Wednesday, January 04, 2006

“If you are serious and mean what you say and want to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States…Place military (National Guard) on the border and build a fence.
~ Representative Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

They Cook Your Food, and Clean Your Butt
View above video link for reality check on illegal immigration.

Fight Amnesty-Lite: Guest Workers Legislation
PHONE SEN. SPECTER ... Needs to hear from US. American people want/need Federal enforcement of the immigration law. Halt all amnesty-lite legislation.
CALL NOW: 202-224-4254 in Washington, DC

Latin America Gets Belly Full of DC Gangstas
Repayment yesterday of its debts to the Washington-based lender marks a symbolic rejection of everything the fund represents -- the United States, market reforms, privatization, free trade, foreign investment and globalization.

Congressman Ron Paul's 2006 Message
Dangerous foreign aid spending also grows next year, sending more of your tax dollars overseas to fund dubious regimes that often later become our enemies- as we've seen in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dictatorship R US
A system of government … wages aggressive war… deceives its citizens, violates their rights, abuses power and breaks the law, rejects judicial and legislative checks on itself, claims power without limit, tortures prisoners and acts in secret.

Clinton: a Mess that Doesn't Stick
Clinton proves there is no mess or scandal he can’t avoid, which a great qualification for this con,who want to be the next Secretary General at the UN.

Hillary, AIPAC, Israel: Going for IRAN
Just follow the gelt, and watch for flies. $58K, campaign funds can sugar coat Israeli violence and conflict in the Middle East, how sweet it is….

Israeli Torture is US Denial in DC
The fact is that, Israel has been routinely torturing Palestinians for decades with tacit support of Western powers and without comment.

Stop US Aid to Israel
"As the largest bilateral donor to Israel, the US has a special responsibility to make sure that its aid is not directly or indirectly used to support violations of international humanitarian law such as settlement building or the construction of the wall inside the occupied Palestinian territories"

Support a Worthy Cause: Say NO to Alito!
Armchair activism, Dems do something right…

Will Federal Courts be Fooled by BushCo Too?
Hitler’s claims were based on nothing but his claims, just as the claim for extra-legal power for Bush is based on nothing but memos written by his political appointees.

He's the ALL Punishment and Death Prez
Was Georgie profiled as a juvenile sociopath, the ole shrink speaks his mind.

DC a Place for Gunz and Crime
No one is safe. Not even the former mayor.

Anti-Christian Values Plugged in Georgia
Give Sonny Perdue a call… a portion of student activity fees goes to mandatory fund, Gay Pride Alliance only at Georgia Tech.

Sudan Civilians Massacred by Egypt Police
While waiting for false hope, and the UN to fulfill obligation and duty refugees were driven from the warlands of Sudan to be brutally murdered by Egypt security forces…aka the police.

The Ultimate Machista is Death to Women
While NGO’s pass the buck, and are NOT enough…women globally are beat and butchered, by males, and government does not recognize this trend?

Survival of the Fittest is Shedding Blood
The Constitution was conceived to protect all Americans against the agendas of any who would use the government in advancing their own personal interests or beliefs. …the solution was not suppressing particular groups in society.

Detention Guards Charged in Inmates Death
“They’re killing me, they’re killing me,” the voice shouted.

Feeding Homeless is Essential
"Unless these college kids can prove they are as safe as any other restaurant, we cannot allow it"

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