Friday, November 04, 2005

We Need a Fence and Follow Israel!
We followed Israel… right into the illegal Iraq War. Just how much money does Gov. Owens take in campaign donations from the AIPAC, ADL, or the ACLU?

Planned Destruction
We spent the better part of a year trying to fight local government only to discover that we were up against the much larger forces of the NAFTA/CAFTA legislative sponsors John McCain, Jon Kyle and Ted Kennedy. We’re up against their multinational corporate backers of this internationalist agenda who benefit from the illegal immigration”

Clintonista Triva
I think it disgraceful that Hillary Clinton's graduate thesis is under lock and key at Princeton where her mentor was the top American communist intellectual of the time.

Merchants of HATE

Forced Vaccines: for Who?
Congress is considering a bill that would allow the government to order that vaccines be given to every U.S. citizen in a national emergency, even if a vaccine has previously harmed some people.

Health Matters
Childhood infections eg, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, etc, all serve a beneficial purpose, and if correctly treated, will result in an improvement in the child's health.

GOP Mulls Citizens by Illegal Birth

Judicial Accountability, a terrible thing!
According to Tom Barnett, executive director of the State Bar of South Dakota, terrible things will happen if the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Amendment passes.

We Target Latinos
Maricopa County teens will learn how to avoid the perils of irresponsible behavior, such as drugs, gang involvement and unprotected premarital sex.

CT Use Cops to Raise Revenue
“The citations could bring in more than $1 million in fines“ Gov Rell said.

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