Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Defying the Enemy Within US
One of justifications of despots and tyrants for secrecy is to keep valuable information out of the hands of the “enemy” who remains nameless and faceless… is that any different than what Bush is trying to justify doing?

Warrantless Arrest & Free Speech
Incredibly, the threat of warrantless arrest for political speech is now real here in the U.S. today.

GOP Robs America's Health!
How strange it is that while the president claims he wants to help people get health coverage, he and his party would support a budget that could force some poor Americans to walk away from care.

US Gives Israel Billions: Economic, Military Aid
The truth of the matter is complex, and designed to be so by those who seek to conceal it from the U.S. taxpayer.

50,000 Troops Get Extended Duty
"When a service has to repeatedly resort to compelling the retention of people who want to leave, you're edging away from the whole notion of volunteerism."

US Audit Shows Fraud Waste in Iraq
"Tens of millions of dollars in cash had gone in and out of the South-Central Region vault without any tracking of who deposited or withdrew the money, and why it was taken out," says a report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

ENRONIZE THE US for the Empire
“The truth is that the abundance enjoyed by the American people for two centuries must be utterly destroyed if the Empire is to survive.

ENRON Trial Nears...
Lay has been charged with seven counts, including securities fraud and wire fraud. Skilling has been charged with 31 counts, including securities fraud, wire fraud, making false statements to auditors, and insider trading.

Wal-Mart: More Power than BushCo?
Wal-Mart isn't just a company. It's a global market force -- a nation unto itself.

Polls Show Bush Dumber than Americans
Half of the US population is incapable of acquiring, processing and understanding information.

The Pope's War on Poverty-
I renew the appeal to leaders of nations so that they will unite their efforts to overcome the grave imbalances that still penalize a large part of humanity."

The Public Good Argument
The unusual details of the issue are presented here…

Gays at UN Launch Bush Attack
Gays at UN Launch Bush Attack
''It is deeply disturbing that the self-proclaimed leader of the free world will ally with bigots at the drop of a hat to advance the right wing's anti-gay agenda.''

Imperialism has Opposition: Chavez
Chávez turned his attention to U.S. President George W. Bush, calling him "Mr. Danger", who leads "a perverse empire", because "he talks about human rights", while torture continues and people disappear in secret prisons.

Study shows Race Bias in Politicks
Study Shows Race Bias in Politics
"We have 50 years of evidence that racial prejudice predicts voting. Republicans are supported by whites with prejudice against blacks. If people say, 'This takes me aback,' they are ignoring a huge volume of research."

Kennedyville and IAs

A Smuggler Talks on Illegal Aliens
Some of them have to carry marijuana in order to pay for their passage. Each guy usually
ends up carrying 100 lbs. with some cocaine wrapped inside. They also carry Methamphetamine in 5 gallon paint buckets.

The Louisianna Looters
For those displaced by Katrina, the US Gov’t is paying $60,000 per trailer, for an 18 month lease!

"V" is for Texas, Texas-size voting...
Texas is the only state to have such stringent ballot-access requirements, which further entrench the two-party system.

AZ, Ca Face Challenges over Water & Growth
Growth and drought add to issues.

AZ Muslims Accuse DHS of Smear
Representatives from leading Islamic organizations in Arizona and the nation blasted the Department of Homeland Security on Friday, alleging that the government used discrimination, dishonesty and smear tactics to force a prominent Muslim physician out of the country.

Deadly Fungus in Corn
The toll in South Carolina stands at 52 dogs poisoned after eating Diamond Pet Foods, including 35 dead.

AOL Offends Christians in Cybspace!
To treat as common the name of God is wicked….by the deliberate actions of mocking the Almighty; particularly in the technologically advanced society.


Land Rights Network American Land Rights AssociationAlliance Against Reservation Shopping
PO Box 400 - Battle Ground, WA 98604Phone: 360-687-3087 - FAX: 360-687-2973
Email: alra@pacifier.com or alra@governance.netWeb Address: http://www.landrights.org
Legislative Office: 507 Seward Square SE -
Washington, DC 20003

McCain Reservation Shopping Hearing Wednesday -- Lobbying Scandal Too
*****Critical Hearing Wednesday, February 1st *****

You can watch this important hearing by tuning in at 9:30 AM Eastern time or 6:30 AM Pacific Time at: http://indian.senate.gov/%A0%A0%A0
You’ll find the hearing listed on the home page.
Click on Live Broadcast. RealOne Player software is available at the Website. Call (202) 224-2251 for help.
Hearing Room Change:
The McCain hearing will now be held in 106 Dirksen Senate Office Building.

It is a much larger hearing room. That is a change from the 485 Russell SOB.
The John McCain (R-AZ) led Senate Indian Affairs Committee calls it Off-Reservation Gaming: The Process for Considering Gaming Applications.
New reservation shopping casinos threaten private property across the country.
If you like the Abramoff lobbying scandal, You’ll Love Reservation Shopping and the expansion of off-reservation casinos. Is your community losing political control to reservation shopping tribal casinos? Are your private property rights being jeopardized by some land grabbing tribes who don’t care about your culture, your history, your families or community? Are you interested in selling your county’s political future? -- the tribes are buying.

Do You Want To Help Put A Stop To This Mess? Ask both your Senators and your Congressman to support a moratorium on any money for processing new off-reservation casinos for three years. This is important because if you just say moratorium, then the Interior Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs will continue to process applications up until the end of the moratorium. Then the flood gates will open. Don’t let that happen. Call your Senators and Congressman now.

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