Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Ulitmate Reader for AZ's Sheriff LO JOE
If you like Westerns...don't miss this tell-all reader on this Sheriff who got 'em buffaloed, on his baloney!

When a School District Ignores Black Mold
I've learned from all of this that my husband and I are certainly not alone in this fight; people all over the country are dealing with health issues because of mold.

Public Official Predator for the Week Oct.23-29, 2005
The public official who could NOT stop lying....

The DC Cesspool & the Real Scandal
The real scandal and the real danger when one party controls the three branches of government, plus the mainstream media.... Congressional oversight is effectively abandoned, and the timid Democrats, seemingly unfamiliar with the concept of "opposition party," barely make any significant noise.

Hire Illegals Alert: at a Hospital
Would you allow a member of your family be exposed to this enviroment?

Commie Pressure Groups Hound CA Govinator
While the Minutemen have remained peaceful, they have been the target of violent protests by anarchists and others who advocate returning much of the southwest United States to Mexico.

Cheats on Taxes

Almost 3,000 IRS employees not paying their own taxes is scandalous. ... These 3,000 IRS employees who have not paid their taxes should be ordered to pay immediately, or they should be fired.

From the E-mail Box...
a thoughtful letter captures the American Spirit on setting a politician straight on priorities... October 28, 2005

Senator Lindsey Graham,

Listening to your utterances on the O’Reilly show this evening speaking about the deficiencies, i.e. criminal enterprises of the Republic Party, you state that gasoline prices and the war in Iraq will define the Republican Party.

What defines the Republican Party are the criminal activities of George Bush, his neo-conservatives handlers and the gutless U.S. Senate and Congress.

Lindsey my boy, the illegal Mexican and O.T.M. invasion is the main concern of the American electorate, along with your criminal destruction of the cradle of civilization, which was no threat to the U.S.

We are not taking this bullshit any longer and the time is near when Americans are going to crack your spineless jaws with a knuckle sandwich.

Either secure our borders now and deport the 20-30 million illegals or pay the consequences. It is way past time for the American middleclass to demand and expect legitimacy in government.

Bring the troops home from around the world, dispense with the foreign aid largesse (which incidentally, we do not have…an $8 trillion debt).

It is the Republic, Stupid!

Kindest regards,

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith, Arkansas

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