Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Rightie Love Baahhhggg!
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Yoo's Rule of LAW
Yoo's views on the war and treaty powers share two features:
First, they both depart radically from the text of the constitution. He would reduce the power to "declare war" to a mere formality, a courtesy to the enemy; and he would render entirely superfluous the Supremacy Clause's provision that treaties are the "Law of the Land"

Pedophiles Push Kennedy HATE Bill
Kennedy has powerful groups pressuring him, notably the pedophile lobby - an emerging political force in the Capitol. They are becoming increasingly visible and vocal through such political action groups as NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Scooter Gets his Freak-Off
Is this Scooter Libby’s book about his freaky, lifestyle?

Abolish the Death Penalty
As the United States approaches its 1000th execution since reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976, more and more people understand that the death penalty makes mistakes, disproportionately affects the poor and people of color, doesn't deter crime, and is expensive, arbitrary, and immoral.

Railroaded by the US Junk Justice
Assigned "lawyers" to Mr. Cazaco that not only hid the murder confession by someone else from the court record - these "lawyers" Judge Payne had assigned, even hid this information from Mr. Cazaco himself during the trial.

National Guard Low on Equipment
National Guard Bureau says the problem is getting worse across the country, with a great deal of Guard equipment - 64,000 items in all - having been destroyed or left in Iraq, and more being written off every day.

No Benefits for these Vets?
Native Americans are less likely to use veterans benefits because there aren't enough counselors in Arizona and because many counselors know little about Native American cultures, a state lawmaker and veteran groups say.

DC Gang has Report Card

Vermont: a Nice Place to Secede
The neo-con band of criminals running Washington, trampling on civil rights at home and invading countries at will overseas, has led a large group of strong-minded Vermont freedom-fighters with no choice but to secede from the United States.

CT Gov Rell Vetoes Contract- Rigging Bill
"We have been very alarmed by what appears to be a pervasive campaign of misinformation to mislead the public about this clean contracting bill," ….
"statements about the clean contracting bill as if it would prohibit reassignment of state employees.

CT Blocks Property Seizin'
Charging that the Supreme Court undermined one of the pillars of American society, the House took up legislation Thursday to block court-sanctioned seizings of people's homes for use by private developers.

AZ Gov
Gonna Ditch Illegals?
Ten percent of all workers in Arizona's economy are undocumented immigrants, according to estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center.

Know who's handlin' Money at Wells Fargo?
Their social security numbers have been borrowed from other people who are related or close to the employees family. Other numbers are fraudulent because they have not been issued by the social security administration.

Minutemen Report Illegal Employers
"The employers don't want to be filmed. They don't want to be seen," said Mr. Taplin, organizer of the Herndon chapter of the Minutemen, a grass-roots campaign to rid towns of illegal aliens by observing their employers and reporting them to employment, tax and immigration officials.

Over-reaching Sheriff for ID theft
Identity theft is a problem, I agree, but shouldn't Arizona address this issue since Arpaio is claiming that false driver's licenses are the culprit?

Judge has (3) Wives ...
So What?

Victoria Dirty Secret!
The company annually mails 395 million catalogs printed predominately on virgin paper from North America's Boreal Forest as well as other endangered forests.

The WalMart Bullies Near You

Contagious Infections Spread
Misdiagnosed as spider bites…

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