Thursday, December 22, 2005

"The Department of Justice believes -- and the case law supports -- that the president has inherent authority to conduct warrantless physical searches for foreign intelligence purposes and that the president may, as he has done, delegate this authority to the attorney general”
~ Jamie S. Gorelick, Clinton Deputy AG 1994

"We cannot have American presidents spying on American citizens. Under the Constitution, it's illegal. And we're looking at exactly what happened, how many times it happened, and why it happened"
~ Congressman John Murtha, on domestic spying

Connecticut Trooper Goes to Court on Charges
See video allegation of failed report on sex assault on minor

Connecticut: A Probate Court of Tradition
The study, made public Tuesday by Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee, recommends that the state consolidate its 123 probate courts and require all probate judges to be trained in the law and sit full time, to eliminate conflict with their outside jobs.

TN Trooper Get Day OFF for Sex Flicks
Sgt. Gregory R. Badacour, 35, filmed people "for the thrill of the hunt," according to a Metro police report.

Extreme Cost of War: Human Lives
Nearly three years after the United States invaded Iraq, Missouri families remember loved ones who paid the ultimate price.

About Iraq and the Laws of War
No politiks just plenty of hard facts about the illegal occupation by the madman who runs the US.

AZ Gov Goes Against Fed & Will of People
See website and comments on Globalist Gov in AZ

Mexico Plays Human Rights Card
Mexico's Federal Human Rights Commission …presented a report on Wednesday that found overcrowding and bad conditions at about three-quarters of Mexico's 51 immigration detention centers and 68 other holding facilities.

America's Lost Cause
Drug abuse is bad, but the Drug War is worse.

College Students Pocket Needy Stipend
"Who can forget the images, captured by ESPN, of kids carving a Halloween pumpkin in their apartment with no furniture because the majority of their mom's income goes toward rent, while a Virginia Tech football player, who is residing in subsidized housing intended for such a family, pays no rent and talks about using his $500 per month housing stipend to go to the mall and buy video games?"

Israel: Master Planned Arpatheid Villages
A government that divides its people and deprives part of its citizens of basic human rights does not show a serious commitment to peace.

Putin Sets Stage for Tyranny
Mr. Putin, a colonel in the KGB spy agency during the Soviet era, has moved to cement Kremlin control over parliament, broadcast media, courts and regional governments. … yesterday, Russia's Constitutional Court struck down a challenge to a new system introduced by Mr. Putin last year that abolished direct elections for regional governors and gave the Kremlin the power to appoint them, subject to the approval of regional legislatures.

EPA to Clean Up Water ACT
The rules are important public health measures that will decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal illnesses caused by microbial contaminants and reduce potential cancer risks associated with disinfectant byproducts in drinking water.

Email Bag:

A citizens writes a thoughtful, spirited piece to President Bush

Dear President Bush,

As we near the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, claims that you are a born-again Christian somehow wring hollow. What Christian would make the remarks concerning the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that you have reportedly made? The Constitution of the United States is not simply a piece of paper, this was a document hotly debated by very learned men; that was constructed to ensure the American people the greatest amount of freedom to govern themselves. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights came out of the blood of those who fought and died to end the tyranny of England.

If, as it has been reported, you spoke of this founding document in such disparaging terms, such in my mind is an act of treason. I find it commendable that you finally owned up to going into Iraq waving the flag of false pretenses. Saddam Hussein is a dictator? That doesn’t fall within your jurisdiction, President Bush.

America had and has no business in Iraq. If the Iraqi people did not like Saddam Hussein it was their place to get rid of him, not ours. We have no business in Iraq and you had no business sending American troops into that country. Now that we are there you have no qualms about the lives lost there in the name of saving face; your face.

You speak of the “safety of America”. You insult our intelligence, Mr President. The American people are watching as illegal aliens of every sort and description, criminals and terrorists included, cross our open borders, north and south, on a daily basis. Yet you have done nothing meaningful to staunch the flow.

If you have no credibility when it comes to speaking of safety in post-9/11 America, you need look no further than the mirror. If more Americans die because you have failed to secure our borders, the fault is yours and yours alone.

Last week it was disclosed that you have allowed the unauthorized wire tapping of American citizens. You say this is for “our safety.” Again, Mr President, those open borders belie that claim. We need the Patriot Act to protect our freedoms? No we don’t.

The Patriot Act hasn’t and won’t stop one terrorist from crossing those open borders ­ north or south. All the Patriot Act does is stomp on the rights of law-abiding American citizens.

Personally, Mr President, I find your actions with regard to 9/11, Iraq, the borders, the wire taps, personally offensive. History has repeatedly demonstrated that a people willing to give up their rights for security will, in the end, lose both. Our country is not safer, for all the speechifying and anger coming out of your office, than it was on or before 9/11.

Our country is, however, a whole lot closer to a police state. If you are the Christian you proclaim to be, it would behoove you to spend a lot more time on your knees seeking God’s guidance and foregiveness.

Lynn M Stuter
Washington State
Wed, 21 Dec 2005

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