Thursday, February 23, 2006

VP-Cheney Not for the Birds
See above video link for counter-perspective

Osama is NOT a Threat
"I am concerned that some of my Democrat colleagues used this unique public forum to make clear that they believe the gravest threat we face is not Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, but rather the president of the United States," Roberts said.

Senator Grassley's Letter to Treasurer
“As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, with jurisdiction over international trade, I am determined to obtain full and complete information on this sale.”

CT Senator: Suspicious Port Deal
Dodd wrote to Bush Wednesday, expressing concerns about Treasury Secretary John Snow's involvement on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States' approval of the sale of the U.S. port operations to Dubai Ports World

What Top Guns Say on Ports
A few national-security experts….here's what they had to say.

Ex-Vatican Arch-Bishop Dead in AZ
Sources close to Vatican claim that Marcinkus taken to America to keep quiet since he was actually only an "innocent fall guy" for the real culprits pulling the strings behind the scandal.

AZ Reporter Gets Death Threats on Bonding
Death threats for exposing the truth about Phoenix bonds?

AZ Senator wants Quality of Life
Still stuck on poverty of values choice here…

The Next Big Scandal
Another DC Corruption scandal, this time on foreign aid!
a highly predictable scandal is developing that may embarrass leaders, including President Bush, British Prime Minister Blair, and other heads of government, severely damage the reputations, or worse, of many bureaucrats, and cost American and European taxpayers billions.

Foreign Debt Relief Hits for Americans?
We have a Congress that cannot say no to any demand for foreign aid in the name of the "world's poorest" and a U.S. government that cannot stand up to a moral shakedown.

Hitler was Created by Jewish Bankers
The bank even owned a stake in the construction company that built the crematorium at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

DU Scandal takes Twist
Former Veterans Affairs Secretary, Anthony Principi, recently resigned was because he has been involved in a massive scandal covering up the fact that Gulf War Syndrome was caused by the use of depleted uranium

Impeachment for Dummies Guide
Impeachment for Dummies Guide
Don’t go it alone, it’s a PAC

US Legal System violates Constitution
It is no secret to anyone who has had contact with them that the courts of this country and their officers are saturated with corruption.

Stun Gun Abuse in Canada
a number of Edmontonians who claim they have been abused by the overuse of the electronic stun guns.

Save the Raptors
This is not about birds. This is about “official misconduct” and “high-level corruption” – beginning with Arab royals in their desert palaces in Riyadh, Kuwait, and the U.A.E. – reaching clear across the Atlantic.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Defining BushCo Fascism
A video in above link on hijacked government of USA
On destroying the Middle East
What is the basis of America's emnity for Iraq, Iran and Syria?
Can Rumstud BS Em All?
One puzzling aspect of Rumsfeld’s account of his initial reaction to news of the Abu Ghraib investigation was his lack of alarm and lack of curiosity.
America is finished...when
We will know we have lost when we allow one million illegal aliens to cross our borders each year – any of which could be a suicide bomber, a “pilot-in-training” - or just a voter taking a job from an American non-voter.
America: Works for Poverty
Under President George W Bush an extra 5.4 million have slipped below the poverty line…they are not a story of the unemployed or the destitute….most have jobs.
Political Party Doom
If you and I keep voting in the same senators and congressmen into office time and time again, we’re doomed as a viable, sustainable and First World civilization.
UK Judge Angry on US Torture
"America's idea of what is torture is not the same as ours and does not appear to coincide with that of most civilised nations."
UK Police Promote Hate
POLICE force whose officers circulated racist and “offensive” images, including a picture of a decapitated black man, has allowed them to keep their jobs and fined them no more than three days’ pay.
Taking Charge of Ports...
Congress should see to it that the United Arab Emirates is not entrusted with the operation of any American ports, and that the Treasury Department is stripped of the lead role in evaluating such dubious foreign investments in the United States.
STOP Email Tax!
UN Must Charge US w/ War Crimes
Jounalists Targeted, who Gives a Damn?
Media is missing in action…
Sheriff bills for Illegal Immigration
Umatilla County ……had to release prisoners to make room in the jail for illegal immigrants, and "my ability to adequately provide safety and security to the citizens of
my county has been seriously jeopardized."
Housing Going Down in AZ
Housing Down in AZ
Tn Law Enforcement is Sleaze
The Tennessee Highway Patrol and its parent agency, the Department of Safety, have been conducting internal investigations improperly by not taking notes, tape-recording interviews or otherwise creating documents that could be later reviewed by the public…
Climate Scientist is Censored
Three scientists who worked at the Australian science agency say they were pressured to keep their views on climate change to themselves to avoid clashing with government policy.
Coal Burning Linked to 700 Dead
Most of the deaths occurred in Maryland and the more populous states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
Governor has NO Confidence
Gov. Robert Ehrlich, citing concerns over electronic voting machines and a new early voting law passed by Democrats over his veto,
Niche Marketing for Gays
In the Communist era Russian homosexuals were jailed for five years and their "condition" was classed as a mental disorder. In post-Soviet Russia public acceptance of homosexuality has been glacial.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No More War
See video link above We Don’t Want Your WAR

The BushCo Puzzle: Many Pieces

Rumstud's Intel War
The Pentagon is laying the groundwork for privatizing the internet for information-tyranny.

GOD's Plan Rivals Satan's
The web has opened up a new frontier for truth, that is why we must enjoy it while we can as the elitist are working overtime to stifle this new and troublesome communication medium.

A Straussian Dream: Stale and Obsolete
When a society… give(s) impotent people with evil intentions the power to represent

YES-U-CAN for Liberty
It’s easy and legal….

The E-Mail Spies
"The Congressional Research Service also published a legal analysis of the USA Patriot Act that states that the Act "permits pen register and trap and trace orders for electronic communications (e.g., e-mail)."

State of Security on OUR Border
It is blatantly obvious even to the most casual reader that Islamic terrorists have been, and continue to, cross the U.S./Mexico border into America.

WTO Sez NO to US Tax breaks
The World Trade Organization upheld a ruling condemning tax breaks for some U.S. companies operating overseas, … Washington has about three months to bring its legislation into line.

It's the Crime Syndicate

Macho-Bubba vs. Female Reporter Plight
Delaying the releases of female detainees to strike a tough anti-terrorism pose, the administration has increased the risk to Jill Carroll's life.

CT Gov and Youth Violence
Society’s children need real TLC not just cops.

ABA Open Letter to Bush
Protecting the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is a fundamentally American value. Americans are divided by their politics, but they share a healthy distrust of government operating without proper oversight.

UAE Running US Ports, and ...
Officials said the UAE has not fully responded to repeated appeals from the Treasury Department to halt money-laundering activities exploited by Al Qaida and aligned groups.

China to Dictate Blogsphere
A"more robust" policy on responding to official requests to censor bloggers, Microsoft said it would only remove blogs when it receives an official legal order.

Greenpeace and Forced Trade

US Master-Plan for GM Food
individual countries who dislike being told what to eat or grow by the EC as much as the WTO say they will resist any attempts to make them accept GM.

Do Video Games Tune-up Gray Matter?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Don't think a small few people can't change the world for the better. They're the only ones who ever do. ~ Margaret Mead

Ethical Investing for Managed Growth
See above link video on key points for ethical investing…
Would Christ KILL for BUSHCO?
Where does the Bible explain killing Iraqi’s protecting their homes?
The Anti-Global Forum
“It was the anti-globalization movement that brought changes of heart among G-8 members regarding issues such as debt cancellation,” said Sekou Diarra, a member of Mali’s Debt and Development Coalition.
Halliburton Employs Niche Labor
"Skilled migration is meant to be used for filling gaps we weren't prepared for. Instead, it's being used to cut training places and slash wages."
In Case of Emergency: Ignore Officials
Anybody who has been paying attention probably suspects that if we rely on orders from above to protect us, we'll be in terrible shape. But in a networked era, we have increasing opportunities to help ourselves. This is the real source of homeland security: not authoritarian schemes of surveillance and punishment, but multi-channel networks of advice, information, and mutual aid.
Katrina Blames Chertoff
This one is Right ON!
FEMA, the US Secret Government
It can move entire populations. It can arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial. It can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems. It can, at will, suspend the Constitution.
The CIA's Best Client: The President
UK Troops in Shameful Prisoner Abuse
British soldiers on trial for abuse of Iraqi prisoners in echo of Abu Ghraib
AZ Columnists Puts Money on Government
The government can spend our collective money in ways that are important…
Mass. Attorney Challenges Legal Abuse
Legal Abuse is when justice system delivers injustice, and harms millions of Americans…
CT Candidate for Governor has Rare Integrity
CT Ex-Gov Leaves Prison
As inmate No. 15623-014, Rowland wore a khaki uniform and was responsible for sweeping a prison stairwell.
Indicted Ex-Legislator, Sez Can't STOP Big Money
The ethics reform bill fails to curtail the influence of big spending special interests in elections and it doesn't adequately extend the jurisdiction of the new state ethics commission
No Tax, No Crime Connection
The state maintains the only Constitution in the country that protects its citizens the ‘right to revolution.’ One hundred (perhaps more by now) of NH residents have signed up for the FSP, and ex Republican Governor Craig Benson stood behind them.
Break the Law to Enforce the LAW
Numerous police and legal experts said they were not aware of any law enforcement agency in the Washington region, or the country, that allows sexual contact in prostitution investigations.
Cops with Crisis Training KILL
After seeing disturbed man with screwdriver … according to the family, the officers used their guns…. they shot Meadours 14 times, including six in the back, according to an autopsy report.
US Justice Needs Immediate Reform
Holding a law license does not guarantee one is a competent, honest attorney. It means that person does what is dictated by the Bar.
BushCo Bloodhounds Tied by ACLU
“as a VA nurse working with returning…vets, I know the public has no sense of the additional devastating human and financial costs of post-traumatic stress disorder.”
The "S" Word Re-Visited
Kellerman Study Needs to be Shot!
The best example of a lie turning accepted truth is the so-called Kellerman study…. first published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in 1986

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Going Global: Public Official Predators
See British video in above link on exposed Bush-Blair conspiracy for the Illegal Iraq occupation.
Impeach Bush and War of Aggression
Aggression is the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations, as set out in this Definition.
Sheriff Baca, has a Riot, Not OK!
Sheriff Lee Baca iholds the ultimate authority, management, and control to prevent this from happening! See text and video in above link…
Illegal Anchor Babies Belong to Mother's Country
Politicians have subverted the Constitution and allowed citizenship to any child born in the US. This misinterpretation is not accidental - it is intentional. An error of this magnitude could not be accidental.
Retired USAF Colonel Explains 9-11 Facts
In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft --
Axis of Peace has Voice, and Speaks

The Madness Behind Murder
The Method & Madness for Murder
Leaders commit war crimes as a matter of institutional necessity, as their imperial role calls for keeping subordinate peoples in their proper place and assuring a “favorable climate of investment” everywhere. They do this by using their economic power,
13th Amendment Forgotten
Legal Roots declared by GOD
The Ten Commandments have been declared by several American legal tribunals to be harmful when viewed in the public light.
US Troops Missed 9-11, Ready for US
"But we are prepared to use military aircraft to shoot down a civilian aircraft under the control of terrorists in order to save an even greater number of lives
ENRON Ghost has Hand in PHX Bond
STOP represents many civil servants and private contractors who are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution from their union or city hall, against the pirates of profit in the public domain.
Politicians Clean-Up Act in Secret
It is not surprising that a compromise ethics bill was pieced together by a compromise crafted out of public sight. That's how business has long been done on Capitol Hill.
Betty the Trailblazer
She insisted that the women's movement remain in the mainstream of American life, objecting to the "bra-burning, anti-man, politics-of-orgasm school."

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Corrupticut: Escapees at Large
View video where prisoners escape and commit further crimes.

AZ Gov Plays Bully Gets Slapped with Suit
"We are not just defending the body of the Legislature, we're defending the Constitution," said Sen. Thayer Verschoor, R-Gilbert. "If we concede to this, we essentially wipe out the need for the Legislature."

A Good Neighbor, Not Friends
Mexico is a chaotic, criminal state that, with the compliance and invitation of our own “leaders,” is waging war against our country. (USA)

US Billions for War on Drugs in Columbia
"The lack of reliable evidence of well-documented progress in the war against drugs and neutralizing paramilitaries is disappointing considering the billions of dollars the U.S. Congress has appropriated"

Americans Videotapping Bush Lies on Power
View above video, all lies on wiretapping, and his roving powers…America will NOT tolerate any madman in public office.

A President Like a Plague
George W. Bush has declared that he is a ‘war president’ … he has declared a war against the American people, along with his ill-conceived war in Iraq, in the process inflicting severe damage to both working and middle class citizens, in a preemptive strike against the very foundations of America.

Impeachment for Dummies Guide
Get in line with the pros who want to dump Bush-Cheney, impeachment made EZ!

Rumstud's Model of Democracy: Afghanistan
Afghanistan is Bush's dystopia, a failed narco-state run by American puppets, Islamic fundamentalists and human rights abusers…the corporate media has done the American people a grave disservice by characterizing this drug-dependent settlement as a burgeoning democracy.

Student Gets Visit from SS on Bush Essay
"Although it may have been appropriate for the teacher to share the essay with the school social work staff, the decisions to also involve the police and the Secret Service marked a significant and inappropriate intrusion on the young student's First Amendment rights."

US Troops Fire on Canadians in Iraq
US Troops Open Fire on Canadians in Iraq
Fearing a roadside bomber, inexperienced U.S. troops opened fire in Canadian diplomats in Iraq.

Zionism Behind Press Hate Flack
MPACUK exposes for the first time in Britain the Zionist owner of the German paper which reprinted the highly Islamaphobic pictures of the Prophet PBUH.

Americans in Foreign Flicks
They kill dozens of innocent people with random machine-gun fire, shoot the groom in the head, and drag those left alive to Abu Ghraib prison - where a Jewish doctor cuts out their organs, which he sells to rich people

Collusion Thick on US Torture & EU
Former CIA agent Robert Baer said in a 2004 interview, “If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria. If you want someone to disappear—never to see them again—you send them to Egypt.”

China Blocks Net w/ US Corps
Congressman Tom Lantos accused the American companies of sacrificing human rights for business interests.

Reno Radio Host Nailed on Fed Drug Charge
Reno businessman and radio show host Walter "Eddie" Floyd was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of growing and trafficking in marijuana and laundering the proceeds through his businesses...

Fed Judge: Ex-EPA 'Safe to Return' Ground Zero, Shocking!
U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts refused to grant Whitman immunity against a class-action lawsuit brought in 2004 by residents, students and workers in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn who said they were exposed to hazardous materials from the destruction of the World Trade Center .

Judge Lies in ENRON Court
In this Enron criminal case, US District Court Judge Sim Lake lied to a prospective juror about a juror's right to judge the facts of a case and the law.

The Coming Storm for US
You are for the constitution and the sovereignty of the nation or you are against it. Everything a politician does should be graded on how it stacks up against the constitution.