Monday, April 03, 2006

CT Cop w/ Stolen Property...
View news video in above link…
Corrupticut, the cradle of neo-cons got a bad cop?

Bush to Visit CT... Wednesday
Will Blue state CT roll out the Red rug for MX favorite politician?

VP Cheney in Dirty Water Scandal
Cheney is alleged to have pressured the Department of Justice and the Council on Environmental Quality to give Bajagua a pass on clean water concerns and the no-bid contract for building the treatment facility.

McCain: a Bush-man and more...
"We elected him, we need him, he needs to do well and the country needs him"

American Legion Calls All VETS, Today
Didn’t die for open borders

Brown Out & Death of Innocents
Employers of America: the blood and suffering of innocents is on your hands because you want cheap labor.

We Get E-Mail.. read who writin’, are you?

Kathy McKee
To: ;
Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2006 7:03 PM
Subject: Thanks

Thank you for turning our beautiful city and state into a lawless sanctuary for illegal aliens. I sure wish you had a fraction of the concern and compassion for legal citizens that you do for rowdy, Mexican-flag-waving illegal aliens. If you think they are going to elect Janet Napolitano or Phil Gordon when they are the majority of voters here, I've evidently greatly over-estimated your intelligence.

Kathy McKee, founder/Chairman
Protect Arizona NOW

Flag Controversey Photo-Op
See what up on the Flags

AZ: Rebel Flag Banned at Concert
The confederate flag long misunderstood for it’s significance…

Rocker Bono Feels Abused by Govt.
". . . Italy has become the last in the list among the 22 richest nations of the world in terms of per capita spending on behalf of the Third World . . ."

Supreme Court Gun Cases are Here!

For Release...


On April 17, 2006, at 1:00 p.m. victims of legal abuse, legal reformers, and freedom-minded people will join together at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building, the location of the House Judiciary Committee, to demand that the Committee hold hearings on legal abuse in America.

The rally is being promoted by the Citizens Justice Institute. Legal abuse affects millions of Americans each year. Its symptoms are usually pretty obvious.

It occurs when the legal system delivers injustice rather than justice. It occurs when one side gets special treatment ... negative or positive. It occurs when the facts don't matter, but the choice of a well-connected lawyer does. It occurs when procedure is manipulated to foil a fair result. It occurs when dirty pool is played by every side but yours, and the judge encourages it. It occurs when laws and politics are enforced selectively, unreasonably or inappropriately. The Citizens Justice Institute repeatedly contacted Congressman James Sensenbrenner seeking to have him hold hearings on legal abuse, and public dissatisfaction with the legal system. No response was ever received, thus we believe a rally is appropriate.

The Citizens Justice Institute produces materials for pro se litigants. It has a website at It is headed by Boston lawyer David Grossack (See Wikipedia entry who can be reached at for more information.

First Aid Primer for Nuclear Attack
Print, read and copy this one!

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