Monday, December 05, 2005

"The president had made it very clear that we do not torture, he would never condone torture or authorize the use of torture"
Scott McClellan, White House press secretary

YES, We Got NO Torture...
View pics of Conde, aerial black hole, and more

Axis for PEACE, Declares
A military coalition was launched for Global exploitation…

Current & Future War Crimes
Last year's attacks on Fallujah were condemned as war crimes around the world, but there was not much response in the United States. The withholding of food and water to civilian populations in recent attacks on Tal Afar are clear violations of international law that would have provided a clear opportunity to raise the question of war crimes as they occurred. 8 Plans to turn targeting of U.S. air strikes over to the Iraqi military, recently revealed by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker, could be challenged as likely to greatly increase civilian casualties. 9 U.S. plans to use nuclear weapons against Iran, openly discussed by Vice President Cheney, surely constitute a war crime.

All Rendition is Wrongful!
To carry out its mission, the CTC relies on its Rendition Group, made up of case officers, paramilitaries, analysts and psychologists….their job is to figure out how to snatch someone off a city street, or a remote hillside, or a secluded corner of an airport where local authorities wait.

The Morphing of Terrorism

The Chrisitian Zionist WAR is next?
The belief that Christianity is the sole truth, that all other faiths are 'Satanic' or 'false', that the Jews must all gather in Palestine to fulfil so-called Biblical prophecies, and that a grand global war will soon erupt leading to the massacre of hundreds of millions and heralding the 'second coming' of Jesus, who will establish his Christian kingdom extending till the four corners of the world, clearly indicate the hate-driven, global expansionist project of Christian Zionism

The War on Drugs: a huge FRAUD
My research and investigation indicates that America’s" WAR on DRUG S" is the Mother of all Frauds—with dead-bodies on both sides.

The Second Looting of IRAQ
Control of Iraq's future oil wealth is being handed to multinational oil companies through long-term contracts that will cost Iraq hundreds of billions of dollars.

Supporting Old West Style Killings
More sinister is Abramoff’s apparent connection to efforts to train ultra-right Zionist settlers in Israel in how to kill Palestinians…paramilitary training for kibbutz residents in Israel. Mr. Abramoff’s e-mail messages describe the training program as a ‘sniper school.’”

JH Wilson from Australia explains Sedition to Barry via e-mail:

Dear Barry,
My dictionary says that sedition is "agitation directed against the authority of a State's executive, conduct or speech tending to rebellion or breach of public order". Firstly, I am not directing agitation against the State's executive. I am directing agitation against a criminal and a traitor who is posing as the State's executive and usurping that authority. Secondly, I am rebelling against the corruption of legitimate public order and re-establish the system of government the Australian People have a Right to....but, isn't that what one should do?
The frauds, liars, criminals and traitors won't make any legal moves against me because they fear the Truth being put to a Jury.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.

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