Monday, January 15, 2007

Israel's war, must be sold as America's war.
~ Netanyahu former Israel prime minister

Dr. Martin L. King: a Reflection on War
A special message ...

Endgame for War on Terrorism Exposed!
Not about curbing terrorism, rather... it's on expanding presidential authority a la Cheney

Learn how to Spy w/ the Pros
Can you recognize suspicious behavior? Keep America safe

New York Authority STOPS Terrorist
Siraj has no criminal record, no member of any terrorist organization, he possessed no explosives or means of carrying out ...any plot

Punishment for Politically Incorrect is Next!
ADL argues hateful speech incites violence

Americans Ride for Freedom of Border Patrol
Agents ...could the real significance of this case be that Border Patrol agents who refuse to comply with the Mexi- drug cartels get framed by their own government?

Mexi-Calderon a Drug Cartel Stooge
Felipe takes to grand-standing, no truth or justice here!

The Free American Rebellion Begins
In New Hampshire, American citizens stand for their individual sovereignty and inalienable rights with full US Constitutional authority

Corrupticut Holds Most Embarassing hearing..
On most abusive, law enforcement policy against citizens

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