Sunday, January 01, 2006

“It burns me up to see the agency under fire (reminded him of the 1970s) when Congress unleashed a bunch of untutored little jerks out there to investigate the CIA’s involvement in domestic spying, assassinations, and other illegal activities, and subsequently passed laws to prevent abuses."
~George H.W. Bush, former President, CIA Director

Blogs Are Boots on the Ground for Liberty
A New Year Salute to ALL Bloggers, newsgroups, and conscientious objector’s who e-mail….

Alex Jones Explains it ALL...
View eye-popping video at above link. Alex presents his data, and ah perfectly clear… get the facts straight on military, corporation and the BushCo link…a New Year’s treat!

Put a Stake in Dracula's Heart
The Globalists' agenda is a diabolical program which, through patient gradualism, is slowly draining the moral, economic and political life blood from the United States and the hard working American people.

Wannabe Cowboy in White House, Pisses on Americans!
The White House and DOD have failed to turn over WMD evidence after 500,000 Americans signed a petition delivered to Bush six months ago. He also has failed to answer questions or turn over documents requested by 52 Congressmen after the Downing Street Memo also surfaced in May.

Cairo Police Kill Innocent for New Year
Riot police rushed into a crowd of unarmed Sudanese migrants early on Friday morning, killing 25 people, including children, after the group refused to leave a public park it had occupied for three months, hoping to press UN officials to move them.

Fiesta Bowl Fans Get TASER
When the fans didn't comply, officers used their yellow Tasers in "drive stun" mode by touching people directly with the Taser, sending a shock into arms and fingers through the fencing.

Jailed Muslim Fights Fence at US Border
He also said he was mad at the United States for proposing a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border and wanted to make the country "more free."

Sheriff, Deputy Gets Power from Union
Real power is by way of Union and arbitration..where over-time is King in retirement pension pay-outs.

One Good Thing ABout the Illegal War
Never do this again…

Bashing Christians is Bashing USA

Do Christian Roots Lead to Globalism?
“Christianity is becoming globalized far more rapidly than is democracy, capitalism, or modernity…it is quite plausible that Christianity remains an essential element in the globalization of modernity"

Christian Bashers Got Designer Label
"It's just supposed to be a bit of fun, some kind of anti-culture"

Got God, is Good, for...poltriks?
“Once you believe that you're on God's side, therefore people who disagree with you are not on God's side, or are even enemies of God. Then there's no room for the ... stuff of politics. And there's a lot of room for real hatred and animosity and bitterness."

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