Monday, February 13, 2006

Don't think a small few people can't change the world for the better. They're the only ones who ever do. ~ Margaret Mead

Ethical Investing for Managed Growth
See above link video on key points for ethical investing…
Would Christ KILL for BUSHCO?
Where does the Bible explain killing Iraqi’s protecting their homes?
The Anti-Global Forum
“It was the anti-globalization movement that brought changes of heart among G-8 members regarding issues such as debt cancellation,” said Sekou Diarra, a member of Mali’s Debt and Development Coalition.
Halliburton Employs Niche Labor
"Skilled migration is meant to be used for filling gaps we weren't prepared for. Instead, it's being used to cut training places and slash wages."
In Case of Emergency: Ignore Officials
Anybody who has been paying attention probably suspects that if we rely on orders from above to protect us, we'll be in terrible shape. But in a networked era, we have increasing opportunities to help ourselves. This is the real source of homeland security: not authoritarian schemes of surveillance and punishment, but multi-channel networks of advice, information, and mutual aid.
Katrina Blames Chertoff
This one is Right ON!
FEMA, the US Secret Government
It can move entire populations. It can arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial. It can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems. It can, at will, suspend the Constitution.
The CIA's Best Client: The President
UK Troops in Shameful Prisoner Abuse
British soldiers on trial for abuse of Iraqi prisoners in echo of Abu Ghraib
AZ Columnists Puts Money on Government
The government can spend our collective money in ways that are important…
Mass. Attorney Challenges Legal Abuse
Legal Abuse is when justice system delivers injustice, and harms millions of Americans…
CT Candidate for Governor has Rare Integrity
CT Ex-Gov Leaves Prison
As inmate No. 15623-014, Rowland wore a khaki uniform and was responsible for sweeping a prison stairwell.
Indicted Ex-Legislator, Sez Can't STOP Big Money
The ethics reform bill fails to curtail the influence of big spending special interests in elections and it doesn't adequately extend the jurisdiction of the new state ethics commission
No Tax, No Crime Connection
The state maintains the only Constitution in the country that protects its citizens the ‘right to revolution.’ One hundred (perhaps more by now) of NH residents have signed up for the FSP, and ex Republican Governor Craig Benson stood behind them.
Break the Law to Enforce the LAW
Numerous police and legal experts said they were not aware of any law enforcement agency in the Washington region, or the country, that allows sexual contact in prostitution investigations.
Cops with Crisis Training KILL
After seeing disturbed man with screwdriver … according to the family, the officers used their guns…. they shot Meadours 14 times, including six in the back, according to an autopsy report.
US Justice Needs Immediate Reform
Holding a law license does not guarantee one is a competent, honest attorney. It means that person does what is dictated by the Bar.
BushCo Bloodhounds Tied by ACLU
“as a VA nurse working with returning…vets, I know the public has no sense of the additional devastating human and financial costs of post-traumatic stress disorder.”
The "S" Word Re-Visited
Kellerman Study Needs to be Shot!
The best example of a lie turning accepted truth is the so-called Kellerman study…. first published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in 1986

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