Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You know it, when you see it

The Veterans Party Writes...


Being a loyal Republican I believed it when my political party told me the standard for impeaching a President was if he lied to the public.

I supported the impeachment of President Clinton for lying about sex even though it did bother me about how most of the Republican Congress betrayed our troops as President Clinton sent them into combat against Somalia and, again, in the Balkans.

"Wagging the tail of the Dog" the Republicans kept saying as our brave troops, my brothers in arms, went into harm's way fighting in Somalia, and in action in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovenia, Kosovo and Macedonia, and in action against the Serbs in the former Yugoslavia.

Now I see my former political party betraying America every day, committing treason, and endangering every American for profit, and politics.
The most important item for security in America, our borders, are kept wide open, allowing any terrorist, or group of terrorists, to freely enter our country to attack us, all because a handful of very rich Republicans that have our President and Republican Congress PAID OFF, want the cheap Mexican labor supply to be uninterrupted.

Americans Veterans are denied the benefits they EARNED because that same "clique" want tax dollars, that should go to America's Veterans, diverted to give FREE medical care to their cheap Mexican Workers and to keep their cheap work force healthy.

We all remember President Bush's Lie that "a promise made to America's Veterans will be a promise kept", as he deceived us, and swindled America's Veterans out of their votes in 2000 - and again in 2004.

Instead President Bush has broken every promise to America's Veterans, and not only cheated and stole our benefits, but President Bush has betrayed and stolen from the very same military he promised to aid even as he send them into combat.

Yet he has done everything he can for the illegal Mexican Criminals, breaking our laws and entering our country illegally, bringing crime to our cities, and a drain on our tax dollars.

This is nothing less than TREASON!

Now we find that the White House, at its very highest level, has committed TREASON to ALL active American CIA Agents trying to get information to keep America secure, by brazenly exposing their identity to newspapers, and solely for political reasons.

Joseph Wilson was hired by the CIA to investigate claims that Iraq was buying uranium from Niger and honestly reported that the allegation was false, as he was hired to do.
Because the truth exposed lies to the public by President Bush, who claimed Iraq was buying uranium, the White House committed TREASON and told various newspapers the identity of a covert CIA Agent, Valerie Plame, who is the wife of Joseph Wilson.
The While House may have gotten revenge against Joseph Wilson, but by exposing a CIA Agent they endanger the lives of everyone working with Agent Plame, or Wilson, and cut off sources of information that could protect America from future attacks, and have forever harmed the CIA itself, and America's security.
Would you give information to American CIA Agents about future terrorist attacks if you knew you might be exposed at any time by the Bush White House for mere political reasons?
America's security has been seriously compromised by plain TREASON in the Bush White House and President Bush, and Karl Rove, should be tried for TREASON.

Never in America's history has a President been more unfit for office. The security of all of America is at risk and the future will surely see a massive attack on American soil, and a great loss of American Life, all because we have a TRAITOR for a President in Washington.
These kinds of dirty politics, screwing America's Veterans, betraying our security, and selling out our country for a few pieces of silver and sordid political games is why, as a nation, we need to get rid of the good old boys in Washington, and put a Third Party in power.
A party that KEEPS IT WORD TO AMERICA'S VETERANS, and secures our borders, while providing a future for our children.

The Veterans Party

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