Wednesday, December 28, 2005

“There’s just a lot going on behind the scenes and kind of under the radar screen that I think the American public has a right to know”
~Hillary Clinton, 1998, on vast right-wing conspiracy

Connecticut Hot Bed for Public Official Predators
View video of public official criminals in office, and scandal review…
Communism Robs People
It is the destruction of the decency… people forgot the basic fact that ultimately it is the individual, and not the state, who is responsible for one's quality of life.
Saluting a Man of the Year, for the People
Congressman John Conyers Jr. was as fierce a fighter for his nation as they come.
A Wannabe Royal ASS for the Year
HE of the House of Bush -- is truly of royal blood has become clear in recent days with the announcement that he has empowered the National Security Agency to spy on whomsoever and whatsoever it wishes under royal decree.
Down on American Jerks!
Hate speech against the Americans or the British remains unsanctioned, as was recently shown when the leftist newspaper De Morgen published an article that complained about the British, "with their unique mixture of wantonness and arrogance, their pathetic addiction to drink, their bad taste, and actually just their ugliness and thickheaded presence"
Castro Makes Sore Point on Conde
Mr Castro asked the National Assembly if there could be "anything more befuddled than having this crazy woman speak of transition [in Cuba]?"
Callling ALL Legislators..for Israeli Supremacy!
We cannot only rely on those who feel that the US has to support Israel for conjectural reasons, but we want [support for] the State of Israel [to be] based on shared values,… "This puts Israel at center-stage in the voting pattern of the Christian community in America," said caucus director Josh Reinstein.
Mexico Takes Rights to Property from Owners
"I'm going to sue the Mexican government, the president, the secretary of the treasury, and any government official responsible for not enacting the 1941 agreements."
On US Econmy...
"I think that the economy is doing terrible and they are putting up a lot of smoke screens," said Nicholson. "It's propaganda almost."
Alaska Harpoons Major Energy Goons
An antitrust lawsuit filed Monday against Exxon Mobil Corp. and BP PLC claims the two oil giants are restricting the nation's supply of natural gas and keeping prices at record highs.
CT Beats Tribal Sovereignity in Court
Tribal officials argued that the state tax violated tribal sovereignty. They said Dark-Eyes earned her income from the tribe and lived on tribe-owned land within a designated settlement area that led to the tribe's recognition.
Ohio Trades Liberty for Safety by Government
“I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a citizen to ID themselves to police officers particularly in a situation where there is a real risk of a terrorist threat”
North Carolina Rallies Favorite Con to Prison
A former Congressman sentenced to four years in prison is getting a send-off from his supporters Wednesday.
False Claims in Katrina Nailed
Authorities said 22 people working for a Red Cross contractor at a call center in Bakersfield, California, filed false claims, and by involving family members and friends, brought the number of people under indictment to 49.
Quality Control Gets FDA Letter
Guidant heart defrillators
The agency also indicated it would not grant requests for exportation certificates to foreign governments until such action has been completed.

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