Friday, December 23, 2005

"By promoting the culture of Poland in Central Pennsylvania, you have taught us about beautiful music, lively dancing, and, of course, delicious foods. Our lives are brighter because of you."
~Pennsylvania Lt.Governor Catherine Baker Knoll, on Pole Christmas

Madman Talking
View video trophy of Bush lying about wiretaps

Tom Daschle: ...what Wiretaps?
Never discussed, mentioned in the US Congress…

Damage Control Goons Forget Constitution
The president’s critics, by contrast, seem to be concerned with civil liberties -- for our wartime enemies no less -- to the exclusion of national security concerns. Seriously: Why do they always seem inclined to sympathize with the enemy?

Put Some Political Will on this Poll
Vote now…

Reduce Troops & UP Air Strikes in Iraq
Swift withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq….and demanding an end to U.S. bombing of Iraq ….because people are trying to survive a Pentagon air war t... receiving little U.S. media attention.

Right-Wing Extremist R US
Can we just accept these (14) points and stay united with liberty for ALL?

Navy Chaplin Potests at WH
Klingenschmitt, who began his fast on Tuesday, says Navy admirals have told him that he can't pray publicly in Jesus' name unless he's wearing civilian clothes. He's continuing to pray as the Bible says Jesus instructed, but not in uniform.

Polish in PA Save Christmas
All Ya Need… is Polish Bobby Vinton tunes

All Ye Faithful Are Comin...
in Congress Vote Against US
Wednesday’s 51-50 vote in the Senate (with Cheney as the tie-breaker) on the federal deficit will likely be a monumental blow to millions of middle-class, working Americans, who will wake up today and find out that....

China & Unconventional Trade Practices
Debauchery that is commonplace among the foreign business community, including sexual orgies and drug taking. … China offers three sources of attraction: economic, cultural and sexual, suggesting that local woman fall over themselves to fulfill the sexual demands of well-heeled foreign executives.

Cancel This Illegal American Dreamboat
Yu and his business were convicted in September of bringing illegal immigrants to work at Asian restaurants throughout North Dakota, and also money laundering.

Stem Cell Researcher Declares Hoax
Hwang has already asked the U.S. journal Science, which published the May 2005 paper, to withdraw the work because of the storm of controversy it had generated.

AZ Court Rules for TASER
After the verdict, Judge Paul Katz said that he would not have allowed the jury to consider punitive damages against Taser even if it had found in favor of Powers. He said that it was clear that Taser had conducted tests, created training plans and hired experts to review material.

Abramoff is Ole Time Bribery Scam
Involving a growing number of GOP Congressmen…. an old-fashioned bribery and influence-peddling scandal that has already sullied the reputations of some of Washington's most powerful Republicans and that could muddy the 2006 re-election prospects of dozens more.

AZ Congressman Hayworth Got Bribery Bite
Watchdog Center for Responsive Politics and published Monday by the New York Times, Hayworth showed up in first place, with $101,620 received.

Court Upholds Firing of Cop
'Given the high standard of character to which police officers are held and the fact that the petitioner was to have deliberately fabricated accusations of criminal conduct against a fellow officer and lied in rendering his report and in his testimony at the hearing, we find no basis upon which to disturb the sanction imposed’

Locals Air No Concern on Nasty Report
The scientists who created and managed the EPA project say AP's report used the government data properly and helped inform the public about a program that cost millions of dollars but hadn't gotten much attention.

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