Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Burned bodies. Burned children and burned women; white phosphorus kills indiscriminately,"
~1st Infantry soldier Jeff Englehart

They Do It in the DARK
View above video link for DC-lite

What's Wrong w/ HALLIBURTON?

Terrorism a Tool of the Government
Terrorism is used to create a crisis atmosphere at home under cover of which the crimes and corruption of government officials go unpunished, civil liberties are easily abandoned, and major wars can be launched under false pretences.

When Local Govt. Eyes Private Wealth
Property owners across the nation this year are finding themselves in a position they probably never thought they'd be in…they're needing protection from their local governments.

Random Shows of Force Indeed!
Anyone who doesn't recognize that a police state is being erected right in front of their eyes is either in a state of denial or welcomes a repeat of Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler.

TN Troopers Flunk Check for FED Access
The Tennessee Highway Patrol has 48 officers with charges on their record ranging from suspended driver's license issues to felonies, according to a background check of the entire department ordered by Gov. Phil Bredesen yesterday.

Taser Liability Goes to COURT
The first product-liability trial against Taser International opened Wednesday in Phoenix with allegations from a former sheriff's deputy who said that a one-second jolt from a stun gun in 2002 fractured his back and ended his law enforcement career.

Tookie's Appeal Denied
The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday to halt the scheduled execution of convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, the Crips gang founder who became an anti-gang activist while in prison and whose supporters claim has redeemed himself.

Character Indoctrination for Globalism
Used in a global context, respect--like tolerance--means appreciation for people and lifestyles that fit the globalist plan…promote "respect" for paganism and promiscuous lifestyles.

White House Travel is Scandalous
Cheney's office appears "to have labeled all trips `official trips' and used untold millions in taxpayer money to cover costs rather than accepting trip sponsors' funds that the rules would require to be disclosed"

PHX Officials Cancel Costly Trips
Phoenix officials canceled four previously approved travel requests this week, just days after an Arizona Republic investigation revealed numerous examples of employees frivolously spending public money.

The Un-American Car Wave
Has geo-politics hit the US car manufacturers in EU?

Tacoma Got Tax & Car Tab Fee
Under the Washington Constitution, gas tax money can be used only for road work. But money from the car tab fees can be used for buses, trains, sidewalks, bike paths …

Restore the AIR in ARIZONA
"We're in a dusty environment, and we're growing exponentially every month, adding cars, industry, lawn equipment. It's going to create a pollution problem"

Whale Fritters in the Freezer
Tell Gorton's to reel in its Japanese parent company and help put an end to whale slaughter.

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