Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No More War
See video link above We Don’t Want Your WAR

The BushCo Puzzle: Many Pieces

Rumstud's Intel War
The Pentagon is laying the groundwork for privatizing the internet for information-tyranny.

GOD's Plan Rivals Satan's
The web has opened up a new frontier for truth, that is why we must enjoy it while we can as the elitist are working overtime to stifle this new and troublesome communication medium.

A Straussian Dream: Stale and Obsolete
When a society… give(s) impotent people with evil intentions the power to represent

YES-U-CAN for Liberty
It’s easy and legal….

The E-Mail Spies
"The Congressional Research Service also published a legal analysis of the USA Patriot Act that states that the Act "permits pen register and trap and trace orders for electronic communications (e.g., e-mail)."

State of Security on OUR Border
It is blatantly obvious even to the most casual reader that Islamic terrorists have been, and continue to, cross the U.S./Mexico border into America.

WTO Sez NO to US Tax breaks
The World Trade Organization upheld a ruling condemning tax breaks for some U.S. companies operating overseas, … Washington has about three months to bring its legislation into line.

It's the Crime Syndicate

Macho-Bubba vs. Female Reporter Plight
Delaying the releases of female detainees to strike a tough anti-terrorism pose, the administration has increased the risk to Jill Carroll's life.

CT Gov and Youth Violence
Society’s children need real TLC not just cops.

ABA Open Letter to Bush
Protecting the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is a fundamentally American value. Americans are divided by their politics, but they share a healthy distrust of government operating without proper oversight.

UAE Running US Ports, and ...
Officials said the UAE has not fully responded to repeated appeals from the Treasury Department to halt money-laundering activities exploited by Al Qaida and aligned groups.

China to Dictate Blogsphere
A"more robust" policy on responding to official requests to censor bloggers, Microsoft said it would only remove blogs when it receives an official legal order.

Greenpeace and Forced Trade

US Master-Plan for GM Food
individual countries who dislike being told what to eat or grow by the EC as much as the WTO say they will resist any attempts to make them accept GM.

Do Video Games Tune-up Gray Matter?

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