Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Campaign Waged on US Opposition
See mini- video in above link explains PNAC.

Sen. Feinstein: A War Profiteress
Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her husband are also making tons of money off the "war on terror”

Americans must Speak of Outrage!
If Congress won't act, then it is up to the people. We must make every family dining table, every house of worship and every town meeting a place to stand up and speak out.

A Nation of Self-Centered Monsters
Politically, America has abandoned constitutional government and is now in the hands of lawless thugs.

Track their Votes in DC
See how DC mob votes, it all here.

Those Behind Port-Gate
Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff—whose fingerprints—like Treasury Secretary John Snow and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice—were all over it, first said that the Commission on Foreign Investments thoroughly vetted the deal.

Bad Intel Goes the Wrong Way...
"Shiites have always planned to align themselves with Iran but the Pentagon dominated planners in the Administration have never understood the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite and the great religious gulf between them that has existed for almost a thousand years"

US Democracy for Iraq
View War photo gallery in above links…

The Iraqi Dead Revisited
Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces were women and children"

The Constitutional Coup
"Homeland Security and the Patriot Act are not our protectors," he adds. "Americans need to understand that many interests are using the 'war on terror' to achieve their agendas.

The EU and the Police State
Read European comments on anti-Christ
Islam is totalitarian; fascism is totalitarian; using courts to usurp the electoral process is totalitarian.

Minuteman TV is HOT!
Don’t go home without it

Lefties did This for the Vote!
The story indicates that the left-wing (which encourages illegal immigration in a deliberate attempt to buy votes in a future bilingual society) has decided that using the ACLU lawyers to fight its battles in court may not be adequate. The lawbreakers appear to be moving toward violence to shut up anyone who tries to uphold the law.

AZ Realtor Stands for Economic Justice
The actual purpose of the bond issue - and of the Trolley and of the recidivist reconstruction of the Civic Center and of all the other so-called 'investments' downtown - is to provide free upscale amenities for the use and enjoyment of rich Phoenicians and their out-of-town visitors.

CT Taxes Bad for Biz...
"Connecticut, overall, is a high-tax state, which leads to problems"

Cops Takes Loot from Crime Scene
"When a police officer does something that calls to question the integrity of a police department, (it's) very concerning to us"

Chavez Oil Keeps CT Cozy
Venezuela, the fifth-largest foreign supplier of oil to the U.S., has been supplying millions of gallons of heating oil at a 40 percent discount to poor Americans and free heating fuel to homeless shelters.

The Focus in Nevada on Judges
Nevada is Next for Judges
A group pushing an initiative to strip judges of their immunity in South Dakota has Nevada on its radar

Gospel Holds Answer on the End Times
If you believe the antichrist is going to take over the world some time soon, you are not likely to have a very positive outlook on the future of the world.

BushCo Ecocide Continues
Big biz pollution is NOT OK…

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