Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"It's time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge he'll be commander-in-chief for three more years…we undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril."
~ Senator Joe Lieberman, (CT-D)

Gay Mayor Recall: Voted Out
See above video link

Senator Lieberman Can't Quit Cooked Intel
Lieberman also makes the claim that Iraqi's want the U.S. to stay.
This after opinion polls showing over 80 percent want the U.S. to leave.

Career Poliitriks Ruining US
Corruption is rampant in D.C. and so many people, especially people calling themselves Christians or conservatives, seem so willing to tolerate it!

CNN MUM on Pearl Harbor Anniversary
Maybe they are afraid your search will lead to the discover of the book “The New Pearl Harbor”… Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11….

GOP Wants Probe on Leaks to Secret Prison
A twisted sense of fair game here…whoever shall report, or leak illegal acts by Congress shall be rebuked!

Canadians Oppose US Torture
They also are against allowing the United States to secretly interrogate suspected terrorists in Canada

Tookie on Death Row, is Innocent
In regards to me apologizing, it would be wrong of me to apologize for something I didn't do. I didn't commit those crimes. I've been averring my innocence since day one, and it is the truth. So I cannot apologize for something I didn't do.

FLA. Acquittal for Prof in Terror Case
Prosecutors proceeded on a kind of extremely sweeping guilt-by-association theory . . .

Voting Machines Under Deadline Check
In Ca. where Secretary of State Bruce McPherson says he might force makers of the machines to prove their systems can withstand attacks from a hacker…. Diebold machines were blamed for voting disruptions in a 2004 California primary --

TN Officials Can't Buy Confiscated Property
The law forbidding state law enforcement officers from bidding on and purchasing property confiscated by their own agencies is clear: Anyone violating it "shall be dismissed and discharged from such person's respective job."

Ex-GOP Faces Criminal Conspiracy
James Tobin, Bush onetime New England campaign chairman, is being tried on one federal count of conspiring against voters' rights and several counts involving telephone harassment.

Securing US Borders Takes NO Act of Congress

Easing Toxic Emissions E-Z
"The EPA plan would result in an inaccurate picture of pollution at the local level, hamper our ability to prepare for emergencies, and provide an incentive for facilities to pollute more in our communities"

Email on Judges accountability, and media coverage from Lawrence:

It is odd that every media outlet seems to be pro judge and pro immunity. According to the Sacramento Bee, and virtually every other newspaper, it seems that judges can do no wrong.

I also find it odd that each of these articles is attacking either the JAIL initiative or Ron himself. In fact, each author of these articles routinely resorts to personal attacks to try and discredit Ron Branson as the author of the judicial immunity legislation.

Each time, the media ignores the real problem: the very real possibility that some judges are misusing their offices to help their friends, for personal gain or to commit a crime.

If presidents and congressmen can misuse their offices, then is it not possible that a judge may do the same? Some of these judges are not the benevolent unbiased paragons of virtue that the media portrays.
When I read these articles, it almost seems that the judges themselves are writing them.

I am puzzled by the media's robotic obedience to the judicial fraternity and their blindness to the problems happening right under their noses. It is the same blindness and indifference I have seen when I have gone to the media with my evidence of criminal misconduct of a judge.

Their eyes glaze over and their mind closes before they ever look at the evidence, yet they are very willing to dismiss the evidence without ever looking at it. That is not reporting. It is more like hero worship.

The "unbiased media" has yet to address the other side of the issue: the side that prompted Mr. Branson to write the law; the side that propels me to endorse it.

Lawrence C. Agee
Oregon JAILer

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