Monday, October 31, 2005

Cops Outta Control for Halloween

See above video link on how Wisconsin cops play outta control with community event.. for Halloween (please allow load time, no sound)

Libertarian Activist Alleges Treason by Judge
In his pro se pleadings, Stanley argued that failure to overturn his unconstitutional conviction would result in the judges being subject to treason charges for failure to uphold their oaths of office to defend the Constitution. In turn, Stanley argued, a treason charge would result in the issuance of a "mutual defense pact militia warrant" for the arrest of the judges. Stanley's conviction for two counts of attempt to influence a public servant stem from the filing of these two pleadings.

Judge Orders Cease: NFL Pat-down
Why is it, then, that even highly trained Israeli security and military personnel have not always been able to visually detect the presence of suicide vests underneath bombers’ clothes?

Clinton Tied to Prison AIDS in Flick
The film reveals how for more than two decades, the Arkansas prison system profited from selling blood plasma from inmates infected with viral hepatitis and AIDS.

AZ Sheriff Runs Big Brother Video
On video…
"looked good" after six months in jail, that he "doesn't look beat up. I worry about that."

Mental Health is Social Control
In the United States alone, 8 million children and adolescents are on mind-altering drugs that put them at risk of violent and suicidal side effects."

The Yurko Project

Police Captain Charged w/ Stalking
The city of Oswego was already under the public microscope with the arrest of Oswego mayor John Gosek in September month on charges of soliciting sex with two underage girls on a cell phone paid for by the city. Gosek, who had appointed Ruggio as police chief in August , has since resigned.

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