Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Voter Contract
The Mother of All contracts, saves the World from the secret society of criminals who pull the strings in government!

Yoo’s Rule of LAW
Yoo's views on the war and treaty powers share two features:
First, they both depart radically from the text of the constitution. He would reduce the power to "declare war" to a mere formality, a courtesy to the enemy; and he would render entirely superfluous the Supremacy Clause's provision that treaties are the "Law of the Land".

National Guard Has No Equipment
National Guard Bureau says the problem is getting worse across the country, with a great deal of Guard equipment - 64,000 items in all - having been destroyed or left in Iraq, and more being written off every day.

No Benefits for these Vets?
Native Americans are less likely to use veterans benefits because there aren't enough counselors in Arizona and because many counselors know little about Native American cultures, a state lawmaker and veteran groups say.

Contagious Infections Spread
Mis-diagnosed as spider bites...

DC Gang has Report Card
See the poor grades your legislators get on immigration

Over-reaching Sheriff got it ALL Wrong...
Is he pushing the police state agenda, OR doing his job?

Judge Has (3) Wives, So What?
Hauled into Court, Judge on defense

Victoria’s Dirty Secret
The company annually mails 395 million catalogs printed predominately on virgin paper from North America's Boreal Forest as well as other endangered forests.

The WalMart Bullies Near YOU

Predatory Lenders

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