Friday, March 17, 2006

As the founding fathers knew, statutes and constitutions don’t protect judicial independence, people do.
~Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

A Neo-Conned Salute from Fiore
More real than comic relief, in above video link, celebrating death, destruction…

Senator Top-Dog Russ Bites BushCo
Mr. Feingold is hardly some Internet crank....he's a third-term Senator from a swing state who has all but announced his intention to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008.

BushCo Boy Bungles Shopping...
Remember…Claude Allen was arrested and charged with a scheme to rip off Target and other stores by "returning" more than $5,000 worth of merchandise he had allegedly never paid for in the first place.

Media is still MIA
Why did reporters become cheerleaders for a deceptive Administration? Could it be that no one wanted to stand alone outside Washington's pack journalism?

The Great Media Cabal
Revealing accounts by 20 award-winning journalists

Back to the Morale Morass
Troops, and Poll Know the LIE TOO! “Pure unmitigated bullshit”

BushCo: a New National Security Strategy
It’s more redundant mean and force…

Only PEACE waged here...
Register, read, resources

Stuck on Gitmo
When the full story is told, Guantanamo may come to stand as much for incompetence as it does for injustice.

Is Death by Military a natural cause?
This cause of death is the result of the indiscriminate use of military might

Florida Teen Beat, Killed in Boot Camp
See video in above link, top pathologist Baden explains cover-up death by Florida authorities, and nurse watches deadly beating.

AZ Sheriff and the Killing Jails
Sheriff Arpaio testified…(a) nurse -- who is not a member of the psychiatric staff -- can override the sheriff's office's written procedures on the proper handling of mentally ill detainees. …even though no evidence exists of an agreement granting such authority to the nurse!

State Causin' Ordered Conflict
State Causin’ …Ordered Conflict…
"Collective decision-making constitutes the 'original sin': because the interests of individuals cannot be identical, something is forced upon a group.

Celebrate Sunshine Week 3/12-3/18/06
Peek into government secrecy…

Pre-printed letter here, send your message to DC

The DC Illegal Immigration Scene

E-Mail bag: Michael S. writes Senator Feinstein on Illegal Immigration…
Watchdog personally wants to thank Michael for his thought provoking efforts!

Dear Senator Feinstein,
Below you'll find my suggestions regarding what you should do to handle illegal immigration. You may notice that parliamentary nicet ies have been eliminated. That's because many of us have attempted to communicate with respect to our legislators and found that it simply doesn't work. You, as do so many forms of low life across the planet, seem to confuse respect with weakness. You are, as are so many forms of lowlife across the planet, wrong.

Simple plan to handle the immigration debacle:

Your long track record proves that you don't represent me or give a damn what I think. You seem to be far more concerned with the swarms of illegal alien lowlife coming across our southern border. Fine.

Do your illegal alien buddies a favor and get them out of this country. Here's why. As these foreign invaders are ever emboldened by each act, real or attempted, by all levels of our government (including you) to justify their illegal lifestyle, their sense of entitlement increases beyond all reasonable bounds.

It's now to the point where the illegal aliens think that what's mine is theirs. They have been on my property, attempting to make my personal possessions their personal possessions, and they have done the same to law abiding citizens all around me.

As folks like you telegraph their approval to these actions by your own inaction, the inevitable next step will be the invasion of my home, which is also my family's home. At this point, enough is enough, and I will not hesitate to invoke my Second Amendment rights and terminate with certainty the career of this invading lowlife.

The last time I checked it was legal in California, where I am one of your "constituents", to blow the crap out of anyone invading your home, and ask questions later. Well, even if this were not the case, they're still going to get the crap blown out of them. For your information, that means pull the trigger until nothing more happens. And I can guarantee, it's highly unlikely that anyone invading my home for ill intent will be one of my fellow citizens.

And all of this courtesy of my worthless legislators (most probably you, unless you do some uncharacteristic voting on any bill remotely addressing amnesty or guest workers), who failed to put these guys back in Mexico where they belong. This is where things are inevitably headed unless those in government (including you) have a rapid change of heart and get rid of these people... soon. As Japan, Germany, and Saddam Housein, among others, have discovered, we Gringo's are slow to anger. But once pushed beyond that threshold, our adversaries experience very undesirable and decisive ends. I am sitting on that threshold and I guarantee that there are vast numbers of real Americans not far behind me.

If you have a sense of responsibility to anyone other that yourself, alien or American, I suggest that you pretend that you're also a loyal American and begin voting and legislating accordingly. We are ready to take back this country in full compliance with all the tools supplied by our Founding Fathers.

Very seriously,
Michael Spencer & family
Vista, California

Syphillis is Public Health Threat
In the syphilis study, CDC investigators said that from 2001 to 2004, disease rates were higher among blacks and Hispanics than among whites.

The Depraved & Nude Test
Can you handle this integration test, next for citizenship?

Help Stop Canada's Baby Seal Kill!
Canada’s commercial seal hunt is the only legal and government-sanctioned hunt in Canada that allows hunters to exclusively target baby animals – the overwhelming majority between 2 and 12 weeks old.

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