Monday, November 28, 2005

The BushCo Race for Immigration
It’s all about preferential treatment, and breaking the LAW!

Bush & Honchos Stalk the Talk in AZ!
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff reportedly will accompany Bush, who is expected to make remarks on border security and immigration reform…
Congressman Tancredo Breaks GOP Party Line
One of the few Republicans willing to criticize the White House, Tancredo is called upon by talk radio and cable television to talk about immigration as well as the deficit and Supreme Court nominations.

CA GOP: Threats on Party Members
Attendees at the state convention of the California GOP were shocked and dismayed to learn that operatives of candidate John Campbell had attempted to move a resolution that threatened with “expulsion from the California Republican Party” any member of the state GOP who “supports, advocates, or assists in any way” the campaign of Congressional candidate “Minuteman” Jim Gilchrist.

Proud Racist for the Human Race
American Pride sends message to social-commie, illegal alien misanthropes.

How the Real ID Act Affects US

Checking the Bacground Checkers
Are you at high risk of inaccurate, harmful info due to lack of training, or screening by employees who handle your personal vital info?

The Iraq ID Act in Fallujah
"With retina scans and fingerprinting still being carried out by the U.S. military at times in order to issue bar-coded identification badges for certain residents, lines waiting to get into the city are quite long," he said.

The American Religious Threat
When Americans knew their rights and valued the Constitution, Americans were keen on the evils of Rome, and Roman Catholicism in America was unpopular.

PHX to Beef -Up Sheraton Hotel
The city of Phoenix plans to take out $350 million on credit this week to pay for its downtown hotel, which they consider crucial to the success of a renovated Phoenix Civic Plaza.

AZ Opts for Instant Teachers
It's a whole lot more difficult, a whole lot more time-consuming and a whole lot more work than I thought it would be," he said. "I was used to being paid for what I do. I do a lot of stuff I don't get paid for now."

Va. MM Put Illegal Hires Under Scutiny
A newly formed chapter of the Minuteman Project, had its cameras trained on about 100 men gathered at an informal day-labor site in this northern Virginia town. When a truck or car pulled up, they snapped shots in earnest. The activists were there to photograph prospective employers, note license plate numbers and business names, and report them to the authorities, though it was unclear whether any official action would follow.

Strawberries Growers and Headaches
The farm worker believes his headaches, confusion and vision trouble stem from a decade working in the fields with methyl bromide, a pesticide that protects the berries with stunning efficiency.

Report from the War on Drugs
“The hens died, the dogs died… everything died.”

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