Sunday, February 05, 2006

Going Global: Public Official Predators
See British video in above link on exposed Bush-Blair conspiracy for the Illegal Iraq occupation.
Impeach Bush and War of Aggression
Aggression is the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations, as set out in this Definition.
Sheriff Baca, has a Riot, Not OK!
Sheriff Lee Baca iholds the ultimate authority, management, and control to prevent this from happening! See text and video in above link…
Illegal Anchor Babies Belong to Mother's Country
Politicians have subverted the Constitution and allowed citizenship to any child born in the US. This misinterpretation is not accidental - it is intentional. An error of this magnitude could not be accidental.
Retired USAF Colonel Explains 9-11 Facts
In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft --
Axis of Peace has Voice, and Speaks

The Madness Behind Murder
The Method & Madness for Murder
Leaders commit war crimes as a matter of institutional necessity, as their imperial role calls for keeping subordinate peoples in their proper place and assuring a “favorable climate of investment” everywhere. They do this by using their economic power,
13th Amendment Forgotten
Legal Roots declared by GOD
The Ten Commandments have been declared by several American legal tribunals to be harmful when viewed in the public light.
US Troops Missed 9-11, Ready for US
"But we are prepared to use military aircraft to shoot down a civilian aircraft under the control of terrorists in order to save an even greater number of lives
ENRON Ghost has Hand in PHX Bond
STOP represents many civil servants and private contractors who are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution from their union or city hall, against the pirates of profit in the public domain.
Politicians Clean-Up Act in Secret
It is not surprising that a compromise ethics bill was pieced together by a compromise crafted out of public sight. That's how business has long been done on Capitol Hill.
Betty the Trailblazer
She insisted that the women's movement remain in the mainstream of American life, objecting to the "bra-burning, anti-man, politics-of-orgasm school."

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