Monday, December 03, 2007

9-11 Hoax, Lie, Inside Job is OUTTED
The Ultimate short-take video on what really 9-11 is....IS, facts filled put this one a post-card.

Ready for more bullshit! Blackbox voting update
Hey voters, have you caught on yet? Just keep blaming the people huh?

Vermont State puts brakes to NAFTA and Stops the SHAFTA
States around the country are growing increasingly worried about the threats posed to their laws and regulations by the secret tribunals that resolve disputes in international trade

Katrina Survivors fight Globalist Package Deal
Keeping black-Americans out of chocolate city, tearing down good houses to be re-built by more borrowed, bonded money...this one is good for the banksters!

Defeat the Real ID now!
Right on, right on, hey the Real ID act is the missing link to pull the Globalist crime syndicates together, do this for Christmas, this one just keeps on giving....

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