Sunday, April 16, 2006

"I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job."
President Bush, to a group of Amish he met with privately, July 9, 2004

Bush Breaks Catholic Bread
Pope John Paul told us, "Be not afraid," because he knew that an empire built on lies was ultimately destined to fail.

POPE Doin Job, BushCo Can't Do!
Demanding global cooperation…

Jesus Back in the News
Jesus was Jewish – the greatest Christian dilemma of all.

Easter Eggs R a Political Tradition
"It seems to me inappropriate to use a 130-year-old children's event that, by and large, has not been political despite being at the White House.

Judas, Really Not a Bad Guy
He was just fulfilling GOD’s plan

The Cardinal gets Easter Egged too...
"You are seeing the philosophy of the Catholic hierarchy, which is, ‘I only lie when I have to.’"

Generals for PEACE
Citizens too, they contribute a vital community service for speaking up!

A Whopper in the White House
Still buying BushCo War on Terror?

Going Dutch on US Propaganda
IS the Wikipedia online "encyclopedia" - now one of the most dominant media websites in the entire world - show signs of being CIA-type operatives?

Sen. McCain Hires Pro on Politriks
McCain hired Terry Nelson, the former deputy chief of staff at the Republican National Committee, who served as boss to James Tobin, who has since been convicted in the 2002 New Hampshire Republican phone-jamming scandal.

Easter: a Green Party Time
Clifford Thornton a candidate for Connecticut’s governor is top-o-Green Party politicks.

New Fed Law to Stop Medicare Theft
Under the law, the Deficit Reduction Act, states cannot receive federal Medicaid money unless they verify citizenship by checking documents like passports and birth certificates for people who receive or apply for Medicaid.

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