Friday, January 06, 2006

“I believe it's insane to permit Mexico's president to determine U.S. immigration policy and the strength of our border security”
~ Lou Dobbs

The CLEAR Act: Gets Bite on Illegal Aliens
See above video on law enforcement restoring power to law enforcement on illegal aliens.

America is Loosing it's Dream
America has become a country that imprisons those it fails, blaming poverty, drug addiction or homelessness on individuals rather than recognizing and addressing the conditions that give rise to them.

South Dakota Judges Lock Horns w/ DOJ
A unique legal clash has political overtones.

Will US Aid be There for America?
Our representatives think nothing of exporting US tax revenue to boost evil regiemes, and foreign aid packages.

MicroSoft Bucks Blog w/ Chinese Dissent
Questions remain as to why a site believed to be hosted in the United States must comply with Chinese law.

US Corporation Supports Gay Workplace
Homosexuals target companies with their (13) step agenda…

Taser Involved in Victims Death
"I'm angry police are still using Tasers even though there's been more than one occasion where people have gone into cardiac arrest and passed away.

Math Teacher gives Sex Ed to Student
Female math teacher charged with sexual intercourse, oral copulation and sodomy…

Mailman Arrested in Mail Heist
Phoenix postman was arrested when he attempted to cash a forged check stolen from a piece of mail on his route.

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