Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I hope Mr. Chertoff doesn’t wait until a cyberattack causes billions of dollars in damages or results in lost lives before he decides to appoint an assistant secretary to take charge of our nation’s cyber crisis.
~Representative Bennie Thompson (D) Committee on Homeland Security

Global Tempers Flare & Protest
See above video link on World Trade Organization (WTO) protest and globlalism impact on other communities.

US Govt. Flunks on Cybersecurity
A Released survey showing significant consumer concerns about online safety and graded the U.S. government on 12 cybersecurity priorities ….the group gave the U.S. government six "D" grades and one "F" on seven of the 12 priorities.

BushCo BamBoozle: Totalization
Once living lawfully in the U.S., though, someone can receive benefits based on work performed while in the country illegally….the Totalization Agreement with Mexico, however, would make illegal aliens from that country eligible for the same treatment under Social Security as U.S. citizens—without ever becoming legal residents or citizens.

Diebold Goes to Court
The suit has been filed by plaintiff Janice Konkol, alleging securities fraud against the North Canton, Ohio-based manufacturer of Voting Systems and ATM machines on behalf of investors who owned shares of Diebold stock and lost money due to an alleged fraudulent scheme by the company and its executives to deceive shareholders

Just a Wrong-Doer of Sorts
Donald W. Keyser, the former No. 2 official in the department's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, pleaded guilty to unlawfully removing classified U.S. documents from the State Department and making false official statements.

The Jewish Holocaust Myth
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad escalated his anti-Israeli rhetoric Wednesday, calling the Holocaust a "myth" used by Europeans to create a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world.

Fighting Hard for the Neo-Con Liberals
A twisted commentary, takes a go at his best hypothetical.

China Scolds US Human Rights Agenda
"The US government is well advised to give up its double standard on human rights and readjust the mistaken practices of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries on the pretext of human rights issues"

Canada tells US to Back Off!
Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin responded immediately by saying "c'est la vie" — that's life — if the United States did not like his remarks, … he would not accept anyone telling him he cannot defend his country.

Oklahoma Gets Free Speech Squeeze by Locals
OK Education Association just wants to silence the petitioners with ballot initiatives to cap any spending measures against their interest.

Clubs Hook Youths into Group Think
Millennials also were raised in classrooms that promoted working in small groups, known in educational circles as "cooperative learning."…
Generation X, born from 1965 to the late 1970s, grew up doing class projects on their own and are viewed more as loners, baby boomers, born from 1946 to 1964, grew up less trusting of authority.

Deadly Smog Keep PHX in Haze...
Besides being responsible for the foglike haze that has hung over the Valley for several days, PM-2.5 particles lodge more deeply in the lungs, causing serious problems for people with asthma, emphysema and other respiratory problems....PM-2.5 particulates... are blamed for increased hospitalizations and 250 to 1,000 deaths a year.

Check the Air You Breathe at this Link Site

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