stump letter thanking me when I sent out another "Close the Borders" fax. He also sent along the SPP web page and plan.
I read it, it reads like a communist/socialist handbook on stripping this country of borders, sovereignty(oversite committees/desicion boards), huge supplies of money(as we have to build Mexico's infastructure) shared Emergency services(Influenza outbreak pandemic?), elimination of borders(ID's) and all kinds of controls of commerce, trade & loans(ha grants).
He also told me he supported HR1047(?) that allowed us TO STAY IN THE UN! I wrote the congressman back and told him he was either an INCOMPETENT Idiot or COMPLICIT in what he sent me.
How is it when I read the SPP I see that it is the next step in removing American sovereignty/ jobs/wealth/survivablity/strength and he does not?
Either he agrees or is stupid and corrupt. How can any congressperson NOT want out of the UN??
Other than Ron Paul, Kirt Weldon, D. Hunter, Tom Tancredo, maybe JD Hayworth and Sensenbrener(?) these few, the rest are OUR ENEMIES!!
They either understand whats going on and are corrupt and go along, or they are too Stupid to figure it out and are Incompetent Fools!
These are the people we fax, write, petition or call. The courts go along and the executive branch is lost completely. So who do we turn to, no one!
I say we flood the Pentagon, screw congress, give them what they want, to be left alone. Let us try something NEW.
Bury the DOD with DEMANDS to close the borders, force them to act! At the very least it will be a new tactic and it will get All of us on the same page.
Congress is "out to lunch" and does NOT CARE how we think. They are not interested in Representing us, they HATE us!!
Their actions say it all! Lets act in a way they never expected and get these borders closed before the melting pot boils over with illegal criminal third worlders, drugs, rampid epidemic diseases Islamic Jihadist and tied in to the New World Order crew so much we CAN'T get out. Time ticks down we need a new stradegy.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Is 9-11 the Emergence of Hitler Hoax II?
A video tell all ...who really benefits the most from the fear campaign promoted by the media propaganda?

Crazy Pres Destabilizes World
Five Years after Bush launched his "global war on terrorism" (GWOT), the world has become more unsafe, more divided, more strife-prone, more paranoid, and ironically, more vulnerable to terrorism.

Separation, Church & State Ain't So...
The separation of church and state interpretation of the First Amendment being shoved down our throats is a fiction designed to mislead us concerning the intent and scope of the Amendment.

AZ Church Mobilizes Voters
1,500-member Scottsdale First Assembly Dream Center, said religious leaders fighting the zoning ordinance realized their incipient power.

When States Claim Rights over Citizens
The primary social evil of our time is lack of respect for self-ownership rights...It is what underlies private crime as well as institutionalized crime perpetrated by the state.

Sex Tourism Lures the Perverts

Sexual offenders come from all different cultures and socio-economic levels, many holding positions of government and religious leadership, faithfulness, and trust.