Wednesday, October 26, 2005

High NOON Watch....

It's a disaster. Given the choice, I'd choose a frustrating bureaucracy over an efficient cabal every time. ~Lawrence B. Wilkerson

The Iraqi POLL It shows 45 per cent of Iraqis think attacks on occupying troops are justified.

Feds Want more Death In one example cited by Human Rights Watch, "an individual could be sentenced to death for providing financial support to an organization whose members caused the death of another, even if this individual did not know or in any way intend that the members engage in acts of violence."

H-1B is a Swindle

Enforcement is a Priority A significant part of the Republican Party, if not the White House, seems to have grasped an essential truth: Law without enforcement is a sham, and that's exactly what immigration law has been — and what it will continue to be, if the enforcement problem is not solved.

CA: Criminal Immune from Jail In a drastic new policy that will return hundreds more thieves, drug dealers and burglars to the streets, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has stopped booking even more nonviolent criminals into county jails.

NJ: Hepatitis A Outbreak According to our sources, in Mexico, it is common belief, shared among prisoners that it’s OK, to consume human excrement for healing, therapeutic remedy.

AZ: Media Swine Alert: Flu Death A (90+) yr-old woman... not identified by age or city, but health officials said she lived in a nursing home. She had not received a flu or pneumonia shot this season and had been hospitalized Oct. 13 after becoming ill.

CT: Ex-Gov. Cronies Plead Guilty Prosecutors said the men ran a criminal enterprise out of the governor's office, with Ellef steering multimillion dollar contracts to Tomasso in exchange for gold, cash, travel and gifts.

CA: Unfair Tax Collecting Every Californian should be disappointed with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's veto of bills that would have made tax cheats pay their fair share...more of the $6.5 billion of taxes we are not collecting today.

Obey the Law Our current leaders have failed to act and uphold the United States constitution and are criminals of the worst degree…..Instead of merely enforcing the laws already on the books, they play a charade of creating this new and exciting legislation.

The Mother of All Fraud If you’re in federal prison on a drug charge, or know someone who is, take a peek at Graham v. Holder; especially noteworthy is the rebuttal to the government’s "answer" of June 20, 2005.

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