Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Statement from Connecticut Taxpayers

Dear People of Connecticut, Governor Rell, and all Officials and Public Servants:

We deeply regret not being able to attend this very important meeting today at the Connecticut General Assembly, however I have been assured by solid citizens; people of integrity, morally and ethically correct .....this letter would be read at the respective cited public hearing today, for our fundamental freedom... the rights to property which are under siege, and curtailed by members of our local, State and Federal jurisdictions of government.

CT media is guilty of condoning government officials who fail to operate in good faith, for the people they serve, and because of this failure by the press, officials are not held accountable to the constituency when they should. A credibility gap emerges separating, those who manage the affairs of the government, from those who have a stake in this State, the property owners.

Certain CT property owners are becoming targets and subject to abusive, corrupt police powers. Even former candidate for governor, Bill Curry remarked, reported by the Hartford Courant in 2004, he said: Governor Rowland politicized Connecticut police.

Let me explain how this works in Naugatuck, Connecticut and how public officials permit and support an abusive policy that relates to the economic development scheme perpetrated against the private property owners.

In Naugatuck, an alarming trend of police harassment, retaliation, by police against resident property owners has developed ....for speaking at public forums, running for public office, or for just being a good citizen taxpayer... ...because certain property owners, don't support politriks of the morally depraved and ethically challenged officials and the morally dim, view the resident-taxpayers as obstacles, or adversaries to their own agendas.

Our personal experiences with the local police department of Naugatuck, has been sheer abuse and corruption of power. The NPD false arrest property owners, favoring known criminals over the public safety of the community. I was false arrested by false police reports, with bad warrants from a State Court.

My family, and property, were personally under attack after certain members of the Naugatuck Economic Development Commission, and local politicians determined and took action after a feasibility study, indicated our property was vital for… their self-enrichment.

We have come under lawless assault by the locals: who smeared, demonized and criminalized our private property, and our character. We were victims of crime, and we were arrested. This was all planned and orchestrated by locals to build a file and record of false police reports to meet the standard of crime and blight, for purposes of enrichment schemes.…

This is nothing new, and familiar to many representatives here today, familiar with the troubling, dark side of the Naugatuck police, and the abuse of power against the property owners of Naugatuck by local instigator- officials. Recently, it was reported, the Town of Naugtauck, body politriks liquidated real estate that was given as a gift to a known associate of former Governor Rowland, a known Mr. Matthews. This economic opportunity gift came by way of a grant from the State of Connecticut for purposes of economic development for the community, the Region, and it failed...

Hence, the officials, have decided to sell off some of the gifted parcel….and who realizes the profit? Shouldn't any profit from the gift -granted real estate be returned, refunded to the State, not the private purse?
Bond money was used for consideration of this transfer, and at a very high inflated value…the appraisal details need to be disclosed in this type of transaction to the public, and not be unavailable which is an on-going, strain of FOIA abuse also in Naugatuck.

Since the details of this realty transfer is not detailed thoroughly, we are left with speculation and suspicion, and the re-payment of the bond money will be charged and paid in full by the taxpayers of Naugatuck.

Who benefited on our backs, with our dollars?

Is this the application of the law, of private property taken for private use?

When Ex- Governor Rowland himself speculated in Naugatuck in a hushed land deal, prior to his abdication from Office...he profited also. The details of this economic development are vague also in the matter of public interest.…

Today Naugatuck is faced with more and bigger promises of economic development, by way of a multi-million dollar bond, a promise to be paid by the taxpayers... We are concerned about the secrecy, closed meetings, and failure to respond in detail about the Naugatuck Economic Commission and this development we the taxpayers are funding. .

Questions for Governor Rell, for pubic hearing:

Why were we targeted, and persecuted and run out of our property by the Naugatuck Police Department, who protected the criminal element and manufactured numerous false police reports against us, and our property between 2001 and 2004 after it was announced that our property was located at the second most valuable intersection in Naugatuck at a public meeting?

Why did certain members of the Naugatuck Economic Development Commission and the local Authority take action or engage in activity which led to my false arrest not once but twice when I was a victim of violent crime on my property?

According to a development plan in Naugatuck, illustrated on the Internet, our home doesn't exist anymore.

Why is our property portrayed as high-rise buildings?

Self-enrichment schemes promoted by public officials should be outlawed, it is the root of human rights abuse, and at the very heart of why we are here today in Connecticut. It is looting, plundering of the private sector, and illegal transfer of wealth by State agents for personal private gain.

We challenge anyone in this chamber today to live, and survive what was done to myself, and my husband, a dis-abled Veteran of the Viet Nam War, sustained in Naugatuck Connecticut in our home, on our private property, when public officials decide to create wealth by taking your private property, the sacred Earth.

The decision rendered in Kelo v. City of New London is outrageous judicial activism, and needs to be rendered null and void, in the State of Connecticut.

Pat, and John Snyder
Yankee Heritage Pride is Alive!

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