Thursday, August 18, 2005

We Get E-mail...

Kathy McKee, AZ Director / Founder PAN notes:

JUDGE RICHARDSON (immigration judge who let off the "Wilson Four" students who should have been deported) 200 E. Mitchell Drive Phoenix, AZ 85012 And/or write a letter of complaint or call about Judge Richardson's constant granting of asylum (Phoenix has one of the highest asylum granting rates in the country, thanks to Judge Richardson – even higher than San Francisco's!) and totally ignoring relevant laws in letting off the Wilson Four instead of deporting them as required by law, to:

Kevin Rooney, Director Executive Office for Immigration Review5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 2600Falls Church, Virginia 22041 Phone: 703-305-0289 Fax: 703-605-0365

Remember: Judge Richardson is just an administrative law judge, a hired employee – not a federally appointed judge with a lifetime appointment. He has shown his contempt for ICE and the law, and his strong bias for illegal aliens and asylum seekers. Let's direct our frustration and anger to where it can do some good. Also, since ICE's appeal of this crap decision will likely take 18 months, please don't let Richardson off easy. Keep writing letters to the editors of local newspapers and calling in to talk shows about him.

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